ShopRite Matchups 1/9 – 1/15

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here. Make sure to check out the ShopRite Coupon Policy.

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:
  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.
  • Also, look for the heart at the end of the match ups for deals that I love (stockpile prices).

Click the link below to see the entire ShopRite Match Ups for this week and to create your own shopping list.

If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click onto the site be able to print your list.


Most Catalinas are based on the shelf price of the item when calculating the price. At ShopRite that is the price before the Price Plus discount. Please be sure to check your shelf prices as they may vary from the ones listed here. The deals shown are only suggestions to get you started. These deals have not been confirmed so you may want to check back in the comments to see if anyone has been successful doing them.

Weight Watchers: Buy $20 Get $5 (does not include Smart Ones products)


Vicks: Buy 3 Get a $5 Catalina


LiveRight: Buy $15 Get 5


Purina: Buy $30 Get $30 (week 2)

Catalinas will print as follows:

  • $5 Catalina Good for 1/23 – 1/29
  • $5 Catalina Good for 1/30 – 2/5
  • $5 Catalina Good for 2/6 – 2/12
  • $5 Catalina Good for 2/13 – 2/19
  • $5 Catalina Good for 2/20 – 2/26


NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

The links in the post above may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.
  • Laurie

    Great! Seems like a lot of same deals as this week. I wanted to point out that my Shoprite is selling a French’s Mustard w/ FREE (full size) honey mustard dipping sauce (packaged together) for $1.99. If you use the .50/1 coupon, you’ll get both for .99. The dipping sauce by itself is $2.59.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Wishbone says no prints available for this campaign.

    • Cindy

      okay thanks. I’ll update that.

  • Carolyn

    I believe the Aquafresh deal would require purchasing 6 to meet the $15 – or my brain is not working correctly!

    • Cindy

      Yes, I was actually still changing that one since I found another coupon. It should be good now. Thanks

  • Mary

    Thank you for all the matchups! It may be just my ad in CT but the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest is listed on p. 5 as 3/$4, must buy 3. So the IP you listed for the Ronzoni won’t work for the 40 cent pasta. Thanks again for all your hard work helping us save $

    • Cindy

      That name was suppose to read Ronzoni Quick Cook so it works for the $0.40 pasta. I just corrected it.

  • morgan

    My ad shows wise potato chips at $1.99 making them 99 cents with the new printable!

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      ohh thanks, we are out of chips and my hubby was asking me when we would have more…I said when I get a good deal, now I can stock up on some 🙂

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    10/10 SS has a $1/1 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest, if you have 3 then they are only .33 cents each!

    • Laurie M.

      I don’t see a Healthy Harvest Q in my 10/10 Smart Source.

      • Kristine Twardy-Todd

        Maybe Regional…it was in mine, I date all my inserts and found it there…

        • Leslie

          i had that q and it totally works w/ the 40cent ronzoni & doesn’t beep!!!!!!!

  • Kelly W

    No more prints for the Juicy Juice.

    • Cindy

      okay thanks

  • Cassie

    No more prints for Quaker either

    • Cindy

      Check under 07039. I still see it.

  • msrossdaboss

    Thanks Cindy for the match ups. My 1/02SS has .35Q for colgate that says DND AND STARTS WITH A “9”. So will it double or not? Also colgate toothpaste is .66 this week too.

    • D

      typically barcodes that start w/a ‘9’ will not double. 🙁 Sorry!

    • Stefani

      Barcodes starting with 9 will never double at the register, only barcodes that begin with 5 will double even when it says do not double. In those instances, only human intervention will prevent doubling.

    • Cindy

      ah okay I’ll update that. Thanks.

      I’m seeing the colgate Toothbrush. Is that what you are referring to?

  • lynn

    Looks like a great week, thanks for the matchups Cindy! I couldn’t print the Wishbone Q either… bummer!! We’re out of dressing!

  • Patti M

    Thanks Cindy! I’m especially excited for the McCormick spice deals this week! Also, FYI, I went to print another Chips Ahoy Q via that Facebook link and they’ve taken the coupon tab down.

    • Cindy

      Okay thanks, I’ll update that.

  • Shell

    Blue bunny ice cream is $2.50 and there’s a $1.00 off coupon making it $1.50 here:

    I don’t think my Shoprite will let me use more than one coupon though because they’ve been becoming more strict on coupons 🙁

    • D

      some of the Blue Bunny ice cream in my store had peelies on them… $1.25 off! 🙂

      • Lori

        the blue bunny coupon says “limit one coupon per purchase.” That may be why you can only use one at a time. They always beep at my Shoprite also when it has that wording.

      • Barbara A

        No peelies in my store…

  • Claire

    Hi Cindy,
    Just some updates for you.

    The Swiss Miss coupon in Jan ’11 All you is for pudding not hot cocoa mix. No peter pan coupon in All You Jan ’11.

    Blue Bunny Icecream is on sale 2 for $5. You can get a $1 off coupon on their website:

    Thanks for everything you do!

    • Karen

      There’s a Swiss Miss hot chocolate coupon AND a Swiss Miss pudding coupon in the All You Jan ’11. I know cause I cut them both. Store bought magazine, not by subscription. The Peter Pan coupon was also included. There was a thicker paper ConAgra Foods coupon insert stapled in the middle of the magazine.

    • Ashley B

      I didn’t see a Swiss Miss Q in my magazine, either. I only saw the pudding one.

  • cecilia

    searching for the peter pan coupon in the all you mag for this month, not seeing it…?

    • Cindy

      I think it might have been in the magazines that you pick up at Walmart. Sometimes they put some different coupons in those.

      • Melissa B.

        I have them. I bought mine at walmart. I also get one in the mail. It didn’t have them.

        • Karen

          I had the coupon in mine, bought it at the store since they sometimes carry coupons the ones you get by subscription don’t. There’s like a thicker paper ConAgra Foods coupon insert (and rebate!) stapled in the middle of the magazine.

          • cecilia

            thanks! I didnt know that they had diff coupons. apprec the help!

  • D

    Not sure if it’s in the ad or not, but the tags on the shelf in my store today said the Purina Catalina (Spend $30 get $30 in cats) runs thru the 22nd. (which is good, b/c my store was out of our type of dog food! LOL!)

  • Jen

    Hi Cindy,

    I have a question, I hope you can answer. I purchased the bc fruit snacks last week and received a catalina coupon. If I purchase four more fruit snacks tomorrow, will I get another catalina coupon?

