ShopRite: Weight Watchers Smart Ones As Low as $0.59 Starting 1/16

Starting on Sunday, 1/16, ShopRite has the Smart Ones Frozen Entrees on sale for only $0.99.  There are a few different coupons that are available.  You may want to print some now in case they are gone by Sunday.

$3.00/10 Smart Ones Printable Coupon
$4.00/10 Smart Ones Printable Coupon
$1.00/5  Smart Ones Printable Coupon
$2.00/8 Smart Ones Printable Coupon

The best coupon is the 4/$10.  Here is your deal:

Buy 10 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees $0.99
$4/$10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Printable Coupon
$0.59 each after coupon

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  • MillburnLaura

    Thanks. I am a big fan of their breakfast sandwich; two in a box, which brings it down to about 25 cents a breakfast!

  • Melinda

    thanks cindy. i’ve been meaning to ask…how do you know what the sales are next week? is there a way to view circulars for the following week? same thing with stores like rite aid. i’d love to know sales ahead of time. thanks!

    • Patti M

      Melinda, I find the Stop & Shop & Pathmark upcoming week’s circulars on their websites on Wed or Thurs each week for the upcoming week. CVS usually has the coming week’s circular avail on the website also by Thursday. Walgreens…I signed up for their e mails and get an e mail (I forget which day of the week) for a “sneak peek” at the coming week’s circular. I haven’t figured out SR or RA yet so I’ll be reading for those answers too! 🙂

      • Melinda

        thanks patti! reader lori let me know about which posts a whole month of circulars in advance. super cool!

    • Cindy

      You can get the Shoprite ads at your store on Thursdays. Just ask at customer service.

      • Suzanne

        Also, usually Fridays around noon, has the ads posted for the following week. Just select view the circular, and then once the current one appears, there is a link for ” View next week’s circular” right above the image.

  • lori b

    melinda: if you go on the website they post the months circular in advance so you can plan your trip!

  • Janet

    I saw the add for ShopRite, but it says limit – 4. So how can I use my 3.00 off 10 coupon if they only allow me to buy 4? Help! I’m new to coupon-ing. =)

    • Cindy

      It’s 4 per variety. So you will need to buy 3 different varieties.

      • Janet

        thanks again!!

  • Melinda

    thank you so much lori!!

  • alisa

    Janet, they mean 4 per variety…4 of 1 certain meal. so you can buy 10, but just watch how many you are purchasing per specific item. You can’t by 10 cheese pizzas; only up to 4. but then 2 pepperoni, one mushroom…like that.

    • Janet

      OH, i get it now. Thanks Ladies =)

  • Susan C. in NY

    Great deal and I will certainly stock up. I do wish they would include the Fruit Inspiration line even if they don’t put it quite as low as the others . I love the Sesame Chicken and it’s usually not included.

    Susan C. in NY

  • Kristine

    Oh man, I better start making some room in my freezer! Just in time for the start of my diet and exercise…these are great, not every day but some days!

  • Donna

    There is a $5/12 Q on that I THINK makes this a tiny bit better deal than the $4/10 Q… 59 cents each with the $4/10, 57.3 cents with the $5/12 Q. Heck, these are good… I can use both Qs ; )

    • Laurie

      only $1/5 coupon available. I stick a few of the $4/10 coupons that peeled off the boxes a while back. I need to stock up.

  • Kath

    I think I read in the add that the pizzas and breakfast items are not included. Did anyone else see this? I only glanced quickly at it last night.

  • audra

    it excludes: breakfast, dessert, pizza, fruit inspirations, bistro or anytime selections….whats left LOL