• Theresa McGinn

    Can’t get on already 🙁

    • Christine

      I put in my info, but when I hit enter, the next page said, “internet explorer can not display page”. Hmph. Not sure if my entry went through.

  • Nacole

    got to registration page then gave error page didn’t exist :*(

  • jennifer

    can’t get it to submit my info!

    • Rebecca

      Me either!

  • Frieda

    Can’t get on either …

    • Kat

      I can’t get on either!!

  • tonya

    all I am getting is we are almost ready

  • Susan

    YES! After many attempts of refreshing the page I received this msg:

    Thank you for registering for the Dr. Oz and Nike Giveaway!


    • erin

      I got the same message! Did you ever get an email or more importantly a new pair of shoes in the mail?

  • Melissa

    same thing going on here, nothing is coming up, says its loading then nothing 🙁

  • Jane

    I tried at least 20 times and keeps refresh my Internet browsers. Then website show: Thank you for registering for Dr.Oz and Nike Giveaway!!
    You don’t even know if you win.

  • Christine S.

    It’s blocked for me at work, but my husband was able to enter my info but the page failed to load when he hit submit.

  • rena

    how can a web site not be available? not right.

  • Claire

    I kept getting site not available, then was able to enter info, but then got site not available so I am not sure if I got it or not either. 🙁

  • Alisa

    Same thing here. i was able to input my info like three times, and all three times
    it came up internet explorer not available. i don’t think that it went through.

  • Tiffany T

    I’m sure it’s a lost cause now but I’ve been hitting refresh for about 20 min now and I can’t even get the form to open and now it just keeps saying “cannot display the webpage”

  • Melissa

    i didn’t even get an entry form. Just keeps saying loading, then waiting for reply then done and nothing is there.

    • Alisa

      just hold on to it..maybe it will load.

      • Melissa

        I am but I think at this point its just frozen lol

  • BOB

    Got 2 confirmations! 🙂

  • Kat

    This is what I keep getting!!

    This webpage is not available.

    The webpage at http://www.pages05.net/sharecare/NikeForm/Nike_Form might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  • Barbara A

    After many, many attempts got to put in my info twice but neither time could I get it to accept the info page. I hate wasting so much time. If they are all gone they should say “phew that was fast…all gone” or whatever like they do on other sites.

    • Barbara A

      I have been entering directly from the Dr Oz site and now it lets you register but I am sure that it is probably too late to be one of the first 2011.

  • Kerry

    Same here…frozen then it loaded once so I typed in all of my info and hit submit but it didn’t do much from there! Oh well! It was worth a shot! Thanks anyway for the tip! 🙂

  • What does this mean?

    They really should be better prepared for something like this, they know that tons and tons of people will be visiting there site, hoping for a free pair of sneakers, and then they are not ready for how many people connect to their page, and it CRASHES BIG TIME, on our heads……:O(

  • Yolli

    Contest is over.

  • BOB

    its over

  • Keely

    At the top it says “The Contest is Over” but if you’re like me and not even paying attention it still lets you enter your name and info and thanks you for registering afterwards. So I got all excited thinking I was getting free sneakers and even entered my boyfriend and mother..then I noticed the statement at the top! Rats!!!

  • maz

    I just got mine to submit finally! Hope it works 🙂 good luck everyone!

  • Patti M

    4:09pm and I just got a “thank you for registering”. Not sure if this means I got it or not but just in case, if you still want to try…. I did not get a “contest is over” on the top as did Keely (post above mine).

  • Alisa

    It’s 4:28, and I was able to register and enter..afterwards it said “thank you for registering” as well. I didn’t get contest is over either.

  • Kim

    I’m hoping we get nike coupons for at least trying to enter!