    I look forward to your matchups every week and I thank you soooo much for saving me money. (My husband is thanking you more 🙂 )

    • Cindy

      Yes the catalina runs through the 23rd and they will roll.

  • kevin

    $1 off 4 Chef Michael wet dog food in SS 1/9/11
    With a liberal cashier allowing 9 q’s.
    Buy 36 @ .40
    $14.40 minus 9 $1/4 q’s
    Pay $5.40
    Get $30 “Purina” Catalinas

    With 4 same coupon limit.
    Pay $10.40 get $30 in “Purina” OYNO q’s

    • staceypunk

      This deal did not work for me because there were not enough flavors to get 36 cans (limit of 4 per variety). I have never seen shoprite be such a zoo. This was my first can can sale and it was so crazy and full of people. I will try to go one evening during the week and get as many michaael’s cans as I can at .40 each and then get some other purina items to reach the $30. So my OOP will be a bit higher but still a good deal.

  • Emmy

    No coupons left for Quaker at 07039 even though it shows up. Thanks Cindy for all your work!!

    • Cindy

      Hmm, that is weird that it is showing but not printing. Okay, I’ll update it. Thanks a bunch.

  • David

    Quaker coupon is back up!

    If there’s anyone who prefers organic foods like we do, Organic Valley has a 6-pack of brown eggs in our ShopRite circular for $2.39. If you google “Organic Valley coupons”… go on their website. They have a 75 cent coupon off ANY (code starts with a 5)… that’s half a dozen of organic [brown] eggs for $.89!

    • David

      ahem, ignore that please. I failed to try to print it before posting. Yep, there’s an “invalid subscription” issue still.

  • Jen

    Just noticed in my circular, (Monroe, NY), they will have the Johsnonville Breakfast Sausage for 2.99 and there is a .55 smartsource coupon (which doubles). Yay!

  • Tricia

    Cindy, I just have to say that the print feature is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much…it has saved me so much time! Thank you!!!

    • Cindy

      Your welcome. I’m so glad it makes it easier. 🙂

      • Patti M

        Yes! Yes! LOVE! Don’t think I’ve said thank you!

  • jannine

    I am trying to print another coupon for the Friskies cat food it tells me print limit reached..Anyone know any other site that has them or when they will reset??

  • Ruth

    I got back from a nightmarish trip to Shop Rite. I shopped by for a quick shopping trip but the checkout took 30 minutes at the shelf checkout. I did the Purina deal but my 4.00 off 4 Purina item coupon beeped and the cashier told me since the system was showing it as invalid coupon, she can’t approve it. This was a coupon cut out of a coupon book, not an internet coupon. I was in one my good moods today so I just told her to cancel the whole order.
    The cashier told me that they have a new coupon policy and they will enforce it which I told her it was great, knock herself out. I will just go to another ShopRite were they are more coupon friendly.

    • Chris

      Same happened to me with that $4/4 Beggin Strips coupon. The cashier said that this also happened the day before. I told them which SS insert I got them from. She put the coupons through but, not before one of the managers, who I knew checked the coupon against their fraudulent coupons and another person went in to the store owners office to get it approved. From what I was told they have been losing a lot of money to people who abuse coupons and some of the workers have been let go. They also don’t accept Walgreens RR anymore.

      • George

        The Purina $4.00 coupons off of Dog snacks, and the $2.00 coupons off the Cat treats do not work at my Shoprite either, They all had to be processed with overrides.

    • Julie

      I used the $4 off 4 coupon too. It beeped and the cashier also said it was showing up as an invalid coupon. She called a manager over and couldn’t do an override either. Then the manager said to make sure that she was putting her thumb over the correct side of the barcode, she was but she tried the wrong side, and it worked! Not sure what the thumb over the barcode thing was about, but I was happy that I got to use it.

      • George

        There are usually 2 barcodes at the bottom of a coupon, The cashier is supposed to cover 1 with their finger as not to confuse the scanner, Perhaps these were printed in the opposite manner, very interesting indeed, thats the same thing that happened to mine, They came up as invalid.

      • Julie

        Hi Julie:

        Having worked in the Red Plum/Valassis world for more years than I care to admit, I can tell you the barcode is the most important part of the coupon.

        There are two barcodes on every coupon, the old version barcode (shorter one) and the new version (the longer one). Cashiers will often cover up the new barcode (the longer one, often taking up two lines) so as to not confuse their computer systems, which are not able to process the information embedded in the new code yet.

        The couponing technology around the US is in the process of transitioning to only using the new longer barcode.

        The old, shorter barcodes are often used in coupon fraud because they do not contain all the necessary information to prevent the fraud, such as the expiration date or product specifics. A coupon might state $.50 off (2) 12oz. cans of veggies and expires on 1/9/11. You inadvertantly pick up (2) 8oz. cans of veggies on the 11th. The coupon will probably still go through because neither the expiration date nor the product size are embedded in that barcode. Unless, of course, the cashier reads the whole coupon, checks the sizes of your items against what is stated on the coupon, AND the expiration date; we all know how often they actually read the coupons.

        The new barcodes will prevent all different types of coupon fraud by having the expiration date, product size, quantity, region where it can be redeemed as well as lots of other pertinent information embedded directly into the code.

        Sorry for the long-winded reply, hope that clear it up some for you.

        Happy Shopping All!


        • Liz

          Thanks Julie – that is great information to know!

        • George

          Thanks for the great info, I have been watching this computer update for some time and quite frankly hope it takes another couple of years to complete, My son works for a high tech security company which does deal with coupon fraud and installs systems in stores, I am not concerned, because I cheat on coupon use, because I would never do that, What concerns me is what you stated above, which apparently is part of this new system. Manufacturers will have the ability to release coupons in only the regions they want to. My understanding is that (for example) if you try to use a coupon from a (lets say) California or Florida insert in a New Jersey store, Your coupon will beep and can be denied. I hope this day never comes.

          • Cindy

            Oh I hope that day never comes too. Especially since we never get the good coupons around NJ. I’ll be so bummed.

            • George

              I would be totally bummed out as well, But I look at it this way, My son tells me this is without a doubt going to happen. (he was just here) Actually the process is much further along then we think, However there are 2 positives, #1. He believes most stores in the interest of continuing business are not going to fully enforce this policy, Lets face it, if you have many dedicated long time customers, you are not going to alienate your customer base that uses coupons and force them to go elsewhere, Someone will be willing to take on all of us customers. #2. I am a business person and lets face it, Our stores are in business to make money. I think as long as the clearing houses, do not give the stores a problem, and they get reimbursed for the coupons , we should not have a problem. Lets try to be positive, even if this does occur, we will have to work harder to find great deals in our area, but thats OK, would it not make the deals that are found, that much better?

