A&P and Pathmark: List of 32 Stores Closing

Some of you may have heard that there will be 32 more store closings for Pathmark, A&P, Superfresh & Waldbaums.  The closings will take place in NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD & CT.  They are expected to close by the end of April 2011.  Here is a list of the 32 store that will be closing:

  • 5380 Pathmark Bethlehem, PA
  • 5377 Superfresh Lionville, PA
  • 6281 Pathmark Livingston, NJ
  • 3698 A&P Flanders, NJ
  • 3309 Waldbaums Valley Stream, NY
  • 5493 Superfresh Hammonton, NJ
  • 2540 Pathmark Glasgow, DE
  • 6287 Pathmark Whippany, NJ
  • 3125 A&P Camel, NY
  • 5476 Superfresh Cape May, NJ
  • 9614 A&P Greenburgh, NY
  • 5460 Superfresh Mt. Holly, NJ
  • 3155 Pathmark North Hackensack, NJ
  • 6539 Pathmark Deptford, NJ
  • 3810 A&P Bamegat, NJ
  • 3425 Pathmark South Plainfield, NJ
  • 7246 A&P Portchester, NY
  • 3413 A&P Manville, NJ
  • 6577 Pathmark Middletown, NJ
  • 6437 Pathmark Gillette, NJ Location
  • 7638 Waldbaums Farmingdale, NJ
  • 5404 Superfresh East Windsor, NJ
  • 5258 Superfresh Yardley, PA
  • 6668 Pathmark Brooklyn, NY
  • 6620 Pathmark Commack, NY
  • 2892 Superfresh Ocean City, MD
  • 3198 A&P New Rochelle, NY
  • 3523 Food Basics Bridgeport, CT
  • 6440 Pathmark Hillsborough, NJ
  • 7278 Waldbaums Smithtown, NY
  • 5420 Superfresh Hamilton Twp, NJ
  • 6294 Pathmark Hartsdale, NY

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  • Paige

    I wish that it surprised me. The Barnegat, NJ store is in really bad shape. I hate going in there. The only restroom is on the second floor (no elevator)…hello?…can you say American’s With Disabilies Act??? Too bad for competetion for sales though and the folks in the area employed there.

    • Denise Ewan

      i agree with you on the Barnegat A&P.. i won’t even go in there… i got ice cream a while back and when i got it home and went to use it , it was all crystalized on top, when i took it back, the customer service girl said that the freezers were down for a few days… u think they would have thrown that stuff out then… the stores a mess.. has been for LONG time…

    • Eileen

      I agree totally, I REFUSE to go in there, I have 3 kids, one is a baby, and not only is the bathroom up a narrow flight of stairs but you have to go into the warehouse portion of the store to get to it.

      it is the only supermarket I have ever gone into that has on more than one occasion been out of WHOLE MILK, completely out of it…

      they dont remove expired items from the shelf, I have brought armloads of expired merchandise to customer service….

      I have since sworn them off, I dont even look at the flyer, it goes directly in the trash, not even a “FREE” deal can get me to walk into that store

      Im kinda glad to hear it is closing (NOT SURPRISED AT ALL) maybe they will put a useful store in its place

      • Eileen

        I was also referring to barnegat, and honestly I would have contacted corporate long ago to complain, but in my experience most A&P stores are trash, even the one in MARLBORO, is gross, the isle that has health and beauty items has smelled like vomit for YEARS, and the only reason I am ever in that store is when I am visiting my mom and she wants to run in there for an item or two…

  • Kath

    I really feel badly for all the people who will be unemployed because of these closings. It is such a very difficult economy. On top of that, with stores closing there is less competition between area stores, and less competition means the existing stores don’t have to fight so hard for your dollars. Not good for any of us. We can only hope that the empty store will be taken over by new ones.

  • Lauren B.

    My Pathmark is closing and it’s been there less than two years! It was clean. I’m bummed. Not sure where I’ll head??
    Perhaps Shop-Rite. Must be good if Cindy shops there, right?? 🙂 Unfortunately, the closest one is crowded and creeps me out- I think they have carpet in there!

  • E

    I love pathmark. I will miss.

  • Jennifer

    I’m seriously bummed about the Pathmark closing in Livingston. It is super close to my work, and I always go there on lunch hour to get my deals. It wasn’t the cleanest store, so I’m not surprised, but it is still disappointing. I wonder if they will have a going out of business sale, or just move the inventory to a store that is staying open?

    • Cindy

      You and me both. Even the one in Whippany is closing. Such a bummer. Not sure what they will put in there. Since you work close by, you might want to know they are putting a Margaritas Restaurant at the Rt 10 circle.

      • Jennifer

        That is funny – I just read about the Margarita’s opening there! I’m excited – I don’t know anything about it since it is the first one in New Jersey, but I’ll definately give it a try :0) I do pass by Pathmark in Parsippany on my way home, but it isn’t as convenient, really. I’ll only head there if there is a super good sale (like the cereal deal last week ;0)

  • Anonymous

    Is it bad that I’m disappointed that the SuperFresh in Marlton NJ is not on this list? The dairy and produce is anythiing but fresh and the people that work there are just miserable. And they’ve worked there forever. I would hate for anyone to lose their job but that is a sad sad store.

