Reader Shopping Trip: Target

Who says five dollars can’t buy a lot?!?  Listen to what Evelyn had to say about her trip to Target…

I went to Target this morning with only $5 in my pocket, and a need to get organic milk as we just ran out. I came out with A LOT more than my carton, and have change to spare! I’ve always cut coupons and used them (even in college) but I thought that if I saved $10 on $50 – $75 of groceries, I did well. Then we went from two incomes to one, and added a third child…the finances became extremely tight. In comes your blog…now I save at the very least- over 50% on my bill (and doubling coupons is non-existent here!), and I just can’t thank you enough!!!

Horizon 2% Organic Milk (64 oz. carton)- $3.79
Box of Finish Powerball Tabs (20 count)- $3.79
Garnier cleansing cloths -$4.14 price drop
4 Vitamin waters (gave up pop, so Vitamin waters are my new “addiction”)- $4.00
1 Rimmel mascara – $2.99
2 M&M valentine candy- $.99/each

Coupons Used:
(1) $1.50 Target Finish Coupon
(1) $2.25 off 1 box of Finish Dishwasher Detergent (insert coupon)
(1) $2 off Target Rimmel item
(1) $2 off any Rimmel item (Facebook)
(1) B3G1 free Target hangtag coupon (on Stur-D vitamin water bottle)
(2) B1G1 free Vitamin waters (
(1) $2 off Target Garnier Cleanser
(1) $2 off any Garnier Cleaner (insert coupon)
(1) $1 off any 2 Mars Valentine candy (
(1) $1 off any Horizon item (web coupon)

Total OOP: $4.18!! Saved: $17.75!! Woo hoo!!

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  • Melinda

    Oh I’m glad to see garnier is still on price drop! where do you live, evelyn?

  • Elaine Starkey


  • Evelyn

    Thanks! I am in Grand Rapids, MI. It was the last one left…I went back this morning and the shelf was empy. 🙁

    • Melinda

      ok, thanks! I had a feeling you were from the midwest…we don’t call our soda “pop” in NJ 🙂

      • Evelyn

        Ha! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Can anyone tell me what inserts the $2/1 garnier coupon was in? I am in Western Washington.

  • Lori

    That’s awesome!! way to go Evelyn!