Rite Aid: Facial Tissue Money Maker

I had posted on the match ups about the Rite Aid Facial Tissue, Bath Tissue, or Simplify Bath Tissue  $1.00 and get a $1 UP.  But the facial tissues are also producing a $3 UP when you buy $10 worth.  You should see signs at your store for this deal.  This is only working on the Facial Tissue.

Here is the deal:

Buy 10 Rite Aid Facial Tissue $10 total
Get a $3 UP
Get 10 – $1 UP
Free + $3 Money Maker after UP Rewards

and don’t forget, you can still get the Free Bath Tissue:

Buy 1 Rite Aid Bath Tissue $1.00
Get a $1 UP
free after UP

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(thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • evan

    The facial tissue at my rite aid was market 1.99….not sure if it was from last week or if that was the price for this week.

  • Emmie

    I have never tried buying things to get the UP rewards. What can you purchase with it? Also what if I purchase the facial tissue and then go back and buy the toilet tissue with the UPR I just got from buy the facial tissue, would I be able to do that?


    • RoseAnn

      Yes, you can purchase just about anything with the bucks , but not prescriptions.

    • Jennifer K.

      Rolling the UP rewards is the way to get the best deals at Rite Aid! I’m usually rolling about $30 in UP rewards at all times. My goal is to have enough overage every week to buy a gallon of milk. Free milk!

      • Judy

        If your in NJ milk doesn’t count for use of the up rewards. Anything excludable by law, like Milk, Tobacco and Prescriptions.

  • Christina M

    The facial tissue at my store was also marked $1.99 but it scans at $1.00. My store is horrible at changing signs!

    You can use the Up rewards for any non RX purchase at Rite Aid (there may be some other exclusions like gift cards or cigarettes but it can be used on almost anything else). You would be able to use the UP from the tissue to by toilet paper also!

  • Sara

    Just tried it, only git one $1 up for 10 facial tissue and 1 tp. Ugh!

    • Sara

      Nevermind, I bought 85ct!

      • Molly

        Haha…First I bought the rectangular boxes by mistake. I realized when no cats printed so I exchanged them for the small boxes. Still no cats because I bought the 85 ct. Luckily the cashier and manager were super helpful as I returned those 10 and bought the correct 65 ct ones. I was at the store way longer than intended, but I left with 10 boxes of tissues and got paid $3 to do it so it was still a GREAT trip for me 🙂

  • jackie

    The facial tissue was already gone at my Rite Aid, and no delivery until Wednesday! Bummer…..

    • Laurie M.

      same here, only 2 left. Didn’t think to ask when their delivery was… Really need tissues with 2 snuffy kids and me being a school teacher!

  • Jane

    Just got 8 of Rite Aid Facial Tissue $1.00(65 ct) and get 8 – $1 UP
    And my store told me “Buy 10 Rite Aid Facial Tissue $10 total to Get a $3 UP deal” is only for (85 ct).

  • Christine

    I just bought 10 of the Facial Tissue 65 Ct and received the 10 $1 UP and the $3 UP. Not much toilet tissue left, but I did get 3 of the single rolls…none of the 4 packs left at either store near my home! I will keep checking to roll those UPs!!!

  • Kim

    Just so you guys know, the single rolls of SIMPLIFY toilet paper count towards the deal. They actually have 1000 sheets on them. I was able to purchase 40 rolls and get $40 +UPs back. The single roll in the ad is Rite Aid brand, but the Simplify single roll produces UPs as well.

    • Kim

      And there were a few hundred left! I don’t want you guys thinking I am a shelf clearer 😀 I would never! They were all OVER the Nutley store!

  • Judy

    Just so you know the Simplify brand IS Rite Aid brand. It is our private label. The labeling is changing with all the Rite Aid brands all over the store such as Renewal for skin care products and Home for trash bags and such. Also as another FYI, look under the sale signs for other signs. When placing signs on products we are told to layer them. For example the Rebate goes on the bottom, then the Rite Buy and then the Sale sign. The resolution rewards signs IF there is enough room on the shelf goes next to the sale label. It can be confusing but, remember the signs are layerd.