          • Julie

            Hi George:

            You are correct and my feelings mirror your own. Depending on the Manufacturer’s preferences, they will have the ability to target their coupons down to certain regions, states and even specific counties within a specific state. Here in CT, I get papers from two different counties because of the different coupon values, and believe me…the values can differ greatly even county to county. The day may come when I cannot redeem a New Haven County coupon in a Fairfield County store. I hope that day never comes as well lol.

            Keep your great posts coming George, I thoroughly enjoy reading how great you do at Shoprite!


  • anonymous

    The rice a roni b3g1 is also showing up but not printing 🙁

    • Cindy

      Something must be wrong with RedPlum tonight. I’ll check it in the morning again. Possibly they are resetting some coupons.

  • anonymous

    I hope so 🙂 Thanks for all you do Cindy… your site is the best!

  • Mathew

    I went to SR yesterday morning and did great…so excited after just following this blog for about 3 weeks now. I still have a ways to go to be as good as some of the other readers here but I spent $109.05 and SAVED $105.49! Was so giddy leaving the store.

    One question…are all coupons supposed to be doubled? and how do I check if they’re being doubled? On the bottom of the receipt where all the coupons are taken off, I see MC Scanned Coupon $0.55- then SC multiplied coupon $0.55-. I’m assuming that’s the coupon being doubled, but they don’t ALL have that 2nd line after it. For example, when I used my J&J baby lotion coupon I just see MC JJ baby Lot 1.00-. Did SR miss something? Or was this done correctly?

    Thank you so much for the help!

    • Cindy

      The coupons that are doubled are only those with a face value of $0.99. So if it’s a $1.00 coupon or more, that will not double. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Mathew

        ahhh, did not know that…thanks! Still getting the hang of all this and looking at my receipt to make sure all my deals went thru as intended. it would be great if under the coupons it said exactly what each coupon was for so that I could double check later!

        • Patti M

          Mathew…I agree, definitely a good idea to check the receipts! I used to do it when I got home and would find errors so now, everywhere and every time I ck the receipt before leaving the store. It only takes a few seconds and eliminates needless aggravation! 🙂

  • George

    Good Morning All,

    My notes from this morning,

    WOW, The Sara Lee Lunch meat I reported last week at $1.99 for a 10 ounce package is still on sale, $1.00 off coupons in this mornings Red Plum so only 99 cents each.

    I did do the Aqua Fresh Catalina as suggested by Cindy, It did work, just make sure you buy 4 of 1 variety and 2 of another variety.

    McCormick Black pepper is a money maker, Used 3@ .75 doubled off of the $1.99 Black Pepper = $1.47, There is a Cat between 01/02/2011 and 01/30/2011 for $1.50 off 2 and $2.50 off of 3 I do not think this Cat will work with the grinders, but I am going to try at the end of the week.

    The Excedrin deal has a bonus, I used the .75 cents doubled in today’s Smart Source and paid .24 cents per container, but in my store there is an additional box attached to the Back and Body variety which has 8 Tablets of Excedrin PM for free.

    Used the $6.00 coupon in today’s Smart source to score 2 free Motrins which are Price Plus for $2.95 each.

    My store is spitting out Catalina’s for a free 2 liter bottle of Sierra Mist like there is no tomorrow, I have received 4 in the last 3 days, Keep you eye out for them, I do not know what the trigger is as I have not purchased any other type of soda.

    There is, or was a Skinny Cow coupon printable for 50 cents on the Allyou exclusive coupons page, I printed it yesterday. I used it today to score Skinny Cow for 99 cents.

    Kikkomen Rice vineger is $1.69 and has a Hang tag on it for $1.00 off

    Inside of your Super Pretzel boxes are coupons for French’s mustard, You can get Yellow or Spicy Brown for free by using these coupons.

    The Sea Pack Shrimp is on sale for $5.49, There are $1.00 off coupons for Seapack, This is not the best price I have seen, but these things are awesome, There is also a coupon peelie on the outside for $1.00 off of 2 Hunts ketchups, You are not required to buy the Shrimp.

    Last, but not least, something very odd happened to me today, I am well known by all of the cashiers and by the front end managers, They all know I shop for the homeless and food banks, They also know I do not cheat on my coupons in any way, They however took all of my internet printed coupons today and checked each one against a counterfeit book, They were all good and were processed, just wanted to let you know that you may encounter this, I do not know if it is a new policy, or they just check people at random.

    Well until next week, I am so happy, The coupons are starting to roll again, The 2 week break is over, I will update on the Grinder deal, unless someone beats me to it.


    • hallie

      George, I had a similar experience last week where the cashier called over the front end manager and she compared ALL of my printed coupons to the ones in the book. I think I will try to head them off today and hand them over before I get in line for my order. I usually warn the people behind me that I have many coupons and they usually go to another line, but I’d rather not get any nasty looks today. Best of luck to you all.

      • George

        Yeah, I know that feeling, It took me 45 minutes to check out, partly because of this delay, The 2 people behind me were not very happy, Most of the time I get people who are shocked by my savings and engage me in conversation, I do a lot of teaching while I am on line, But today (if looks could kill) these people were not liking me.

    • Kristen

      Where / what zip code did you find the Skinny Cow on ALL You’s website ?

      • George

        Sorry, I did not keep track, so I do not know, I enter about 10 different zip codes in each IP site

      • George

        Wow, found it, They tricked me, Zip code 07866, its not in the beginning with the rest of the All you exclusive coupons, I just looked and its on page 19 on my screen.

    • Dana

      I saw that you once mentioned that you get coupons from Texas. Would you mind providing that supplier? We lost our supplier and are having trouble finding a reliable new one. Thanks!

      • George

        I order from Coupon Dede, Her link is on Cindy’s home page, about 1/2 way down on the right side.

        • Dana

          Thanks! I will let my friend know who actually does the ordering. 🙂

    • Melinda

      Did you find out if the McCormick CAT printed on the grinders? Does it work just on black pepper or on any spices? Also, is there a way to print ALL YOU coupons? I want to get some skinny cows for 99 cents! Thanks!

