ShopRite: Free Can of Coke Classic

Make sure you look for the ShopRite Can Can Sale 40th Anniversary display at your store.  They are giving away a Free Can of Coke Classic with a Special Edition 40th Anniversary Can Can Label.  These are avaiable to the first 1000 customers per store that has the display.

I’m not sure if each store will have this display or not but just wanted to make sure you kept your eye out for it.  Let us know if your store had it.

(Thanks Annie & Beth!)

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  • Sharon Ivanauskas

    Flemington Shoprite has them!

  • Patti M

    I happened to be in SR today when the customer in front of me was trying to get this freebie. (I don’t drink soda so I hadn’t picked it up myself). It became quite a scene at the register b/c the front end manager and cashier kept insisting the deal for a free can was only when you bought a 12pk of Coke. Sadly, he didn’t win the battle.

  • Bree

    ShopRite of Lyndhurst had the display as well! Picked up my can today while shopping 🙂 … I don’t think a purchase was even required to get the free can so I don’t know what happened with the manager’s at Patti’s store?!

  • Julie

    Here in CT they were handing them out as you walked out the door!

  • Beth

    Williamstown, NJ store has it. Although, their bin wasn’t nearly as fancy as that pictured above. It had just a plain blue sign with small font.

  • Jennifer

    Toms River NJ didn’t have this either…but still a great deal was had on Scrubbing Bubbles auto spray (9.49) with peely 3$ off/$5 coupon SS only paid $1.49!!!!

  • Joanie S

    Gibbstown, NJ store had them! They were on display in a few places and some of the workers were walking around making sure everyone had one!

  • lisa

    The rockaway shoprite was giving them out after you paid yesterday. They gave out all 1000

  • Pat N

    Flanders Shoprite has them too. I didn’t know anything about it until the front end manager came up to me while checking out and gave me a can today. I thought she said something about buying a 12 pack too, which I did so I’m not sure if that was a requirement for getting a can. Always, always great customer service at this store.

  • ros

    Hillsborough store had the display pictured – it was a bit hidden away next to the pharmacy counter.

  • Stephenie

    Shoprite in Monroe, NY has the display, not as fancy but still has sign up. There Were a lot of cans in there still.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Had them in Bayville, NJ Shoprite, by the 12 packs of coke that were on sale, picked up the 12 packs and the free can 🙂

  • megan

    I picked one up when I went shopping last week because I overheard a Coke delivery guy giving one to a customer. I read the sign and it said free Coke to first 1000 customers, nothing mentioned any purchases. I was getting rung up, and thankfully my husband noticed when the cashier scanned it. It rang up 3.89, and underneath .50 came off for the one can. I guess the one can rang up for a case of soda, and then the one can was deducted. My understanding was that they were completely free.
    She was going to send someone back to check, but I said forget it. False advertising if you ask me. I think it is ridiculous to have to buy a case of soda to get one soda for free.
    No one ever seems to know what is going on in my store.