Rite Aid: Nature Made Deal Plus Lots of Scenarios

This week Rite Aid has an +UP Reward on Nature Made CoQ10 and Fish Oil Supplements.  The +UP Reward is Buy $30 Get $16 UP.  They are also part of the Healthy Heart UP Reward deal that runs through 4/9/11.  And they count toward the Rite Aid Winter Rewards Program (Buy $100 Get $20).

Here are some deals that you can do:

If you have All You Coupons and the 20% discount,  here is a great deal from For The Mommas:
Buy 2 CoQ10 30MG 30 Ct. $13.49 – $10.79 after discount
Buy 1 Fish Oil 1200 MG 100 Ct $10.99 $8.79 after discount

use $3.00/1 Fish Oil Video Values from Feb
use $6.00/1 CoQ10 in All You February
use $5.00/1 CoQ10 in All You January
use $4.00/1 Fish Oil in All You January or February
Total $12.37
Get Back $10.00 Heart Healthy +Up
Get Back $16.00 Nature Made +Up
$13.63 in overage
Use the $4.00/$20.00 Video Values and turn it into $17.63 in overage

No discount:
Buy (2) CoQ10 30MG 30 Ct. $13.49
Buy (1) Fish Oil 1200 MG 100 Ct $10.99

use $3.00/1 Fish Oil Video Values from Feb
use $6.00/1 CoQ10 in All You February
use $5.00/1 CoQ10 in All You January
use $4.00/1 Fish Oil in All You January or February
Total $19.97
Get Back $10.00 Heart Healthy +Up
Get Back $16.00 Nature Made +Up
$6.03in overage
Use the $4.00/$20.00Video Values and turn it into $10.03 in overage


Here is a deal that reader Ueen did:
Bought 2 NM fish oil+D 1000IU 90 ct 12.79 net of 20% discount (15.99 reg price) = 25.58
Bought 2 NM coq10 100mg 40 ct at 19.19 net of 20% discount (23.99 reg price) = 38.38

Total : 63.96

$10 +UP from $30.00 Healthy Heart Purchase
$10 +UP 2nd Earned from $50 total Healthy Heart Purchase
$16 +UP from purchase of NATRS MADE
$16 +UP from purchase of NATRS MADE


Here is a deal that reader Christina did:
1 Nature Made Fish Oil 1200mg 100 Ct – $9.44 (Regular price $10.49, I have 10% discount)
2 Nature Made Fish Oil 1200mg 60 Ct Odorless – $10.34 each (Regular Price $11.49)

Total was: $30.12

-(2) $3/1 VV coupons
$4/1 All you coupon
-$3/1 any Nature Made All you coupon
-$2/1 All you coupon
-$14.98 Ups
Paid: $0.14

$16 up for the Nature Made deal
$10 up for the Healthy Heart Deal. I know on the list on the Healthy Heart website it lists specific sizes but I am not sure I got any of the exact sizes and I still got the $10 up (an added bonus: It doesn’t expire until 4/9/11!)

Christina’s suggestion:  bring all of your Nature Made coupons to RA and see what kind of deal you can come up with.


::Here is a deal reader Laurie did:
Got (3) Odorless Fish Oil 60 ct – $11.49 ea. – $10.34 ea. with my 10% discount
Subtotal: $31.02

Coupons used:
(2) $3/1 VV coupons
(1) $4/1 All you Fish Oil coupon
(1) $3/1 any Nature Made All you coupon
(1) $2/1 All you Fish Oil coupon
-$16 in UP Rewards
Paid: pennies

(1) $16 UP reward – Nature Made deal
(1) $10 UP reward – Heart Healthy deal

(thanks For The Mommas, Ueen, Christina & Laurie!)

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  • Looking forward to this deal! The hubby needs to take CoQ10, and it’s expensive!!! I still have my $20 +UP from the last promo, so that’s awesome!

  • melinda

    is there anywhere to get the All You coupons if you don’t have a subscription?

  • Katie K

    Walmart sells All You

  • Theresa

    How does one acquire the 20% discount?

    • Laurie M.

      You have to spend a certain amount to earn the 10% discount and 20% discount (using your wellness card)

  • Dee2

    NatureMade.com has coupons on their web site. I logged in to get to them, so I don’t know if this link will work. There is a $2 off CoQ10 coupon…

  • Dee2

    Oh, if you use Nature Made a lot, they have a rewards program on their web site. You earn points to get coupons and stuff. I ordered a Denise Austen yoga/pilates DVD for free. I get lots of coupons from them too.

  • Laurie M.

    So you can get the Nature Made deal twice? I had no idea. Thanks, Ueen for sharing that!!

    • Anonymous

      No problem Laurie. I was just experimenting and was glad that it worked. This is what I love about LRWC, everyone are so kind. Cindy’s kindness is contagious.

  • Larrina

    I was looking on the Winter Rewards list of included items and I did not see Nature Made anywhere on the list. Still a great deal if it doesn’t count towards it but a nice bonus if it does 🙂

    • Cindy
      • Larrina

        Now I see it… I was looking in the wrong section. I just got back from RA and my trip was not as successful as Ueens.
        All prices are after 20% discount.