  • Patti M

    Over the last two weeks I think I’ve noticed an issue with my Do Not Double Qs. I’ve recently been stopping in a different SR than usual b/c it is closer to the Walgreens (which I have to go WAY out of my way to get to..two stops makes the trip more worthwhile). This SR is not doubling my “5” DND Qs. I am going to do an experiment and try to use one at my usual SR to see if it doubles. Happily, that location seems to ALWAYS double the DNDs. I’m wondering if it’s now company wide or if it’s just a policy at this one new SR I’m stopping in. Just FYI for the LRWC peeps.

    • George

      I have had the same problem, but it is hit or miss, For instance, I had the Nature Valley Granola bars and Betty Crocker Fruit IP’s the other day, The printed coupons from the inserts doubled, but the IP’s that stated DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE beeped and the cashier processed them at only 50 cents, Now this has happened to me occasionally in the past, when the cashier read the coupon and did not double it, but this is the 1st time I have had the coupons beep. By the same token, I have used other IP’s which state DO NOT DOUBLE or TRIPLE for other products and they have gone thru fine.

  • Michele

    @ Patti M
    My store has never doubled the DND 5’s. They are trained very good and check every coupon. I did get one flustered male cashier who missed the real goodness coupon. hehe

  • MillburnLaura

    Has anyone else found the 1.99 Sara Lee meats? I looked in my store last week and it wasnt marked donw; wonder if its a manager’s special at George’s store???

    • George

      It is labeled in the Rockaway store as a Managers special save $4.00 Price Plus regular $5.99 now only $1.99 after Price Plus.

      • Barbara A

        It wasn’t marked in my store either so I took it to the courtesy counter for a price check and they said that it was $5.99. I wonder if it would have made any difference if I used price plus card? I did find by the window to the meat department a manager’s special for LLoyd’s Barbeque chicken marked down to $1.49. Only bought 1 because I had never tasted it before. You know it actually was pretty bad but maybe someone else likes it. I think that is normally around $6. The expiration date is 1/31.

  • George

    Good Morning Again,

    I am back, as usual I forgot to report something.

    Besides the McCormick Pepper, I found 2 other Catalina’s

    Starting 01/14/2011

    Buy Kikkoman Marinades between 01/14/2011 and 02/26/2011 and save up to $2.00
    Buy 2 get $1.50
    Buy 3 get $2.00

    Starting 01/15/2011
    01/15/2011 thru 01/29/2011
    Buy 1 Tide and 1 Downy Get $2.00
    Buy 1 Tide, 1 Downy, and 1 Tide Stain release Get $5.00

  • Tammy

    Does anyone shop at any of the Shop-Rites in the philly area? I have found that they only double coupons to a $1.00, meaning that if you have a $.75 coupon for something the most they would take off is $1.00 not $1.50, which i also found at Pathmark as well..I went shopping at both stores this week and that is what happened, just wondered if anyone else in this area found the same thing…

    • Cindy

      Yes, the ShopRites in South Jersey and the Philly area are usually the stores that do not fully double.

      • Amazhon

        Delaware only doubles up to $1 at SR as well. Pathmark doubles .75 to 1.50. At least they used to. Things are changing so much.

    • D

      same in MD, too. .75=1.00

  • Christen

    This may be regional (Camden County) but I did not have the french’s or McCormick coupons listed. I did have a $1/3 general mills, so I will use that with the .55/1 Cheerios. Thanks for the match ups 🙂

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I am in East Coast NJ and I didn’t have the McCormick either. Bummer!

  • Diane R

    Just a reminder that the Progresso Soup $10/10 super coupon that was in last week’s circular doesn’t expire until Jan. 22. So if you didn’t get a chance to use it last week, it’s good for the entire run of the Can-Can sale.

    • Liz

      They printed the coupon again in their ad in this past weekend’s newspaper too.

  • p

    recently i’m having trouble with the bricks coupons. it brings me to a screen where you put in your zip and then hit enter. The next screen just shows an image of a monitor and printer but nothing seems to print. anyone ever have this happen? Thanks for all the help

    • hallie

      I don’t know if this helps, but I CAN’T print when using firefox. It just blips out. I have to reopen the window using explorer and then print.

      • Same here, never works in Firefox.

        • Jen

          Sometimes I have had trouble with brick coupons too and if you read the print there is an option to have the coupons mailed to you my snail mail, although I got mine in a couple days. Hope this helps.

      • D

        Have you updated your firefox? That’s all I use and I don’t usually have problems printing, unless I haven’t updated Firefox in a while…

  • andy

    Did anyone try Sinex for PG catalina deal Buy 3 Get $5 oyno with $4/1 in PG 12/26? It is not listed in the ad, but I recall it was included in at least one past PG catalina even though not listed

    • Cindy

      I’m hoping to find out the same thing. Would make them all free with the $4 coupon.

      • Aubrie Berneski

        Anyone try the Sinex yet?

        • kristy

          I tried today but I didn’t get a cat. I just wanted them becuase they were free with the coupon! 🙂

          • kristy

            Oh wait let me explain… they are 3.99 so they are free but no cat printed!

  • Mary

    Not sure if it was mentioned since I didn’t read all of the comments, but Johnsville breakfast sausage is 2.49 and there’s a .55/1 coup on Great price for it;)

  • hallie

    Bought two packages of Huggies and no cat. Did anyone else have the same experience? I’ll be emailing them now.

  • Katy

    I have another newbie question. What are SS and RP? I’m assuming they’re coupon inserts. Where do you find them? I’m in northern/central NJ (on the boarder between northern and central.) Thank you!

    • Cindy

      SS stands for SmartSource and RP stands for RedPlum. They are inserts that are in your Sunday Paper each week.

    • Liz

      If you look on the “binding” of the insert, they will also tell you the date and what kind of insert it is.
      ( – :

      • LizP

        You can get them in both the Star Ledger and the Courier News.

    • Rachel

      Hi Katy, I just wanted to let you know that I live in the same area, and I am never able to find Red Plum (RP) in the Star Ledger. That paper in our area only carries Smart Source (SS). But, the Courier News generally carries all the coupon inserts that are available for the week and is also the cheapest paper! Good luck!

  • Stefani


    I got the Star Ledger and did not see the Dole Crisp coupon. Do you have it in yours? I saw other Dole coupons for the fruit cups and frozen fruit.

