Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid & Walmart

Reader Danielle rocked it at Rite Aid and Walmart.

Rite Aid Transaction Bought:
(3) 18 Ct Stayfree Regular Ultra Thin Pads $7.50 (2 for $5)
(1) 14 Ct Stayfree Overnight Ultra Thin Pads $2.5 (2 for $5)
(1) 11 oz Gain Dish Detergent .89
(1) Tylenol Precise Heat 4 pack $5
(1) Snickers bar 2.07 oz .88

subtotal (excludes Tax): $16.27

Coupons used:
$2/1 Tylenol Precise Heat Product (RP)
B1G1 free Stayfree 14 count or larger (used 2) 1 from Sunday insert, 1 from
$1/1 Any Stayfree (used 2) 1 from Bricks, 1 from SS
$5 off Rite Aid Reward from December

total paid after coupons: $0.84 ( .07 tax)

$4 Rite Aid rewards for purchase of 4 Stayfree products ($2 reward/2)
$3 Rite Aid Reward for purchase of Tylenol Precise Heat product ($3/1)

Walmart Transaction Bought:
(1) Maalox 95 ct Advanced Max Strength Chew Tabs $4.52
(4) Motrin IB 24 ct $15.12 ($3.78 each)

subtotal (excluding tax): $19.64

Coupons used:
(1)$5 off 1 Maalox from SS 1/9/11
(2) $6/2 Tylenol 1 from SS and one from Sunday insert

total paid after coupons: $2.81 (.17 tax)

Originally I wasn’t going to buy Maalox, but when I saw that Walmart would pay me to but them, well, I couldn’t pass that up!
At Rite Aid the cashier asked me to buy a candy bar (.88) so she could take all my coupons and Rite Aid reward, otherwise the whole trip would have been free, with a payment in Rite Aid rewards of $7 for next week!
Loving the coupons!!

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  • Sarah K

    I want to know where the candy bar is… I don’t see it in the picture ;oP

  • Sarah K

    Also, I’m hoping you meant to say that you use 2 $1/1 Stayfree coupons… right?

    Buy 4 Stayfree
    Use 2 B1G1 (makes two free)
    Use 2 $1/1 Stayfree coupons (for the remaining two)

    The write up says you used 4 $1/1 coupons, and that would be too many.

  • Danielle

    Sorry, I totally spaced, put the candy bar in my candy drawer as soon as I got home, so little hands couldn’t get it. And yes, I boo-boo’d on the coupon count : ) for the pads, I forgot to add that I had a $1 off the Gain so that was completely free-DUH!!
    My two and a half year old was on a tear and pulling apart the couch while singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. LOL ; )

  • Kelly

    My Walmart wouldn’t let me get the Motrin ib because the coupon states 25 count or more and those are 24 count. I have heard others say though that they were able to use theirs.

    • danielle

      You may want to try again, I read my coupon carefully and it said ” Zyrtec 25 ct”, then lists the rest of the products allowed. It does not list a number of tablets for the Motrin IB. You could check directly with the store manager before you buy, just to make sure. usually they want you to buy at their store, so they can be pretty cooperative, if you make it seem like you will gladly go someplace else that will take your coupon. I know some stores can have different responses to what the coupons say, so good luck!