Target Toy Clearance Up To 75% Off

I have received a few emails already from some of you letting me know that you have already found toys at Target as much as 75% off.  So it looks like their toy clearance has started.  Some places may still have them at 50% off but it’s worth a look when you are at Target to see if your store has gotten to 75% off yet.

Let us know if what you are able to find at your store.

(Thanks Jen, Kenny & others!)

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  • Spanielmom

    I’m from central Pennsylvania and ours is on 30% off. I just checked this week.

  • kerri

    I went 2 days ago and it was still 30%. I went this morning and they were 75% 🙂 I filled up a cart and am super excited. I even scored 2 barbie video cameras for only $11.00 each 😉

    • kerri

      sorry forgot to say from south jersey 🙂

  • Jennifer K.

    I’m in West Chester, PA and the girl were hard at wor today scanning the clearance aisles to 75%! I picked up two Fur-Real Friends for some birthday parties we have coming up and a whole bunch of Kung Zu (spelling?) tubes and stuff for my son, who received some Kung Zu warriors in his stocking this year thanks to the sale and coupon at CVS! I’ll give them to him for Valentine’s Day and he’ll be so excited!

  • kevin

    Toms River, Nj had it ON!
    Delayed School openings I think helped. As soon as that bus came i flew over there.
    Got Princess Kitchen($15), Tangled Tower/Table Chairs($12) Ultimate Buzz Lightyear ($25), Imaginext Bigfoot ($21), Barbie Cruise ship ($10), Baby Changing, Bath, wood table ($25), a couple MP3 players for $6. Toy Story Action Links set ($19) A few other things. My things were falling off my cart.
    2 February birthdays for my littles girls will be awesome!
    And my wife got the clearance Dyson DC17 the other day, $112(reg $449)

  • Paige

    Manahawkin, NJ Target had not marked to 75% off as of this morning. I was bummed. I’ll check again tomorrow!

  • Kristy

    NC Targets marked them this morning. I was in my store when they were scanning the items and re-marking them around 10am. 3 whole aisles worth! I got a Step 2 shopping cart for $7.48 and the food set (Target brand) for $2.50! Putting it away for next year. Also the 150pc MegaBlocks in a bin for $7.48! Fun trip.

  • Megan

    In South Jersey (Deptford) the toys were mostly 75% (although some were still at 50%). Lots of lego sets available. I have little ones, so I got a Chuck Power Playyard for 5.74 and a little elephant shape sorter for 3.50.

    A woman that was working said that they went to 75% two days ago and there was a lot more, but a woman came and filled up 4 carts worth and had cleared a lot out.

  • Kari

    Thank you so much for the awesome tip!! I went to two Targets in CT last night and tonight and scored a bunch of great stuff. I got 2 electric blankets for $17.50 each(reg $35 each), a dirt devil vaccum for $10 (reg $40), a set of saucepans/dutch oven/frying pans $15 (reg $60), a kids tent for $7.50 (reg $30), a thomas the train set $10 (reg $40) and a bunch of small toys for 75% off (averaged $2-$3 each, reg $10-$12) . The shelves were pretty much cleared out for toys at both stores but I still did good.

  • friend

    Thanks for your post. I got a bunch of Toy Story 3 toys at my local target for 75% off. My question was, Is it still ok to give Toy Story 3 toys for birthdays this year, even though the movie released last year? Am not sure if I should keep them or return them. TIA.

  • Kerry

    Looking forward to the electric blankets going to 75% off—-hopefully this week!!! Fingers crossed. They are currently 50% ($35)off, but no one needs one here in TX—-I know it will keep us warm if we move back to NY! 🙂 Hoping they go on sale for 17.50 VERY Soon.