Rite Aid: Free Lay’s Stax & More

More awesome Rite Aid deals.  This week the Lays Stax are $1.00 each and they are producing a $1 +UP Reward.  Plus they are also part of the +UP Your Game which is Buy $15 get $5 +UP.

Here is a deal that Shannon at For The Mommas did:

Buy 3 Edys Ice Cream $8.97
Buy 2 Dixie Plates $3.99
Buy 3 Lays Stax $3.00

Total: $15.96
-$3/2 Dixie Video Values
Paid: $12.96
Recieved: $5.00 UPR for Up Your Game Promo
Received: (3) $1.00 UPR for Stax
Received: (3) $2.00 UPR for Edys
Free after coupon & UP Rewards

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  • Evelyn

    The Chex is 2/$3 also, part of the Buy $15, Get $5, and you get $1 UP for each bag you buy. Use the Video Values Qs in combo with the coupons that have been in past inserts. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I have a question, I’ve never used UP before….when you make a purchase with multiple items that have UP rewards, do you just get 1 up with the total amount printed at the bottom? Or are they each individual rewards? So you would have 1 UP on the bottom totaling $11?

    • Bree

      Lisa they will print individually depending on the product purchase. For example $2 UPR for Lays, $2 UPR for edy’s, etc. etc. So you could have 5 UPRs totaling $11. So be prepared because your reciept may be a tad long!

      Just did this deal and it worked like a charm though the only ice cream they had left was vanilla – but free makes it taste better lol! To sweeten the deal I used the [2] $1 Video Value coupons that can be used on a non-RX purchase. So I paid $10.96 and got back $14 UPR.

      • Lisa

        Thanks! If I read correctly though, you can only redeem 1 UP per transaction, is this correct?

        • Stephanie

          That isn’t true – you can use as many as you want……

  • Kayla

    Is it in the ad that the Stax should be proucing a $1 up?

    • renee a

      No it is unadvertised deal so it does not say it I got 3 today and they printed up

      • Anna

        Its a month long UPR for the month of Feb. It’s not in the weekly ad but is listed in the month long deals flyer that is posted in my store.

        • Kayla

          Awesome 🙂 Thanks!

  • mike

    so for the +UP, is that $5 WYB $15 in addition to the +UP that you would get on certain products? Also, is the $15 on shelf or sale price?

    I can only see the $5 WYB $15 on that page, but what are the +UP rewards on the items themselves? particularly, the chex, lays chips (stax and bag), and edy’s. Also, is there any limit to this? like can I get 10 lay’s stax and get 15 lay’s stax and get $15 stax rewards in addition to the $5 WYB $15 in +UP rewards?

  • Jason

    Is there a limit to the $5 UPR printing? Because I want to do 2 transactions.

    • Tammy

      Yes there is a limit of 1 on the buy $15 get $5, but you can’t beat free Stax and $.99 ice cream…

      • Jason

        I guess I’ll do one transaction on my card and one on my mom’s. 😛


  • Stephanie

    Can someone PLEASE confirm if there are UPRs printing with the Chex?? IF so, how many/amount?? Thanks SO much! 🙂

    • KC

      I bought 2 bags of chex today and got 2 $1 +Ups.

      • Stephanie

        Thanks so much for replying! I guess it was one of those unadvertised deals.

  • evonne

    i just got back from doing this deal and did not receive the $5 UP 🙁

  • Sabina

    All gone in our store 🙁

  • Binu

    What is mean by Recieved: $5.00 UPR for Up Your Game Promo?
    Please explain me!