ShopRite Health & Beauty Brand Catalina Update #2 – Success!

We have success on the ShopRite Brand Health & Beauty Aids Catalina this week.  It seems that the SR Emery Boards are not working which is why some of you weren’t get your catalinas.  I purchased 9 of the ShopRite Maxi Pads (3 different varieties) and received the $10 catalina.  Here is the deal:

Buy 9 ShopRite Maxi Pads ($2.39) $0.99
Pay: $8.91
Get a $10 Catalina
Free + $1 Money Maker after catalina

Here are the products I purchased:
Maxi Thin Super UPC #041190218325
Maxi Ultra Thin with Wings UPC #041190215454
Maxi Regular UPC#041190215331

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  • Jennifer

    wow! great job

  • Jennifer K.

    That would be great for donating to the local women’s crisis shelter. Thanks for letting us know about the deal!

    • Cindy

      Yep that is what I’m doing with it and the baby food I bought

  • Denise

    Thanks, Cindy! I really appreciate you getting to the bottom of this! In Church just today one of our members stood up to say she was collecting personal care items for homeless/needy women through an Atlantic City mission. This is perfect for it!

  • vanessa

    just got back from buying 9 of these and got $10 Cat and also picked up 4 Ragu pasta sauce and got (2)$1 CATs…so happy 🙂

    • Diane R

      Vanessa, did you buy all 4 jars of Ragu in one transaction or did you have to split them up into 2 separate transactions to get the 2 cats?

      • Denise

        Diane, yesterday I bought 4 jars of ragu in one transaction and got 2 $1 cats. I did not need to split them.

      • Cindy

        Diane, I have heard that you can do more then one deal in one transaction and the cats will print. HTH

        • Diane R

          Thanks Denise and Cindy! That is great news!

          • Laurie

            thanks guys! I bought a bunch coupons from ebay and was afraid I would have to do 10 different transactions!

  • Lori

    Is this deal then roll-able? Or does the cat just print once per card? This is great for our local homeless shelters! One of those things people don’t often think of donating, but I know I’d sure be in trouble without! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Is the catalina just $10 to use on anything in Shop Rite??

    • yes, stephanie!

  • Georgia

    Limit one. Is this per transaction you think?

    • Jason

      Yes, they never limit per card. 😛

  • Emmie

    can someone verify if this is rolling TIA

  • CJ

    Shop Rite sounds like a great store, wish I had one!

  • steph

    awesome donation item. does anyone know if this works on any of the sr maxi pads or only the ones pictured? has anyone tried any other pads?

    • Stephanie

      If you look under the picture, it lists the ones that will work 🙂

  • andy

    I verified that it is rolling

    • Emmie

      Thanks 🙂

  • I just got back from Shoprite – bought 9 of the pads for $8.91 and got a $10 Cat! Plan to go back and roll the Cat several times 😉 (And tell all my girlfriends.) Also bought 4 jars of Ragu and got two $1 Cats back, so they are indeed $.49 each – woohoo!!!! So excited.

    • Julie

      Help for a newbie….!
      I’m a little new at this catalina stuff and don’t quite understand it. If I go buy 9 more and a filler to make it over $10 and then use the $10 catalina I already have from the same deal, will it print me another one?

      • Jason

        Yes. Buy 9 for $8.91 and get a filler of around $1.25. You’ll pay close to nothing after rolling the cat and get a $10 cat back.

        Buy (9) SR pads for $8.91
        Buy (2) Ragu for $1.98
        Total: $10.89

        Use $10 cat and pay the 89 cents and tax (if any) and get:
        $10 SR cat
        $1 Ragu cat

  • Rosa

    I did this last night and called my sister and she did it too! Thank you so much! I’m so glad I found your site! Thanks!

    @Julie – yes, it will print another one! 🙂

  • Pam

    Has anyone tried any other of the Shop Rite products to see what else is working on the shelf price? I bought the 9 maxi pads and would like to keep rolling, perhaps buying other products but hate to have it not work out! If you’ve tested anything else, please let me know. Thanks 🙂

  • Cassie

    I just called catalina marketing about my failed cat on Sunday and they said they’d look into it. I purchased:
    4 maxi ultra thin with wings- same UPC as cindy
    4 ultra thin overnight with wings- UPC 041190222278
    1 nail clippers – the smaller one ( and I’ve misplaced it already! Lol)
    Total came to: $20.01 before price plus discounts.

    I should have my cat within 1 week, the man at catalina marketing said.

  • andy

    Vitamins and ibuprophen were previously reported to work. Probably everything should work except nail stuff. Nail stuff was not included in the previous such catalina, maybe that’s why it’s not working now.

  • Stephanie

    What exactly IS the catalina? Just $10 worth of health and beauty products?? Why do the pads work, if they only come to $8.91? Please CLARIFY! Thanks 🙂

    • Julie

      Stephanie, the catalina is just like a RR from Walgreens or EB from CVS, it prints out after your receipt and is good for $10 off your next purchase of anything from ShopRite. It works with the pads because it is calculated goes from the pre-sale price ($2.39). The deal is if you buy $20 work of products you get a $10 catalina, so 9 of the pads pre-sale price would be $21.51, so that’s why you get the $10 catalina. You can also get the catalina, and then do the same deal again, add something to be over $10, and do it all over again!

  • PK

    The circular says there are “500 products” but I can’t find a list of those products. Anyone know where to find it? I would think all SR health and beauty would work but that would include “implements” like tweezers and nail clippers, correct?