Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

I love seeing all of your shopping trips as they give me inspiration.  But, my favorite ones are the ones from those of you that are brand new to using coupons and saving money.  They make me the happiest because I truly feel like we here on LRWC are making a difference and helping to inspire people to save money.  And when I say we, I don’t mean we as in me, I mean we as in all of us.  All of you that come on here everyday and contribute.  I truly love to come on here and chat with you guys and find out all the deals you score.  And while we are doing that, we are helping others.

So here are 2 Newbies that had great trips to ShopRite.

First up is Katy:

I’ve always tried to use coupons, but now I’m really trying harder in order to help our bills go down since I lost my job right after our son was born. Here’s my first big trip that I planned for ahead of time…I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Thanks for everything you do!!!

First Order Bought:
9 ShopRite Maxi Pads @ $0.99each
Paid: $8.91
Got: $10 Catalina

Second Order Bought:
2 Boxes PopSecret Microwave Popcorn- $1.00 each
2 cans Goya ChickPeas-$0.50 each
Red Gold Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies-$0.99
12 jars Beech Nut Stage 2 Baby Food-$0.26 each
Thomas’ Bagels-$2.50
Premio Sausage- $2.99
Veggie Patch Corn Bites- $2.50
Veggie Patch Spinach Bites- $2.50
2 Veggie Patch Broccoli Bites- $5.00
Red Pepper-$1.08
Earth Bound Farms Mixed Baby Greens-$3.99
Red Onion- $0.76
Organic Carrots-$1.29
4 International Delight Creamers- $0.99 each
2 Kozy Shack Pudding- $1.49 each
Organic Valley Cream Cheese- 2.99
Organic Valley Half & Half- $3.69
Sabra Spicy Hummus- $3.99
2 Reach toothbrushes- $0.99 each
6 Smart Ones Entrees- $0.99 each
4 Smart One Entrees- $2.50 each
(hubby picked the wrong ones & I didn’t realize until I got home!)

Coupons Used:
$0.50 off 2 boxes PopSecret
$0.60 off two cans Goya Beans
$0.75 off Red Gold Tomatoes
(4) $1 off three Beech Nut items
(4) Free Veggie Patch Item
$0.75 off Earth Bound Farms Salad
(4) $0.55 off International Delight Creamer
(2) $0.55 Kozy Shack Pudding
$0.75 off Organic Valley Cream Cheese
$0.75 off Organic Valley Half & Half
$1 off Sabra Item
$2 off 2 Reach toothbrushes
$3 off 10 Smart Ones
$10 Catalina from first order
$0.30 Canvas Bag Refund

Total Spent – $21.76   ….and the lady in the floral department gave my son a free balloon 😉

Next up Marissa:

Cindy, I’ve been using your site for a few weeks now and I cant stop telling my friends and family about it. This was the first time I shopped with a coupon for everything on my list (minus one). What a thrill to buy enough groceries to fill 3 bags, hand the cashier a $20 and get change!

1 Scott Bath Tissue 12 pack – 6.99
2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – 1.50 each
1 Celestial Seasonings Tea – 2.79
1 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa – 1.00
2 Dole fruit cups – 2 for $4
1 Colgate Toothpaste – $1.19
1 Maalox – $5.49
1 Speed Stick – $0.80
2 Campbells soup – $1.00 each
Bandaids – $3.19
Scott Moist Wipes – $2.19

Total – $32.64

Scott Bath Tissue – $1.00
Scott Moist wipes – $0.75 doubled
Celestial Seasonings Tea – $1.00
Lysol Wipes – $1.00 on 2
Colgate Toothpaste – $0.35 doubled
Dole Fruit Cups – $1.00 on 2
Maalox – $5.00
Campbells Soup – $0.40 on 2 doubled
Bandaids – $0.50 doubled

Total Spent: $19.64

* Speed Stick price was listed as 99 cents but rang up at 80 cents
* All coupons under $1 were doubled even the ones that said do not double – I will be going to that cashier again!

