ShopRite: Yoplait Yogurt Catalina & Deal

Reader Chrissy just came back from Shoprite with some news on the Yoplait Yogurt.  It’s on sale this week for only $0.39 each.  Plus there is a $0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Coupon available.  And then you can also score a $2.00 catalina when you buy 20.  Here is your deal:

Buy 20 Yoplait Yogurt $0.39 each
-(3)$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt from the 11/14 GM
Pay: $5.40
Get a $2 catalina
$.0.17 each after coupon & catalina

Here are more coupons you can use:

UPDATE: Woohoo, and even better coupon thanks to reader Jennifer!  You can now get a $0.50/4 Yoplait Yogurt Printable Coupon.  Here is an updated deal:

Buy 20 Yoplait Yogurt $0.39 each
-(4)$0.50/4 Yoplait Yogurt
Pay: $3.80
Get a $2 Catalina
$0.10 each after coupons & catalina

These coupons are Do Not Double coupons but the code starts with a 5 which means that they will double automatically unless your store will not allow them to.

This coupon is a bricks coupon.  Just hit your back browser button to print 2 per computer.

**Always remember, you can not copy coupons as that is considered fraud!

(Thanks Chrissy & Jennifer!)

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  • Amanda S

    Thanks for the scenario! Also, there’s a $1/10 Yoplait coupon in today’s 1/2 GM insert if anyone doesn’t have the 11/14 GM insert.

  • Cassie

    The 40cents off 6 coupon that prints from does not say DND- so it should fully double wherever you go!

    • Karen

      THANK YOU Cassie 🙂 I was just going to use two $1/10 ones but having 3 $.40/6 ones that DOUBLE is SO much nicer 😀

      • Karen

        Although I would LIKE if they didn’t only print 2 coupons per page… guess beggars can’t be choosers 🙂

  • we bought the 20 yogurts but no catalina! boo!

    • Anonymous

      Same with me this afternoon…

  • Rebecca

    Same thing happened to me this afternoon…

    • Cindy

      Hmm, I wonder why she got it and no one else is. Very strange.

  • partyof5

    I played the game about 3 times before I realized I could print the coupon, lol. It was a fun game though.

  • eden

    I did get the $2 cat!!

  • Lori

    The sign was definately posted. I didn’t buy them today because they were all sold out of the full fat ones.

  • Lori

    I meant to say the Catalina sign for the $2.00 when you purchase 20.

  • Stefani

    Is it all varieties or only some that qualifies for the Cat?

  • andy

    OK, people buying 20 Yoplait please report which exact varieties you bought and whether you got the catalina

  • Don

    The $2 cat printed for me at the Parsippany, NJ store. I bought 20 of the fat free, 6 oz tubs. I used 5 of the 0.50 off 4 coupons (4 doubled, 1 didn’t) so the cost is only $0.065 each after Q and cat! What are the locations of the stores where the cat didn’t print?

  • Karen

    I got the $2 catalina (ShopRite of Bordentown, NJ)! Saw the catalina tag advertisement under only two different flavors each of two different kinds: Whips (orange cream and chocolate mousse?) and Thick & Creamy (strawberry and key lime pie), but since those are my husband’s favorite varieties, I just got 4 each of FIVE different flavors of those two varieties and I still got the catalina. Used 3 $.40/6 printable coupons from the coupon network that didn’t say ‘Do Not Double’ so all in all it was a pretty awesome deal.

    • andy

      Could you share the five flavors that you bought. Thanks

      • Karen

        Sure 🙂 Whips: 4 Key Lime Pie, 4 Strawberry, 4 Chocolate Mousse; Thick & Creamy: 4 Strawberry Banana & Key Lime Pie. Hope that helps! I think I’ll be getting more today myself. Gonna try getting 20 of the Lights and see what happens.

        • Karen

          Oops Thick & Creamy *4 Key Lime Pie

  • Martine

    I purchased different varieties but not the ones that had the sign underneath. I think that might be the problem. I am on the phone with shoprite and they told me that it was only for those 2 flavors (strawberry and key lime pie). She said it seems like they are trying to get rid of them.. Well I still got them 20 cents cheaper at 19 cents each.. Still not bad..

  • megh

    i got the $2 oyno .i purchased 3 flavors of thick n creamy low fat (strawberry,rasberry and key lime pie)

  • Allie

    I bought 28 of them today, all different flavors, no key lime though and got the CAT. I bought about 2-4 of each variety, blueberry, cherry, banana mix, etc.

  • Beth G.

    I got the cat in Flanders, NJ. I bought 20 of the light variety, strawberry, key lime pie, straw/banana, banana cream pie, van. and apple pie

  • ann

    how many coupons should i print sorry im new to this so i need alittle help thanks

  • Mimi

    I got the $2 cat, purchased flavors: french vanilla, blackberry pomegranate, and strawberry banana all in the original style!

  • Bernell

    I just went tonight and there were NO yoplait yogurts in site!!!!!LOL
    I’ll have to go back tomorrow morning or Saturday morning! And I just found out. Shoprite has a kids club for ages 3-6……they watch your kids for 1.5 hours while you shop, they have a WII, they make arts and crafts and do other activities………DID I SAY I LOVE SHOPRITE!!!

    • Sara



    It must have been only some stores as North Bergen had Cats but Palisades Park did not all week…..