Staples Multipurpose Paper Case (5,000 sheets) $1.20 After Rebate

Here is an even better deal then the Office Depot paper deal I posted yesterday.  You can use the 40% off Office Depot Printable Coupon to score a case of paper at Staples for only $1.20 after rebate.  This deal will only be good for today, 1/15.

Here is to get this deal:

Staples Multipurpose Paper case (item #513096) $46.99
-$18.79 with 40% off Office Depot Coupon
Pay: $28.20 + Tax
Submit for the $27 Staples Easy Rebate (will print out with receipt)
$1.20 after coupon & rebate.

You can submit for 2 rebates per household.

Note: You might want to call ahead to be sure that your Staples will accept the coupon.  Reader Lisanne called and they said her Staples would accept it.

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  • Suzanne

    I think Teachers ( or those with Staples Teacher Rewards cards) get 10 percent back in Staples Rewards when buying paper.

  • Just a heads up- I did this deal moments ago and had an issue. After completing the transaction with my 40% off Office Depot coupon, the cashier told me they couldn’t give me the Easy Rebate because that would be considered “Double Dipping”. She said that the 40% off acted as the Easy Rebate and that I could not receive it. (She was very nice about it) So I told her I understand that, but that I still paid for the paper. The manager eventually came over and said the same thing she did about double dipping. He was really nice and eventually let me have my Easy Rebate form. He said that he was going to take care of me. So it was a good ending, but there was some turbulence

    • Cindy

      Thanks Amy, good to know.

  • Frieda

    Staples Rewards? Is that a store card that you have to have in order for this deal to work?

    • Suzanne

      I do not think you need the card to get the deal to work, but it doesn’t hurt to have one. You earn points on staples purchases, and then earn a check every few months. You also can buy additional sale items ( with the teacher card) during those fabulous summer school supply sales — you can often purchase 20-25 of an item, instead of the limit of 5-10. Also, you earn $2 each in Staples Rewards for each ink cartridge you bring to Staples to recycle ( up to 10 per month) . ALSO, there are free type items … sale items, which you get back 80-100 percent of the item in Rewards.

  • Laurie

    I just did this no problem and not questions. They told me that they had just done the same transaction (with the paper). They adjusted down (manually) the price and the Rebate form still printed. I am sending my husband to get one more b/c it is a 2 per household limit.

  • Laura

    I just called my Staples and they don’t take competitor coupons.

  • Karen

    Just pulled it off without any problems.

  • Don

    Cindy, thanks for telling us about this great deal. Thankfully, I followed your advise about calling first because the first one I called (Parsippany) stated categorically that Staples does not take competitor’s coupons anymore (he stated that none of the stores will). Then I called the Denville store and they assured me that they will take the coupon. I completed the deal there and there was no problem. Great, now I can print coupons without worrying about running out of paper!

  • Leslie

    The Hackensack Staples cheerfully took this one. We were on our last ream of paper – perfect timing.

  • I wish I had read these comments before I drove over, however when I got there the final word from the manager was that they do take competitor coupons, but only the ones that are sent in the mail.

  • FYI: With respect to “double dipping”, I know they’re really careful about Staples Rewards and that, but didn’t think the rebates were affected. You can’t “roll” your Staples Reward coupons to buy more stuff that generates Staples Rewards. For example, Black Friday, I bought the remote control that was supposed to be “free after Staples Rewards”. However, since I paid for them with Staples rewards I got $0 on my next rewards cycle. I also didn’t get 100% of the battery rewards either 🙁 I’ve since re-read the policy and that’s what the policy says, so no grounds to fight it.

  • debbied

    iam very disappointed in staples pok ny will not accept office depot coupons at any time however office depot accepts theirs.

  • Margie

    My staples in zip 08734 took the competitor coupon very cheerfully. Thanks so much for posting this deal. I had just used my last pack of paper and needed to buy more. What a deal!