    • Cindy

      No I didn’t get it either. But, I am just trying this new Clipping Service, and I was able to order them on Thursday. So, I’m hoping that I have them buy tomorrow and that the $0.75/1 will be in there.

  • anonymous

    Rice A Roni coupon still not printing 🙁

  • erika

    Nature valley granola bars dont seem to be on sale this week at my store, i justed checked the prices online. Did this happen to Anyone else ?

    • Victoria

      I have found that online prices are not always the same. It is always best to check the circular, or prepare to buy and check in store. HTH!

  • Lorie

    Cindy, i’m interested in the clipping service you posted, let us know!

    • Cindy

      I will. The prices were lower per insert but shipping was about the same as the other place I order from. I ordered Thursday, I received shipping notification on Thursday so I’m hoping they arrive tomorrow. I liked that I could order Sundays coupons on Thursday.

      • joanne

        i have used whole coupon inserts in the past, its a good service

      • Lisa

        I’ve used them before as well. Great service but shipping prices went through the roof!

      • Victoria

        I would love info about the service. Is there a post on your site? I checked, but not sure what it is listed under. I never get the the “good” redplum in my area, lol!!!! It would be great to be able to order a couple day ahead of time too!!! Thanks!@

        • Kristine

          Cindy, do the coupons usually arrive fairly quickly? I just used Coupon Dede for the first time (never bought coupons online before, but really really wanted the Mccormick ones) How long do they usually take to arrive? I ordered last night and already got the shipping confirmation this morning.

          • staceypunk

            When i use coupon dede and order on Sunday night, I usually get my coupons on Thursday or Friday. I am in NY.

            • Kristine

              Thanks…As long I get them in time to use them before the sale ends! I ordered some of the Dole Fruit Crisp and Perdue Chicken Nuggets (they work for the Nuggets on sale this week) today so hopefully I get them by Friday, I need to stock up on Chicken Nuggets, I used the ones out of my 4 papers, but I was completely out of Chicken Nuggets which isn’t good with two young boys in the house LOL!

          • Cindy

            Coupon Dede usually arrives pretty quickly. This is my first time using the other place so we will see how it goes.

          • giggleblue

            likewise! i ordered on sunday night, after pairing up all the sales prices and such. they came in thursday’s mail, even with the snow on wednesday. i was sure they would have been delayed, but no! great service! i was using another website, but i think i found a new home with dede.

    • Cindy

      I received my package today from Order this weekends inserts on Thursday and received them today so I’m pretty happy about that. The price was a little cheaper per insert then coupon dede but the shipping was about the same. I’ll be using them again for sure.

      And, the $0.75/1 Dole Crisps coupon was in there. Woohoo 🙂

  • Melissa

    As usual, thanks for this great list. This week was insane for some reason.

    If anyone is doing the weight watchers deal, they are also still running the buy two sweet cakes/cookies and get one free. This should not affect reaching the $20 total and my additional $1 off coupon came off. I did not even realize this until I was on my way home.

    As for the DND’s, I have not seen any changes at the Hoboken store. Though I tend to find they are much more coupon friendly than some other stores I see posted in forums.

  • Kelly

    can not find the Ritz coupon?

  • staceypunk

    My husband is quitting smoking again. We needed to get nicotine patches and I got more catalina’s than anticipated:
    bought 1 Nicoderm 14 mg 14 patches ($45.95) sale price $39.95
    used printable coupon for $15 off
    paid $24.95 (no tax, I though this sort of product would be taxed)
    got back one $5 catalina OYNO AND
    got back one $10 catalina OYNO!!!!
    That makes the final price $10 ($5 per week of patches- this is an awesome price!!!)
    In the flyer it is part of the live right catalina deal and I thought I would only get back $5 catalina. The deal says get $5 cat wyb $15, so I guess it went off of shelf and gave back $15 even though the fine print says you would only get one coupon.

    • Tell your husband good luck. I am now nine months smoke free so if I can do it so can he!

  • @Melissa, did you notice if the dove/degree deodorant was on sale? I’m headed there tonight or tomorrow and just want to make sure before I go, the website says no, thanks 🙂

    • Mathew

      me too! great deal with the coupon.

  • Never mind I found it 🙂 I don’t see the dove listed but i see the degree so i’ll look instore,

  • The progresso facebook page has the 1$ WYB 4 coupon if you didn’t get it in the circular (i didn’t) It just came in my pillsbury email 🙂

  • colleen

    Jello pudding is on sale for 2 for $5.00 there is a coupon jan 9th SS for a 1.00 off 1

  • Tamara

    You rock. THANK YOU for having this website.

  • there is also La Yogurt on sale this week for 10 for 2.90 and in this past weekend SS there is a coupon for $1.00 off 12

  • Irene S.

    We don’t have a “local” shoprite where I live, but there’s one about an hour drive. We were out and about and decided to go check it out. My OOP was $93 and I saved $122!!! I think I may have to visit more often! Does anyone know if the Shoprite’s in the Poconos double fully or only up to $1??

    • Sherry

      Hi! I recently relocated from northern NJ to the Pocono’s. Bill’s/ Shop-Rite in Mount Pocono’s does not double beyond $1. When I return to my favorite NJ Shop-Rites, I want to kiss their floors because I miss their value and selections so much!

      • Melissa B.

        The ones in Southern NJ only double to $1 also. I sometimes depending upon the coupons and deals travel to Hamilton, NJ about 45 minutes north of me. They fully double coupons. Wohoo!

  • does the pasta coupon only work for the quick cook one or for the regular kind too??

    • Anonymous

      It’s supposed to be just for the quick cook but it worked on the regular kind last week

      • Thanks ! I am going to give it a try !

  • Eileen

    Cindy, I didnt see this listed above but my shoprite circular has the progresso soup 10 for $10 super coupon again this week, they do require you buy all 10 even tho it doesnt say so on the coupon

    • Aileen

      Someone tried this deal last week… yes, you have to buy 10.

  • Eileen

    does anyone know if the lean cuisine market creations are included in the sale, it says any variety, but I am not sure, and i have coupons for those, anyone try it yet?

    • Kristine

      Yes it is

    • Patti M

      Hi Eileen – FYI the LC Market Creations are even less at Stop & Shop this week…6 for $10. My Stop & Shop flyer says that the Market Creations are excluded from the LC sale but when I checked in the store on Sunday they had the shelf sticker and rang up at 6 for $10 at the register. With the $1 on 2 Qs this is a super deal….if you feel like checking your S&S. I don’t eat a lot of frozen meals but I do love the chicken alfredo. Super Yummy! That’s the only one I buy so I can’t tell you about the other varieties.

