1 Insert In This Weekends Paper

There will be 1 insert in this weekend’s paper.

  • 1 RedPlum

You can check out the Sunday Preview for a complete list of the coupons that will be available. Remember this list may not be the exact coupons you will receive in your inserts as they do change from region to region and even from newspaper to newspaper.

You can head over here to check out the inserts that may be in your local newspaper

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  • Fury

    boo 1 insert

  • Cindy V

    got the red plum insert in Thursday’s paper (with all the coupons on your list)… so this means there is none coming for me in the Sunday?? (I have a Thursday/Sunday Star Ledger sub)

  • pat

    No coupons here in Matawan, booooo.

  • Mal

    So happy that the Purex $3.00 Q is in there. I love the sheets last spring got 8 boxes for little or no money and it lasted months. For me this worth getting the paper.

    • Anonymous

      I love the Purex sheets but decided to stop using them a few months ago. My friends washer or dryer was broken because of using these sheets. I would check it out before you possibly get stuck in the same situation. It was something about them getting into the drum (pretty sure it was the washer) and the guy who came to check it out had mentioned he was having a lot of business due to these sheets. It might be worth it to check it out.

  • hey cindy – just fyi, you wrote “1 inserts” a couple times 😉