        First Trans:
        1- 130 ct Vit C 500 mg- 7.19
        1- 100 ct Super B Complex- 9.59
        2- 40 ct coq10 100 mg- 19.19 each
        total- 55.16
        coupons used:
        2- $6 off coq10 (one had to be put through manually for some reason)
        2- $3 off any nm vit
        paid 37.16 oop and received 1- 16 upr nature made and 1-10 upr from healthy heart
        disappointed bc if I had spent 5 more dollars I should have gotten another 16 upr so I used my upr to roll into another trans.

        trans 2-
        1-60 ct fish oil- 12.79
        1- 40 ct coq10 100 mg- 19.19
        1- 40 ct coq10 200mg- 25.59
        1- 60 ct triple omega- 10.79
        total- 68.36
        coupons used:
        2- $6 off coq10
        1- $4 off fish oil
        1- $3 off any nm vit
        and used 26 upr from 1st trans
        paid 23.36 oop
        $10 upr (2nd earned reward) healthy heart
        $16 nature made
        $20 winter reward

        all in all still a good deal since I have to buy these products anyway

        • Ueen

          Larrina, it could be because the triple omega is not included. It is fish oil and coq10

          • Larrina

            Ahhh, that stinks. Now it makes sense… Thank you for the info!

    • Ueen

      After doing the nature made deal, my winter rewards points is 60 plus points.

  • Rebecca M

    There is also a rebate through Nature Made if you spend $30 AFTER coupons… here is the link:


  • Tammy

    I understand that you earn your 20% through purchases and prescriptions, but how did you guys earn it so fast..Don’t the points reset every year??I have spent alot there and still haven’t earned it yet..is there a secret to get it quicker?

    • Larrina

      I earned my 20% discount in 2010 and it continues through the end of 2011. I have to spend a certain amount of money during the 2011 year to maintain that level into 2012. HTH

      • Larrina

        Also, if you do not reach the 10% or 20% discount by the end of the year the points reset back to zero.

        • Tammy

          ah ok..that’s what i couldn’t fig. out..Thanks for the info

  • maz

    Why isn’t this printable 🙁

  • Amy

    Where can I find info about and sign up for the Healthy Heart + UP Reward? Or does it just print out when I buy certain products? Is there a site listing the criteria? Thanks

    • Jay

      It’s not a signup.. it just happens.

  • Erika

    Hey i have a question does the $30 for the $16 up reward have to be met before the 20% discount or after? thanks

    • Christ3ina M

      The $30 for the $16 up must be met after the discount since the items will ring up the lower price. For example if you have 20% and buy 3 items originally $10 they will each scan at $8 and instead of being at $30 you will only be at $24.

  • Liz L

    I need some assistance trying to figure out my best approach to the Nature Made deal. *sighs* it was my son’s birthday today – I’m zonked – and we’re expecting snow on Wednesday so I need to get to this tomorrow. What the heck should I buy?????


    Any suggestions/scenarios would be most greatly appreciated.

    My husband uses 1200 MG Fish Oil, so it would be best if I could fold that into the money maker scenario.

    I have 1 $6 off CoQ10 – All You
    I have 4 $5 off CoQ10 – SS
    I have 1 $5 off any nature made IP
    I have 1 $4 off Fish Oil – All You
    I have 1 $3 off of Nature Made any – All you
    I have 4 $2 off Nature Made fish oil – SS
    I have 1 $3 VV Fish Oil
    I have 1 $5 off of 25

    I have $26 in UP rewards to use to fund the scenario if need be.

    I really appreciate the insights. I’m feeling overwhelmed right now.

    • Cindy

      Since you use the Fish Oil, you can do:
      Buy 3 Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg $10.99 each
      -$3 Fish Oil VV
      -$5/1 Nature Made
      -$4/1 Fish Oil
      -$3/1 Fish Oil
      -$12.97 in +UP
      Pay: $0
      Get $10 +UP Healthy Heart
      Get $16 +UP

      Note: Not sure if you have a discount to use. If you do, then this will come in under the $30

      • Liz L

        You rock Cindy! My wallet (and husband) thank you.

        • Liz L

          I did the above, and added to my order 2 of the starburst (2/$1) – used .25 vv and .50/2 from online coupons. also got me a free bag of bagel chips courtesy of NY brands. OOP was $11 UP and .77c. Got back $26 in UPs.

  • Melinda

    Just a heads up…these are BYGO Free next week at Rite Aid.
    I’m thinking of doing this next week…if someone can let me know what Heart & Healthy UPS I will get from this scenario please let me know.
    Buy 5 Nature Made Fish Oil (Not sure if they’re $10.99 or $10.39?)
    Get 5 Free
    Total: $54.95 (using the $10.99 price)
    Use 10 $5.00/1 (Just ordered 10 from coupondede)
    Use 1 $3/1 Nature Made VV from January
    Use $1 UP on non prescription VV from January
    deducts $54.00
    balance: .95 (pay with an UP I’ve already got)
    Get: $20 UP for winter rewards and $10 heart & healthy reward? Would I get more than one of these?

    • Christina M

      Since you are spending over $50 you should get (2) $10 healthy heart ups or (1) $20 healthy heart up (not sure when you do it all in one transaction how it prints). You will not get the $20 winter rewards up though – you will have $54.95 towards it assuming $10.99 price. The free ones won’t count towards it. It is still an awesome deal though!!

  • Frieda

    Not sure if it was mentioned but SS 1/2 had some Nature Made coupons. Are these not working with the scenarios? or are the ALL You coupons higher value …. do not have the Jan issue?

    • Christina M

      The ones from 1/2 SS work but the values of the coupons from All You are higher

      • Frieda

        Ok…that’s what I thought might be the case. Thanks!!