3 Inserts In This Weekends Paper

There will be 3 inserts in this weekend’s paper.
  • 1 SmartSource
  • 1 RedPlum
  • 1 General Mills

You can check out the Sunday Preview for a complete list of the coupons that will be available. Remember this list may not be the exact coupons you will receive in your inserts as they do change from region to region and even from newspaper to newspaper.

You can head over here to check out the inserts that may be in your local newsapapers

To learn how to get started go to the beginners section here.

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  • Rebecca

    Frustrated!! I just went to 3 different stores for my papers. NONE of them had General Mills inserts. Anyone in South Jersey find them in their papers? Going to try again in a little bit when the grocery store opens.

    • Rebecca

      I gave up. went to 5 stores and only SS and RP inserts. Very disappointed. Oh well!

  • Eva

    I’m in South Jersey and i got only SS, no RP and no General Mill. sad.

  • Rebecca

    My mom got the general mills in the Courier Post that was delivered. Haven’t heard of it anywhere else around. It is sad 🙁 lol

  • Lisa C

    I am in central Jersey and I got the GM in the Sunday Star Ledger that I get delivered, I lucked out because there were 2 General Mills and 1 Smart Source in there!!

  • Maddy

    No luck here for the GM insert..ohh well, what are the coupons inside of the GM??? thank you..