Great job ladies.  I think you both are now hooked 🙂

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  • Sheryl

    I had a great trip at shoprite yesterday but the cashier asked the manager to go threw my coupons. I never experienced this before. The cashier said they are supposed call them over. It really was a pain in the butt. She was checking everything and items were already bagged. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Cat

      YES! It’s so frustrating especially when theres a line of unhappy people behind you! I find that most internet coupons don’t scan well. Please beware of the lazy cashiers who pretend to scan the coup and when it fails they just file it away without giving you the discount. They need to manually type the number in.

  • Cat

    Kudos ladies! I aim to save at LEAST 40% on my groceries when I shop. My most recent trip to Shoprite (Can Can sale) was quite large (my cart was mounded high) and way too much to photograph. I came home with $318 in groceries for $178. I wish there were more coups for dairy and meat!! (eggs, milk and meat coups are so hard to find and disappear QUICKLY!)

    • Bernell

      I usually try and buy my meats from Aldi, since they are so reasonable, and fresh!! There prices are even the same as meats from larger grocery stores when they have 40 and 50% off Tyson or Perdue!
      You can’t go wrong with Aldi if its near you!
      I figure, I can get all of my pantry items, beauty, and healthcare for free or nearly free, so I spend the majority of my food budget on meats and produce!

  • Tammy

    There have been some out for milk and eggs in the last couple of weeks, there is an IP coupon for Eggs .55 of any brand(i think) and i find coupons for milk in my SS’s usually buy reg. milk get chocolate milk for free..
    I wish they had more for produce..fruits and veggis and things like that..

  • Bernell

    Great job ladies!! You are officially hooked!!! Once you use those coupons….you never want to pay full price for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!!
    And we deserve not too!!!

  • Jason

    Nice. It’s great that your SR let you use those free Veggie Patch coupons! None of mine would ever, so I never tried.

  • Molly

    My printer always prints the coupons so dark that they don’t scan at Shoprite. I finally learned that if the cashier uses the hand-held scanner instead they go through every time. It saves so much time and makes it much easier for the cashiers. The best part is you don’t get as many looks from people behind you in line 🙂 I would definitely suggest that to any cashier struggling to scan your coupons the traditional way.

  • esther

    the SR maxi pads are free after RR?

  • Rene

    Please beware: The maxi pad catalina deal did work at my Shoprite. I bought 8 total (2 kinds) and the catalina did not print. I guess they are going off sale price of 99 cents and not the regular shelf price… bummer.

    • esther

      what’s the deal btw? buy $8 worth and get $10 catalina?

  • Rene

    From what I have read, if you buy $20 of certain Shoprite brand items you recieve a $10 catalina. So I guess it was working for some people when they bought 8 packs of pads.. I just spent the 8.91 hoping to get the $10 cat, but I am did not and now have an awful lot of pads!

  • Rene

    Please excuse me, I now see see I was supposed to buy 9!
    I’ll go back and return and re-buy. Let’s hope it works then!

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the great advice on the Maxi pad catalina – it worked tonight! Plus, this was actually an item I was low on anyway — always nice when that works out!!!

  • Georgia

    I did the pad deal twice tonight with the same store card. Has anyone done the deal with the aspirin or polish remover?

  • Fran K

    I had a problem at ShopRite a couple weeks ago with coupons. Same situation, everything was bagged and the cashier started going thru the bags to double check. I had BOGO Special K coupon she never deducted. I contacted ShopRite and they sent me three $1 coupons for the BOGO and contacted the store manager who gave me a $10 gift card for my experience. Manager said they are having problems with coupn fraud and being extra cautious, on the extreme side of extra cautious. ShopRite jsut had a seminar for managers about coupons and they have a book as to which are valid and which are not. If you look at your coupons, they have the brand name ever so lightly on them. These coupons are good. They will not accept the ones with no email address or the light brand name.