ShopRite Health & Beauty Catalina Update

Update on the ShopRite Health and Beauty Catalina for this week.  The possible scenario that I post with the ShopRite Maxi pads is not producing a catalina.  The items are ringing up at the pre-price plus price first so I’m not sure why it’s not working at this point.  You might want to hold off on this deal until we figure it out.  We had the same issue with this deal last time it was out.

Also, if you tried the deal and it worked or didn’t work, let us know what you purchased so we can determine what is working and what is not.

(Thanks Cassie & Saki!)

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  • Lisa

    I remember last time I tried to do this one, the SR Baby Wipes worked, but the diapers did not.

  • kelly

    I purchased 2 COQ10s which were 9.95 each and an ibuprofen at 1.99 and received the catalina.

  • Kelly

    we did this deal as was suggested, 8 maxi pads and 1 emory board pack and no catalina. I guess that does not help clarify what works for the deal but this deal did not work. It was worth a try, though.

  • rebecca

    Purchased 8 maxipads (2 diff var) and a nail clipper…no catalina.

  • tam

    I bought 9 maxipads (3dif var) , and got $10 catalina

    • Cindy

      Yes me too!! Woohoo!

  • andy


    andy January 16, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Maybe one of them is not programmed to count for catalina, the implement maybe? which implement? and which pads exactly too?

    If implement is a problem, then maybe 9 pads (3 diff varieties) would work for $8.91.

    End of quote