Walgreens Deals 1/9 – 1/15

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  • Julie

    I was able to use the BOGO with the $1 off however, every coupon beeped. The maxis pictured are not included with the 3 off wag coupon. It was a mess. The cashier rang all the coupons in wrong and I ended up paying 1.39 each for the pads when they should have been free. This is why I steer clear of walgreens. The coupons never work properly for me. Special K deal was good though.

    • Patti M

      Julie, you are NOT alone! I DREAD going to Walgreens and only do so when it’s going to be a really good deal. So tired of dealing with all the aggravation there. I did go this AM and could not use the $1 Stayfree Q at but thankfully the two Purpose $1 mfr Qs and the BOGO Stayfree along with their in-ad Stayfree went thru OK.

  • Emily

    Aww, i’m really sad. I just bought 3 papers, and I didn’t get a single good coupon. I didn’t get the 6 off 2 motrin, which i needed for rite aid, or the bogo free stayfree up to $6, which I really needed, because with a family of mostly girls, we always fun out. I was gonna stock up, but now I can’t. 🙁 If anyone has any, could you please email me at ann.martine68 at gmail dot com.
    Thanks a ton.

    • Patti M

      Emily, do you have a access to a printer? Check Cindy’s post this week for Rite Aid, there’s a link for a printable Stayfree BOGO. Hope that helps a little.

      • Emily

        It’s only up to $3 though. 🙁 I printed that one already.

        • yes the coupon is up to $3 but the pads are only $2.50 this week@ rite aid 2/$5 the coupon will take off the $2.50 deal: buy 4 stay free use 2 bogo =$5.00 thats $1.25 each and if you did not use the $1 coupons from watching the rite aid videos the you can use them making the deal buy 4 stayfree use 2 bogo coupons and 3 $1 off vv coupons total $2.00 plus tax. good luck happy shopping 🙂

    • Ruth

      If your area doesn’t have good coupons insert, eBay has coupons for sale and if you need particular ones, it ends up being cheaper than buying papers. Depending on how hot the coupon is, you can buy 20 coupons for $2.00-3.00 which is a good price.

  • Ana

    I went to walgreens this morning and the cashier gave me a hard time because I didn’t hand the store coupons first. Then he voided the whole transaction and was going to start again. I would have had to pay the toothbrushes and pads at a regular sale price even with my coupons so I said nevermind and took my coupons. I drove over to Rite Aid right across the street.

    • Ruth

      Anytime, I run into one of these overzealous, smart a.. cashiers, I just tell them to void the whole thing and keep the stuff. I’m doing them a favor by shopping there so if they don’t want the business, there are plenty of other Walgreens or Rite Aids who do.

  • Donna Z.

    Can anyone help me on deciding which Stayfree Maxi Pads coupons to use? I am seeing mixed reviews when people go to check out at Walgreens. I don’t have a Rite Aid in my area.

    • Patti M

      Donna, I got mine at WG this AM. Here’s what I did:
      2 pckgs Stayfree 32ct Ultra Thin @ $6.79 each
      Used one $3 in-ad Walgreens Q which took $3 off each pckg (ttl -$6)
      Used one mfr Stayfree B1G1F from insert (not the internet print) valued at up to $6.
      Total transaction: purchase total = $13.68 – $6 in WG Qs, – $6 mfr Q = $1.58 OOP or $.79cents/pckg.
      It’s not free but I can live with $.79/pckg!
      Good luck in what you decide to do!

      • Donna Z.

        THANK YOU….this helps out a lot!! 🙂

  • Becky

    I got my Stayfree at Rite Aid this morning for free since you could use the buy one get one free coupon plus the $1 off coupon. However, I did score 4 of the Lysol electric hand soap machines for $1.99 ($2.71 after tax) each which I am super excited about. Along with the free Go Kids gummy vitamins. It was a great day at Rite Aid and a good day at Walgreens this morning.

  • Amanda
  • alison

    buy 4 and use $2/1 in ad coupon ($8 will be deducted)
    and use (2) B1G1 Select Reach Toothbrushes, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 10/10/10)
    and use (1) $2/2 Reach Toothbrush printable Coupon or from here
    Free + Money Maker after coupons.
    Note: You will need other items in your cart in order to cover the overage. Plus be sure to hand over the in ad coupons first.


  • Kelly

    Stayfree $1/1 did not work with the BOGO 🙁 Still a good price

  • Purvi

    Walgreens is always a mess. It always depends on what cashier I get. I did not even bother trying Reach toothbrush deal. With Bic pens somehow internet printed coupons did not beep but one from newspaper did beep and cashier did not take it. Technically they can adjust the price down but somehow they never do it. Rite aid and shoprite are very coupon friendly so usually i do my most shopping over there.