Reader Shopping Trip: Shoprite

Reader Victoria made a trip to ShopRite. I don’t know about you but I can just feel her excitement from her email!

All I can say about this trip is WOW! I can not believe a little more than a year ago I was going to the store and paying full price for groceries. I actually forced my husband to go with me to the store (pre coupons) because he could not believe that all that money was being spent to groceries,lol!!!

This trip was a combo of coupons and the last of my “gift of savings” catalinas. Without your web site I would not have been able to do this…..I used to watch with envy those TV shows that would highlight a shopper raking in the values. You have made it so easy by providing the match ups. OK so here is how it went:

(4) betty Crocker fruit snacks 1.50 each
(8) Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta .40 each
(6) Red Pack Tomatos 3/2 each
(1) Gallon Milk 3.59
(20) Yoplait yogurts .39 each
(3) Arizona Ice Teas 1.99 each
(4) Rice Dream Milk 1.99 each
(1) 18 ct Eggland’s Best Eggs 3.49
(4) Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa .88 each
(3) Loaves Bread 1.69 each
(2) Packs of sliced cheese 1.77 each
(2) Zatarains Rice Mix 1 each
(4) Nature Valley Granola Bars 2.50 each
(2) 32 oz Stonyfield Farms Yogurt 3.79 each
(1) Ronzoni Pastina 1.25
(6) Pepperidge Farm Fish Crackers 3/5 each
(1) Ralston Cream of Wheat 1.99

Total without price plus card 149.20
Total with Price Plus 103.52

Coupons used (I should note that my SR only doubles to $1 also):
-47.50 “gift of savings” catalinas (I go late at night and on most weeks was able to use all in one transaction…..I have a really coupon friendly manager,lol)
-(4) .50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
-(4) 1/2 Ronzoni Quick Cook (got the overage)
-(2) 1/2 Rice Dreams
-(1) .35/1 Eggland’s Best
-(4) 2/1 Swiss Miss (got the overage)
-(4) .50/1 Nature Valley Bars
-(2) .50/1 Stonyfield Yogurt
-(3) 1/2 Redpack Tomatoes
-(4) .50/4 Yoplait
– 5.00 catalina from last week

Total OOP- $4.85

Catalinas Received:
$2 General Mills ,$2 Yoplait, $2.50 General Mill AND a catalina printed out for a free pack of flushable wipes from Scott Naturals

Thank you sincerely. I now have and can give in abundance and am working toward debt free living.

Woohoo!  Great job Victoria.  What a difference a year makes.  How awesome.

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  • Kath

    Fantastic job! Very impressive. Isn’t it great to be able to share in your savings?!

  • D

    Wow – that’s some trip! 🙂 What was the “gift of savings” catalina? I don’t remember that..??

  • Mindy

    Great picture…it makes you go “oooooh”. Congrats!

  • Kelly

    LOVE IT!!!!! Can not wait to hear that you are debt free 🙂

  • Jason

    Wow, nice. Lots of free/cheap food! 🙂

  • Anna

    Wonderful shopping trip. I have to say that yesterday I went to Shop Rite and also bought alot of things such as yogurt, Wonka gummies, pasta, milk, cereal, tomato pastes, Lean Cuisine dinners, pieroges and many many more…My price before coupons was over $70 and after $27. 4 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of pasta, 4 cans of tomatoes with chillies and 5 packs of candy I got for free!. It feels so good to leave the store and not feel bad for spending alot of money. I have alot of debt on my credit cards which was accumulated when I was very sick and not working for 8 months but thanks to this website all the money that I save on food goes toward the credit cards and in November my debt on credit card will be $0.00. I can’t wait for that. . My family is amazed how much money I save each week with the coupons. My 10 yr old son says that I am cheap but who cares when you save so much money each week and get free food and candy. Cindy-you make so many lives so much easier! Thank you for everything that you do.

  • Patti M

    Awesome job!! I love that there are several more healthful foods in the pic…unlike my trips which usually abound with all sorts of carbs, sweets and cheeses! LOL!! Working on that this year! 🙂

  • Nichol

    Awesome Job Victoria! I did my bif shopping trip last night and my husband was amazed at the savings. My total befor coupons was $328 and my OOP was $82. The most expensive thing I bought was a couple packages of chicken (really wish there coupons for those 😉 ) I wish I had taken a picture bu my 2yr old twins were unpacking everything faster than I could carry it in the house! lol

    Some of the stuff I was able to snag was:
    19 boxes of ceral- 7 special K & 12 GM
    12 BC fruit snacks
    10 progresso soup
    4 red Pack tomatoes
    12 SR canned veggies
    12 boxes of pasta
    6 jars tuttorso sauce
    2 Red gold tomatoes w/ green chillies
    3 bags of PF goldfish
    20 yoplait yogurts
    4 pillsbury grands
    3 pkgs of chicken breast
    3lbs of various lunch meat & cheese
    SR Apple Juice
    2 Lysol wipes
    4 Peter Pan Peanut Butter

    And a couple of other odds and ends. I just wish my SR would fully double the coupons instead of just to a $1. But overall it was a good trip. Thank you Cindy for all the work you do on the website!!!

  • Bridget

    Wow, very nice trip!!

  • Bernell

    You did great!!! And I’m on board with paying off all of this credit card debt!!!! IT’s like being held captive, and I can’t wait to be FREE!!

    • Cindy

      I hear ya!

  • Victoria

    Thanks everyone! I haven’t been on for a while, but i appreciate the encouragement!