  • Ruth

    Does anyone have the Shop Rite Coupon Policy?
    I guess the biggest thing is that only 4 of the same coupon can be used per day which is a bummer. Another thing that happened during my recent shopping trip is that I inadvertenly used a coupon for the Kellogs Breakfast Treats instead of the Kellogs cereal coupon and I kept receiving a message that a coupon didn’t match up and I couldn’t pay. I guess they changed their computer system and will enforce every single policy which is fine. They have great deals, good prices and it is shame that a few crooks who are not really couponers, will make the checkout process harder for the dedicated couponer now at ShopRite.

  • Dana

    I went to the Branchburg ShopRite today and the register gave me a really hard time about my progresso coupons. I had the 10 for $10 from the circular. I also had 2 internet coupons for $1 off 4 from facebook which I printed out twice. I also had the cellfire coupon. The register wouldn’t take them (or my Blue Diamond nuts coupon printed right off their website) so the cashier called a manager over. I thought the 2 women behind me wanted to kill me! The manager asked if my coupons were photocopied! I told him the truth – they were not! But I still felt like a criminal since they wouldn’t go through and had to be over-rided.

    • Lynn

      This week my ShopRite (Warminster PA) refused to take the French’s Mustard printable coupons because they did not have a website printed on them. I told the manager that I got them directly from the manufacturer’s website, but he politely told me that he couldn’t accept them. All SmartSource, RP, printables seems to be working just fine though. This has been the trend at my local store recently–they are very strict on the “it has to have a website” position right now. Also, my cellfires almost never work. Not sure why. Still got great deals though!

      • Ruth

        I try not to use internet coupons because it really aggravates me when the cashier or managers asks me if they were copied. Just because some people copy them, it doesn’t mean that every single shopper copies them. It is really to spot a copied coupon, if it is not a pdf and doesn’t have a watermark, it is copied.
        When I do print them, I try to always print them in color. Smart Source coupons are very easy to authenticate because they have the big S all over them.

        Sometimes when I am in a bad mood, I just can’t deal with rude cashiers or rude customers who make little comments while waiting in line behind me. I have turned around many of times and told them to just chill out. However, I will have a shirt made that says “Kiss my a…” on the back so I can wear it on my bad couponing days so I can take my jacket off and send a message to any rude customers behind me.

      • giggleblue

        i’ve noticed that cellfires print on the receipt right after the item, not in the coupons area. i thought my cellfire ones weren’t coming off, but they were. look just below the item on your receipt. it says CFIRE and then it will have -whatever in the price column.

  • renee a

    I was just at shoprite at certain excedrin 20 ct that are on sale for 1.74 had 1.00 off coupons on pack and some had a free8 ct excedrin pm on pack

  • Eleanor

    Has anyone else had trouble with the Blue Diamond internet coupons? My cashier said they weren’t scanning and I didn’t pursue it.

    • Dana

      Yes – I printed the coupon off fresh right before I left on my shopping trip. It didn’t want to scan through. The cashier had to get a manager to override it.

    • Julie

      Went to SR today and the BD almonds were top on my list. Printed out two internet coupons from the BD web site and both beeped. The manager did an override when she saw I had the right products. For some reason, the internet coupons from the BD website always beep. I’ve never bought almonds without the coupons and every single time it happens.

  • ppcoupon

    the reach coupon can be used here to score 2 free toothbrushes

  • Melinda

    Has anyone tried buying 5 Nestea 12 packs (part of the coke 5 for $10 sale) and gotten a Cat? I saw last week someone posted they got a $4.85 Cat when they bought 5 Nesteas. I might try it if it’s still working. Thanks!

  • Patti M

    Stopped at SR this AM and used a handful of IP Qs. No problems to report or new issues encountered at check out in Bergen County….so far.

  • I did the hoboken store last night. The cereal was pretty much wiped out, no Cinnamon Toast, no Wheaties, I was disappointed, However I managed to get the deodorant and fruit roll ups, but there was only Mens degree left, the coupon scanned with no problems. So I thought this morning I’d go back and try again for the cereal, it was still a bust, I did manage to get a green degree I think that’s for both men and women? it was the only 1, and another Mens. I also grabbed a package of ground turkey for din din tonight. I did get the pasta, but I bought the quick cook, I’m pretty new to couponing and didn’t want the embarrassment, which was undoubtedly going to happen… I think a few coupons didn’t come off, like the rice a roni, but I didn’t notice till i got home and now my receipt is off in la la land, as my son had a good ole time with it, and I know once you leave the store you can consider it gone. I tried so hard not to buy anything that wasn’t on my list last night and I still did it! It’s that dang baby aisle every single time!! Why would I buy gerber fruit twists when I have 4 boxes of betty crocker fruit snacks? I have no idea, but I returned them! $2.79 a box for 5 in the pack!!! that return just about paid for my deodorant and ground turkey.

    I had the car this morning, and I really wanted the cereal deal, I went up to Columbia Park, although 4 boxes is a lot of cereal for our household (just the 3 of us) I can’t pass up $2.40 which is what it cost me after the coupons. I did the wheaties printable, the cinnamon toast printable and cellfire, the honey nut cheerio’s cellfire combined with the 2$ off 2 cheerios printable, and I’m not sure if she took off for 2 bags or not or if they even offer that there. There was PLENTY of cereal up there 🙂 so if you normally shop in the Hoboken store head on up to Columbia park store, plus they have 3.5% sales tax 🙂

  • MillburnLaura

    Odd day. My cashier obsessed over every coupon, took FOREVER, and then when I got home I realized she missed a number of coupons. I was packing my bags and didnt watch them scan–about a $5 mistake. Im going to return the cereal and start over, since I have alot of those coupons, but Im out of luck on the others.

    I did find a $2.50 off coupon for Motrin PM right above the shelf. On sale for 1.79, and I got overage on the four I bought. I snagged extra coupons for my next trip.

    Apparently Im the market too often; manager wanted to know what I was making for dinner and what time he should come! BTW–Im defrosting my free turkey to cook tomorrow, since I figure Ill be home all day in the snow.

