Reader Shopping Trip: Walgreens and ShopRite

Reader Patti headed to Walgreens and ShopRite and slashed her bill in half!  Not bad for a day’s shopping.

Here is what she had to say…

Even though I did not have Qs for some items I really wished I had them for (the Mayo – couldn’t find one, and the Entenmanns – used them last week at S&S!) and I paid full price for half & half (which I HATE doing) I still averaged a 50% savings vs. value which is where I usually wind up. Noteworthy this week was the great sale on the South Beach Bars paired with $2 internet Qs and the great sale prices on the produce.

Also noteworthy, I tried to use a Fresh Express salad Q I found on but it was not accepted. The bar code and the written info part in the middle looked really different from any other Q I print from plus it did not have “mfr Q” written anywhere on it so I checked at the desk before I went to check out. The guy tried to scan it and said it was coming up as some kind of shopping card and not a coupon so they did not accept it. A little disappointing since it was a $2 Q but whatever…in the long run I win with my Qs 99% of the time at that SR.

Walgreen’s was it’s usual nightmare with the coupons but after fighting it out, I won.

Walgreens Bought:
2 Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $1.67 each (reg $3 each)

ShopRite Bought:
1 Colonna Red Clam Sauce $1.14 (reg $2.29)
2 French’s Yellow Mustard $.99 each (reg $1.49 each)
6 Renuzit Cone Air Fresheners $.79 each (reg $1.69)
1 Dole Fruit Crisp $1.67 (reg $2.39)
1 Hellmann’s Lite Mayo $2.99 (reg $4.29)
1 Giovanni Light Bread $1.99 (reg $2.19)
1 Entenmann’s Mini Cakes $2.09 (reg $3.49)
3 Chobani yogurt $1.33 each (reg $1.59 each)
1 Heluva Cheddar brick $1.11 (reg $1.88)
2 International Delight $.99 each (reg $2.29)
1 Mennen Speed Stick $.99 (reg $1.79)
2 South Beach Protein Bars $2.50 each (reg $3.20 each)
1 French’s Worcestershire sauce $1.69
1 ShopRite FF half & half $2.19
1 McIlheney Tabasco Sauce $1.79
1 Advil caplet 24ct $3.99
1 Smart Balance Cooking Spray $2.69 (reg $2.99)
1 Fresh Bay Leaves $.99
Bananas $.41 ($.69#)
Broccoli Rabe $2.53 ($1.99#)
Red Pepper $1.09 ($1.99#)

Coupons Used:
1, $1 Kraft Homestyle mfr Q
1, $.50 Kraft Homestyle IP Q
1, $1 on 2 Walgreens Kraft Homestyle IP Q
2, $2 South Beach Bars IP Q
2, $.55 International Delight IP Q (doubled to $.99)
2, $.50 French’s Mustard IP Q (doubled to $.99)
1, $.50 French’s Worcestershire IP Q
1, $1 Smart Balance Cooking Spray mfr Q
1, B3G3F Renuzit Cone mfr Q (rang up -$3.00)
1, Free Advil caplet 24ct (-$3.99)
1, $.75 Mennen Speed Stick mfr Q (doubled to $.99)
1, $1 Dole Fruit Crisp mfr Q
1, $.50 McIlhenney Tabasco
1, $50 Heluva product IP Q

Total OOP = $32.22

Total Value at regular prices = $64.14
% saved = 50%

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  • Keri

    Congrats on the great savings. I went to shoprite this week for my bi-weekly big shopping. I saved $130 in coupons!!!