ShopRite: Borden Cheese Deal

There is a deal that is going on at ShopRite this week where you can buy 2 Hillshire Farm Deli Select and get a Free Borden Natural Cheese Slices Free. It seems, from the comments some of you have left, that the cheese, even though it’s free, is accepting a coupon against it. Plus there is a possibility that you can buy 3 of the Borden Cheese and get one Free without having to buy the Deli Meat. That has not been confirmed yet but I just wanted to let you know it’s a possibility in case you wanted to give it a try.

Here is how to work the deal buying the meat and cheese with coupons.

Hillshire Farm Deli Select – $3.50
Buy 1 Borden Natural Cheese Slices $1.99

-(2)$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeat, exp. 2-12 (RP 01/09/11)
or use $0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lower Sodium Lunchmeat printable
and use $1/1 Borden Printable Coupon (PDF coupon)
-$1.99 for Free Cheese wyb buy 2 Deli Meat
as low as $1.26 each after coupons & Free Item

If the Buy 3 Cheese Get 1 Free works, this would be your deal:

Buy 3 Borden Natural Cheese Slices $1.99 each
-(3)$1/1 Borden Printable Coupon
-$1.99 for Free Cheese
$0.32 each after coupons & free item

I may give this a try but I can’t get there till tomorrow (Thursday).  If anyone tries this, please let us know.

(Thanks Aileen!)

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  • Melinda

    I’m planning on trying this today…I’m thinking, what if you get the free cheese with the Hillshire deal, will that 1 item count toward the borden cheese deal? (buy two and get one free).
    So, can you buy a total of 3 and get two free? (one free from Hillshire deal & one free from borden B2G1 free deal) so you’re only really “paying” for one, PLUS you’re using three $1/1 coupons? OR maybe the free one from hillshire won’t register toward buy 2 get 1 free. Make sense?
    If people don’t think this will work, I’m going to break down the deals separately as Cindy menti0ned above:
    Buy 2 Hillshire meat
    Buy 1 Borden cheese
    -$1.99 Free cheese
    -$1/1 Borden
    -$1/1 Hillshire (twice)
    pay $4.00

    Then buy another 3 Borden cheese ($5.97)
    use 3 ($1/1)
    get one free ($1.99)
    pay .98

    • Dottie

      dying to know if this scenario will work!!! Let us know….

  • Nichole

    If you go to the Hillshire Farm website you can print 2 $1 off lunch meat coupons just for voting for your favorite sandwhich.

    • Kim

      Thanks for the tip….I got to print out 4 Q’s! 2 on each print! Thanks again!

      • Dottie

        If you have the .55 coupons and your store doubles that is a slightly better deal.

  • Emily

    I found black and pepper turkey on sale for 1.79 at my store. Does this count for the register deal? If it does, then I can do this:
    Buy 1 Hillshire meat – 1.79
    Use 1 off coupon
    Buy 3 Borden Cheese (1.99 each)
    Use (3) 1 off coupons.
    1.99 (free)
    1.99 (free from buy 2 get one free promo)
    That would actually get me .30 cents overage ! :O

  • Melinda

    Great deal, but you need to buy 2 Hillshire meats to get free cheese.

  • David

    If anyone is succesful with the Borden cheese at Shoprite, please let me know-thanks.

    Then buy another 3 Borden cheese ($5.97)
    use 3 ($1/1)
    get one free ($1.99)
    pay .98

  • Heatherlyn

    I went this afternoon and tried the buy 3 Borden Cheese get one free and I didn’t get one free. I used 3 $1 off coupons so they were only $1 each, would have been great if I got one free. If someone gets it off free, I will go back to them. Good Luck

  • andy

    Somebody please report whether 2 meats + 1 cheese the free cheese comes off instantly or at the end of order after cashier presses Total button (or smth like that).

    Don’t be afraid to try 3 cheeses. You can watch the screen and see if the free one is being taken off and if it’s not coming off you can always ask to void them all.

    Try 3 cheeses first separately to verify that they work like that before attempting 2 meats + 3 cheeses combo. Then again watch the screen and if only 1 cheese is taken off free then have another cheese handy to add to order

    • melinda

      ok, so free cheese came off with buying 2 hillshire meats for me, however the buy 3 borden get one free deal did NOT work for me. it was only advertised online and not in the paper circular, so i had nothing to show customer service and there was also no sign in the aisle advertising buy 2 borden get 1 free, so i was out of luck. i was in a hurry so didn’t bother going to customer service at all.
      this is what i did:
      bought 2 hillshire ($7)
      got 1 borden cheese free
      used two $1 off 1 hillshire
      used one $1 off 1 borden (no beeping on free item)

      bought another 3 borden cheese ($5.97)
      used three $1 off 1
      none were free
      still not an awful deal but i probably wouldn’t have boughten 4 if i wasn’t going to get the 2nd one free. oh well…hope this helps you all!

  • melinda

    Andy–it came off instantly…but I missed it while looking. I had cashier ask if it came off and she showed me it did.

  • Barbara A

    Bought 3 cheeses and it did not come off. I didn’t think it was that bad a price after coupons to pay for the cheese even without the instant savings so didn’t return it.

  • Just went to my SR in Upper Deerfield, NJ and they will not accept the coupons I printed from the Hillshire Farm website or the Pennsylvania noodle coupon that I printed from there site.
    The manager said there new policy is that if an internet coupon doesn’t scan the first time then they won’t accept it. FYI

  • Stephanie

    I went to the store got 2 Hillshire Farm meats and got the free cheese. I used two Hillshire coupons but they would not accept the Borden cheese coupon because it was a free item. Also despite calling ahead and being told that Hauppauge SR doubles MFs it did not. Also I was told only 1 Internet coupon per item so I could not buy 4 Penn Dutch Noodles and use 4 Internet coupons only 1 (I argued that and got 2). I will be going back tomorrow when I am less tired, I was too tired to argue tonight.