ShopRite: Free Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles & Dannon – 1/23

There are a couple of deals at ShopRite starting on Sunday for free items.  Both of these have printable coupons so you might want to print them now in case they are not available by Sunday.

Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles $0.99
use $0.55/1 or $1/1 Pennsylvania Dutch Printable Coupon
Free after coupon

Note: This is some kind of PDF coupon.  It does have a remit address on it.  There is also a $1/2 coupon in the 1/2 SS making them $0.49 if you feel you will not be able to use this printable coupon.

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt $0.99 **4 DAY PRICE BREAK STARTS WEDNESDAY
use $0.50/1 Dannon Light & Fit Printable
free after coupon

Note: There is also a $0.40/1 in the 1/2 SS

(Thanks Jim!)

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  • Kim

    Hi, In reguards to the Pennsylvania egg noodle coupons in pdf..I have used 2 already at Weis and they worked fine.

    Thank You

  • Mark

    What do you mean by “**4 DAY PRICE BREAK STARTS WEDNESDAY” Does this start Next Wednesday the 26th?

    • Cindy

      Yes,next wednesday.

  • Anna

    when I print noodle coupon, it comes out very big. Is it the same in your case?

    • Lori

      Same here.

  • Melinda

    awesome! i need to stock up on some egg noodles. did you get a circular today, and that’s how you know these will be on sale next week?

  • Pamela

    As always…
    Thanks Cindy, you’re the best!! 😉

  • David

    I noticed it was a pdf and saved it. Do you know if multiple coupons can be printed from the saved pdf? My local shoprite will accept up to 4 identical manufacturer coupons, if we don’t use it here at home we will donate it to the church. Just want to know if I can get as many as possible for the food bank. As always, thanks.

    • Bridget

      Yes, shoprite will take up to 4 of the same coupons. Latley they have checking them to be sure they are not copies. I can usually print out as many as I want from a pdf.

  • Bridget

    coupon for the Dannon is for a 4 pack, is that what is on sale for .99? 🙂

    • Cindy


  • Theresa McGinn

    I can’t print it, the site keeps getting hung up. 🙁

  • Bree

    Cindy, my coupon was NOT a PDF and did have a reimbursement address. I just printed the 55 cent off.

    • David

      Hit Control+P on your computer, when the Print window pops up choose ‘Adobe PDF’ as your printer. You should then get a Save window to save the pdf file onto your hard drive. If this doesn’t work I can email both of my pdf coupons I saved. I plan to most likely get these for free for the church food bank here if we don’t eat them. Good luck.

      • Bree

        Like Denielle – I’ve been able to print as many 55 cent off coupons as I want! I just click “Print Coupon”, my printer window pops up, and I click print!

        Thank you VERY much for the offer David. :o)

        • Anonymous

          That is how you know it is a PDF, you can print as many as you want.

      • kristen

        All i am printing is a blank page with the expiration date!!!

        • Shell

          same here, I tried printing in color when black and white didn’t work and I tried both the $0.55 and $1 and just the bar code is printing out.

      • Pat C


        Could I please take you up on your offer? All I’m getting are blank pages. Thanks! 🙂

        • David

          Sure thing, I’ll email it right over.

  • Denielle

    Not that I’m complaining…but I seem to be able to print as many of these as I want…I’m just wondering if that’s the way it should be and if that will prevent them from being accepted for any reason…I think I’m going to check @ Shoprite tonight to see if they will take them before I go crazy printing a ton!

    • David

      Do what I’m doing. Since my Shoprite only accepts 4 per visit, I’m only printing the 4 coupons right before I know I’m going there. Worse case I just lose the last sets I printed.

      • Denielle

        I went to Shoprite in Ledgewood, NJ last night and asked them about the coupon. They looked it up in the ‘counterfeit’ book and didnt find it there and then scanned it and it worked fine so they said they would take it! EXCELLENT!

        Since it’s 2 different coupons that means at least 4 of each of the coupons so 8 bags of noodles in one visit! Lots of free noodles for me, my family and for my donation pile! Thanks so much!

  • Siri

    I don’t see the Dannon coupon. 🙁

    • Kathy C

      It is there this morning, under zip code 07039.

      • Siri

        Oh, I know why I didn’t see it – my print limited has been reached, I already printed it earlier this week. Duh! Thanks 🙂

  • Melissa

    The pasta coupons have an expiration date of the 19th. I don’t know if they changed it or not as this was my first time trying to print.

    • Cindy

      Mine have 2/19/11

    • Suzanne

      Mine say 2/20/2011 — maybe it is a “30 days from when you print it” expiry date/ ?

  • David

    WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s all I can say….I printed eight of each of these coupons from my saved pdf and my wife and I headed over to our local Shoprite today after lunch. We came back with 16 FREE bags of egg noodle. It’s egg noodles for dinner tonight 🙂

    ANyone having problems printing these, please reply with your email address. Share the wealth!

    • Dear David
      I followed your directions for the Pa. Dutch Noodles and I am still printing the date, Page 1 of 1, PA Dutch Coupons, with a whole blank page.
      If, possible, could you please e-mail me both PDF coupons. Thank you in advance. Janet Nasatka

  • Melinda

    I don’t get it…why are these coupons beeping for some people and not for others? What causes a coupon to beep, anyway? It’s so embarrassing holding up the line for coupon use, and it’s equally as humiliating trying to convince the cashier you’re not using fraudulent coupons. When they beep, it makes it that much worse!

    • David

      Don’t know why. When I went to one Shoprite south of me on Sunday, they took all eight coupons with no beeps and actually were accepted at face value meaning I got $1 off for a .99 cent bag….overage/money maker of .01 cent for the rest of the items in the trip. However when I went to another Shoprite yesterday, it beeped. The manager had to come over and manually overide each and every one of the coupons into the system. This time only deducting .99 cents each and every time for all eight. I guess it’s based on a store by store basis as far as how the system accepts the coupons.

  • pippy

    Shoprite in Enfield will not take the Penn. Dutch coupon. They accused me of photo copying a newspaper coupon. Enfield, CT must have the worst Shoprite coupon customer service.

    • David

      pippy-As of tonight the coupons are still available on the website. If it were me, I would ask customer service if they had internet access anywhere in the store. Then have them print the coupons for you on th spot 🙂

      I’m already on 40 bags and still have 3 more days ’til the sale ends.

  • Bree

    These noodles will be .99 the week of 1/30 as well!

  • Peg

    The Shoprite in Bound Brook NJ also would not take them. The manager came over and told me they were copies. I was so mad, and asked if they were calling me a liar! It seems they had a meeting of some sort just the night before, so I don’t think any cashier will let them through. Hmmmm…. maybe I’ll try them at a different SR….

  • Siri

    I was able to use 4 of them successfully last weekend in the East Windsor, NJ ShopRite. I go to my regular cashier Woody and he’s very in tune with the coupons, so only gave me 99 cents each – no penny moneymakers for me!

  • Christine, D

    Shoprite confiscated my egg noodle coupon! Manager said it looked like a fraudulent coupon b/c there was no coupon company name on it…ugh!