    • George

      Good Evening Laura,

      There is a way to prevent coupon misses, as you know from reading this post, sometimes I go to Shoprite anywhere from 2 to 6 times per week, depending on the sales, my coupon supply, and deals I am securing for donation. I alway plan my trips in several ways, but, I know what my total is supposed to be, when I check out, For example, I will always plan at least 2 trips, One is exclusively coupon items, So for example, I will use all of Cindy’s match ups and anything I can possibly find on my own to do my 1st coupon trip. I write them all down using the formula that most of us post in, I then know that when I check out, what my total is supposed to be . Lets say $4.27 after coupons, I do not go to the extreme of figuring taxes, But I know if my total is $4.56, I am close enough, If the total is $8.70 I know something is wrong.I can then correct on the spot. Either something scanned wrong or coupons were missed. I do not take any extra coupons with me, or do any impulse purchases on this trip. ( Yes even me, cannot resist a impulse purchase now and then) My 2nd trip would be a little more fluid, I might go back with coupons, that I saw unadvertised sales on, or to purchase meat, butter and bread, if I had no coupons for those items on a 2nd trip, This is the receipt I have to scrutinize, but I still generally know the final amount., but at least I do not have to worry about the 1st one.

      By the way, my turkey is also defrosting, Using some more of that Stove Top apple stuffing.

      • Cindy

        Too funny George. This is the EXACT way I do my shopping as well. One shopping trip is all coupons and I stick to my list and another shopping trip is a mix of coupons, meat, etc. Usually that is where I will use my catalinas to pay for items that don’t have coupon.

        • George

          Amazing isn’t it, I Love this method, I used to do 1 or 2 big trips, but things seem to get lost in the sauce, I love the smaller trips , that are more focused, plus you can really see the benefits of your work, and get instant satisfaction from this great thing we call couponing.

  • Gina

    Does anyone know if you can stack a catalina Q (ex: $1 off OJ) with a manufacturer’s Q? Thanks

    • Kurt

      If you get a $x.xx off Tropicana(example) catalina Q it’s still a manufacturer’s Q so no. But you can stack reward catalina’s with manufacturer Q’s.
      $1 off Purina catalina Q + $1 Sunday insert Q (or internet Q) = NO
      $5 off Purina Products catalina Q + $1 Sunday insert Q (or internet Q)= Yes
      (must be over a $6 product in this case)
      Well, that’s my experience anyway.

      • Gina

        Thanks so much Kurt. After reading you response, I looked at my Q & it says manufacturers Q ON IT (of course):) Next time, I’ll try to remove my head from my rear B4 I post a question. Thanks again!

  • MillburnLaura

    George–Thanks for the advice. I have sort of the same strategy, but its ordered backwards. My first shopping trip of the week is the fluid one (today’s); later in the week when my coupons come in the mail, I do a targeted follow-up trip. But I am not as precise as you are!!!!

    Also using my Stove Top stuffing. Sadly, the sage I bought for flavoring cost more than the turkey and stuffing combined!

    In case you cant tell, I shop to cook (and eat) ) :

    • George

      Good Morning,

      I do a 3rd trip in the same way I do the 1st trip after my ordered coupons arrive. This is a very exciting trip for me, because it is always 4 of each item and I find that these are my lowest cost orders, because I was able to order the exact coupons I wanted, and know its going to be an awesome trip.

      Your Sage comment got me thinking about something I have been meaning to post about spices and herbs. (By the way that sounds very good) Do you use fresh or packaged?

      I am an organic gardener and grow many herbs in my house over the winter, helps me kill the doldrums until I get in my dirt and compost in the spring. Many items are easy to grow on the window sill and it is very inexpensive to do so, You can buy a herb kit at Home Depot or even a Chia pet one will do, or you can grow from scratch. I regularly harvest Sage, Basil, Dill,Lavender, Chives, Thyme, and many others, I have little pots everywhere, Costs me about $20.00 over the course of the winter, Very inexpensive if you always find yourself buying fresh herbs (which are not that fresh in the produce department) And it makes the house look nice, nothing better than some greenery, especially on a day like today.

      However I am rambling,

      My other item I wanted to point out is that I noticed something very interesting in Shoprite, I am sure it is the same in other stores as well.
      My spice area in the store is mostly McCormick, with a new line of Simply Organics and some other off brands. There are sometimes coupons for McCormick and Simply Organics (in fact there are now) but even after coupons, most packaged spices cost a small fortune. My store has a Spanish food aisle which has Goya and many other brands, I discovered quite by accident that the herbs and spices in this aisle, are mostly the same spices and dried herbs as the big brand names and they are priced sometimes as low as 1/2 of the big brands and you get a larger package. Check it out, next time you need something for the pantry, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you will pay. I realize that some people are brand specific shoppers, but to me dried Dill seed is dried Dill seed. lol

      • Sherry

        I am overwhelmed by the coincidence in the timing of your post!

        Last evening, my first effort as a studied couponer, I was in Shop-Rite for close to two hours. (Hard work, this stuff!) I make a unique and fabulous carrot soup that requires a large amount of tarragon. I relocated from NJ to PA and have not been able to find good or affordable produce anywhere and no specialty herbs. My dried tarragon supply is low so I determined that I had no choice but to have to overpay for the gourmet brand available in Shop-Rite for almost $6.

        Later, in the Goya aisle, I located an equivalent-sized container of tarragon for less than two dollars and could not be more thrilled.

        As we’re speaking of herbs, when did large containers of cinnamon become costly??

        • George

          Wow, everyone we have a true karma herb and spice thing going on here, as much as Sherry finds my post overwhelming by the coincidence and did well, Dacia has also found the same scenario for spices in her store, I now go to 1 of my websites and 1 of the feature articles is growing Herbs in the winter on your windowsill, Check it out, if you have any interest. Now I am overwhelmed by these coincidences.

      • Dacia

        I’ve found this to be true also George. I’m in Cumberland County, South Jersey. But definitely check out the Latino foods aisle for cheaper spices!

      • Susan C. in NY

        That is a great tip George. I have seen the spices in the Spanish aisle but never looked closely enough to see that there are traditional ones as well as Spanish cuisine ones. I’m definitely going to check that out next time.

  • kristin

    made a quick trip to SR today for pedialyte, as my daughter has a stomach flu of some sort… I never bought pedialyte before so I just clipped the $1.50 coupons I found by looking in the coupon database and bought them. I bought 2 and they were a little over $5 each, and a $1.50 catalina coupon printed out, good on any future purchase. Obviously not a wonderful deal but if anyone else is in need of pedialyte very quickly as I was today, I guess it’s good to know a coupon prints. I was pleasantly surprised, and I wonder if it prints with just one purchase or 2 like I did.