  • Judy

    @ Kim, That is hysterical. I wonder what the cashier thought. 🙂 Was this all in one transaction?

    • Kim

      OHHHHH …. I didn’t realize that it was the RA brand. It looked different from the ad. The cashier was laughing actually. Finally, since I was paying with UP backs the Assistant Manager giggled and said “enough for you … for today anyway.” She was really nice about it. She did ask if I left any behind … I told her of course I did! There were seriously tons of them left and even as I was doing the 4 transactions, no one seemed to even care about the free toilet paper. I’m an inner city teacher and will use them for tissues for my kids with their runny noses! Each will get his/her own roll of TP 😀

  • Emily

    UGH!!!! I’m so angry! I went to rite aid today, and I was getting 10 of the tp’s right? There were SO many left, so I was fine with it. My mom even asked the cashier “can i get 10 of these?” and she was fine with it. but after she finished scanning and bagging, the cashier next to her said “those are free, she can’t get more than 1.” the cashier said that there were more, and the male cashier just said ‘we can’t have people getting too much of this for free.” UGHH! Me and my mom each got one, and I was very pissed. 🙁

  • tee

    i hate the rite aid next to me. I have to go out of my way to other rite aids. they treated me so bad yesterday. I grabbed 10 of the facial tissues and i was told that i can only have 6. so i asked “why will you put a sign on an item saying buy 10 and get $3 and only limiting me to 6?”. the shift manager couldn’t answer that question. I will be sending a nice customer complaint

  • Melinda

    I just bought 16 single rolls of toliet paper and four of the 4 packs all for $1.00 each for a total of $20 and only got 14 UP rewards. I’m going to call later I guess to see where the other 6 are. A few of my UPs from last week that I used to pay for the toliet paper weren’t scanning. The cashier had to manually enter them. The manager came over and said they can’t take the UPs if they don’t scan on their own…she said they can’t enter them manually??!! I told her I just got them on Saturday and they were all on the same receipt…some scanned some didn’t. How ridiculous. It can be so frustrating when employees say things to you that make no sense.

  • Jason

    I bought 10 boxes of facial tissue and only (1) $1 UP and the $3 UP came out. The manager tried to do it separately, but still no UPs. I ended up only getting one box, but the manager gave me the $3 UP anyways. 1 box of facial tissues and a $3 UP for free, lol.

    • Christina M

      I know this post is about the tissue but this morning I bought 4 of the single rolls of toilet paper that were part of the deal and only got $1 UP. I thought maybe I hit some limit on single rolls so I went to another store (I was out and passed multiple RAs) and got 4 of the 4 packs of toilet paper and no ups printed. It seems like RA is limiting this deal to one per card now. Not sure if it is per day or not.

      • Kim

        Thank you Christina for the heads up! Quite honestly, I thought it was a bit crazy anyway! To let people get as much free toilet paper as they wanted? Haha … it was nice while it lasted though 🙂

        • Jason

          Yeah, corporate changed it to limit 1 per card.

          • Kim

            They probably should have thought of that BEFORE! I think maybe a limit of 10, since the facial tissue deal did say extra $3 if you buy 10. But now, some people got hundreds yesterday and others are limited to 1. I did well, but left a ton of stuff on the shelves. I tested it first though, because I truly thought it was too good to be true!

  • Miranda Nolen

    I went yesterday before they started limiting. I was surprised they didn’t have a limit but a limit of 1 is kind of a bummer.

  • RoseAnn

    I bought the tissues today. First I bought 2 boxes (65 ct.) and received $2 in UP’s. I went back again and bought 8 more, thinking I’d get the $8 in UPS, but I received only $1. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I reached the $100 limit spent on their other promotion, and received $20 UP reward instead.