    • Liz

      I hope she is better soon. Keep in mind, the bottles are to be disposed of within a few days after opening. And, take it from someone who has been there before, buy the lightest color fluids possible. They leave less of a mess on the carpet when they come back up! Good luck.

  • Laurie L

    Wow, you guys are great. Thanks for all the FYI’s and great posts. I’m new to the whole e-coupon thing. I just used cellfire last week for the first time. My shoprite just started taking them. I had to go to the service desk to figure out where to look for the discount and they didn’t even know what they were. The poor girl had to get the main manager to figure it out. Took 20 mins so I was’t pushing my luck with more questions and I had to get home. I have seen from the posts you can only use cellfire once in the order on one item but can you use it again on another shopping trip?

    • D

      Cellfire are one-time use coupons. I have found that sometimes they reset for me after a couple of days, and I was able to reload, but that was with Safeway (they no longer allow Cellfire…that was a SAD day!) but it’s one time use each time you load them. 🙂
      Also, a tip: I always print my Cellfire list and bring it to the store in case it doesn’t come off. (At my Shop Rite usually all my existing offers print on the bottom of the receipt so I usually save/bring my most recent one.)

  • Barb

    Can you use a manufacturer’s coupon AND cellfire on the same item, or will you only get credit for one of the cash-offs?

    • Cindy

      Yes you can use both. However, some it doesn’t work for some people and I’m not sure why. It has always worked for me.

  • MillburnLaura

    Im starting to wonder if the issue with the cellfire/manufacturer coupon combo isnt that only one coupon can attach to an item? I had no problem with the Progresso, of which I bought 10. But most of my other cellfires havent worked.

    • LizP

      I had the same problem at the Shop Rite in Branchburg. Cellfires didn’t get applied.

      • Jason

        Same here. Mine used to stack, not anymore.

  • Michelle

    In my store, East Hartford, CT , there was a coupon tear pad near the Excedrin PM for $2.50 off a 20ct box or higher and the 24ct box was on sale for 1.89 making it free. I did this deal 2 times yesterday, had forgotten something and had to run back later. On my first trip I got the overage on it, on my second I did not. Either way can’t complain about free 🙂

  • Laurie L

    Thanks everyone for your help with the Cellfire question 🙂
    FYI for the weight watchers deal just found a $0.55 printable for any cheese:

    • Melinda

      that link doesn’t work for me Laurie. It just says error when I click on it.

  • Laurie L

    try this it’s on the weight watcher website. click on foods and recipes then on the right click on all out cheese a link will appear on the side. heres the link to the page.

    • Melinda

      thanks. has anyone confirmed that the weight watchers catalina works with the bakery items too?

  • Anna

    I noticed that my Monroe, NY circular has Butterball Turkey sausage at $2.49 and Perdue fully cooked chicken cutlets at 2 for $5.00. I have $0.75 coupon for sausage so I will only pay $1.00 for it and also this week there were coupons for perdue chicken strips. I will try to use them for the cutlets. If the scaner doesn’t beep then I will also pay a $1.00 for each one.

  • Karen

    Cindy, is there a limit as to how many times per perhaps a certain time period (i.e. a year) you can use savings card coupons or Cellfire coupons? I’ve gotten the L’Oreal Go 360 Clean face wash before when it was on sale for which I had a savings card coupon and a paper coupon. Tried to get it again another time some time later when I was able to reload the savings card coupon and stacked it with a paper coupon and the savings card coupon didn’t come off. Not sure if I’d just gotten the deal just once or two times before. This information would be extremely helpful so that I am not losing money with an anticipated deal.

  • Susan C. in NY

    Does anyone know if Dr. Pepper are included in the Coke buy 5 for $10 deal this week?


    • Rob

      Yep. Got one yesterday. I think any Coke, Dr. Pepper, Barq’s, Nestea, Fanta, Seagrams Ginger Ale, Fresca, etc.

  • LizP

    Hi all – just got back from Shop Rite in Branchburg and am slightly light headed from all the great deals. I am set for cereal through 2012, I think, and I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy fruit snacks or granola bars ever again. I don’t do special coupon shops like George and some of you others do, but I saved 55% on my regular weekly shop and that is phenomenal for me. I was bummed that my Colgate toothpaste coupons didn’t double, but they did double a bunch of printed coupons that specifically said DO NOT DOUBLE (the 55 cent General Mills cereal coupons, for instance, which meant I got boxes for 40 cents each!), so I can’t complain. No beeping with any of my printables, by the way. The McCormick’s pepper catalina did print out for me, even tho there was no shelf sign at all for it.

    Thanks to all of you for all your insight and tips — I do love this site. It is so well organized and easy to use!!

  • Anna

    Can someone explain to me how to stock up coupons? Am I allowed to use catalina that they give me at the store with printable coupon?

  • Shannon

    I have a theory about the Cellfire and MQs…and I have nothing to back this up other my thoughts and I have tried to pay attention when I cash out in recent weeks at Shoprite…anyways, here’s what I noticed. The Cellfire coupons don’t stack with a MQ, but manytimes my MQ attaches to the wrong item, for instance I had the $0.50 MQ for Nature Valley, but when they scanned them they said another item (I can’t remember what right now) so that Cellfire coupon DID come off. Other times they just ring up “scanned coupon” and the Cellfire comes off. However, when the MQ attaches to the correct item, then the Cellfire doesn’t come off. So now you know my theory….it has taken me a while to test this, but the last few weeks it has seemed to hold true. Otherwise, who knows! 🙂

  • michelle

    I bought (3) mccormick pepper grinders and no catalina.

    • srfan

      I think the CAT is only on the Black Pepper Box, not the Grinders

  • I know the sale is almost over but there’s a $.75 coupon showing on the coffee mate site, and it should double making it $.49 ( i think i’m still new to this) but I went to their site today and there was the $.75 printable next to a $1.00 0f WYB 3.

  • Cortney

    I know the week is almost over, but just got back from Shop rite and had a couple updates. Inside the Aunt Jemina wafflles were coupons for $2 off 2 (notsure if the were in all of them, or I just lucky) for I picked up 6 boxes for $4. Also the exedrin PM was onsale for 1.89 and there was a coupon a couple weeks ago for $2.50 off and it went through with overage. Also, the Snack pack pudding was onsale for .88 with a coupon last week for .60 off of 3, making them .47 each (great for school lunches).