    • kathy

      Ha! I laughed out loud when I read your post! When I lived in Marlton I shopped there once, and only once! It was dirty and they were not coupon friendly. I thought the same thing when the list was posted. How does that store stay in business???? I feel the same way about the Genuardi’s in Cherry Hill.

  • Leslie Gottlieb

    Do you know which Pathmark is North Hackensack? There are two in Hackensack? Sadly Shoprite will own North Jersey for shopping.

    • john

      should close all the pathmarks there robbing the people and screwed there 1262 members shop in shop rite

  • Tom

    Sadly, I think most of the empty stores will sit empty for a while.

    The A&P in East Brunswick, the Pathmark on Route 1 in North Brunswick, and the A&P on 35 in Woodbridge closed during the first round and they are still empty as of today. Not good for the workers, the economy, the consumers and the local towns.

  • Lorraine

    Sad to see Pathmark of Middletown, NJ closing. This store was here almost 30 years. I know a lot of the employees who work there. Where will they go now? What a shame. I have noticed lately that every time I went there, the store hardly had any customers. It was practically empty.

  • Emily Head

    The superfresh in Hammonton is right by me and I am not the least bit surprised that it is closing as its prices are significantly higher than the Shop Rite across the street

  • Stacey

    I’m sad to see my SuperFresh in Cape May Court House Closing. I like to go there while at the shore, but it really had hardcore competition with Acme just across the street. AND Nothing can compare to the business that Shoprite in Rio Grande is doing…even closed a brand new Stop and Shop inside of a year!

  • Bree

    Went I went to PM in the next town over for the cereal deal a week or two ago, there was a union rep. outside handing out flyers asking customers not to shop there. They are closing NJ’s major AP/PM warehouse [I forget the town but it’s near the shore] so I knew then it wasn’t a good sign.

    Right now the Kearny PM, where I shop, will stay open but I really don’t know for how long. While SR across the street was an absolute madhouse during the holidays, PM was almost empty – literally. PM has pretty good deals every now and again but their prices are much, much higher than SR. Sadly, I guess PM just can’t keep up.

  • LizP

    Wish they would close the A&P in Pluckemin (Bedminster). I would never go in there to shop. That would be a great location for a Trader Joe’s.

    • AprilM

      I went into the Bedminister A&P not too long ago, definitely a one time trip. It was disgusting, the store is so small and people there can’t stand their job. If anyone should close I would have chosen that one.

  • Denielle

    The Pathmark in Whippany is the only convenient to me since its close to work and they closed the one in Randolph off Rt. 10 a year ago which was close to home. The old Pathmark on Rt. 10 still sits empty and that shopping center is slowly becoming a store graveyard since Blockbuster just closed as well. So sad.

  • Donna

    Oh no!

  • keira

    I was just going to bed and wanted to check out some coupon deals and this just ruined my day 🙁 delaware glasgow Pathmark NOOOOOOooooo :(….

  • Rachel

    there are 2 A&Ps near me…. the clean nice one is closing and the dirty gross mini one is staying open 🙁

  • Vivian

    with these stores closing, hopefully the focus will turn to improving the stores that will remain open. I am a Shoprite girl all the way and only run into Pathmark to take advantage of the match up savings for items I use. The Pathmark by me is not on the list of stores that will be closing, but boy could it use improvement – 150% – it’s pretty gross in there most of the time

  • Hillsborough Pathmark only went in maybe 7 or 8 years ago — Still pretty clean and nice employees. And many of us appreciated that it was not as crowded as the ShopRite. But yes, once A&P bought out Pathmark, the non-sale prices shot up and it’s been harder to shop there ever since. If any big chains should have been closed in Hillsborough, it’s the Kmart and the Stop & Shop…

    • AprilM

      The Hillsborough Shoprite is ridiculous! I went in there a few years ago and they are behind the times! Using bells to call for a front end manager because they don’t have phones or a light??? Hello???? The PM in Hillsborough was nice but a little pricey. Although the sales were decent at times. Sad to see it go but I’m sure something will go in there since it is a nice shopping center.

  • margie

    Middletown nj pm is a good store and the employees are really nice. When stores close it is the little guys that get hurt and the economy of the area suffers. So sad!

  • Angie

    So sad that PM in Gillette is on the list! They just opened up a big, fancy new A&P in New Providence, but 1) parking there is horrible and 2) everything is significantly more expensive there. Such a shame, because the PM is in a shopping center with so many other great stores that I only went to because they were conveniently located near where I was grocery shopping. I can’t believe PM is closing, but there are TWO Kings on the same road only a couple of miles apart that are horrible but manage to get enough business to stay open.

  • Bill

    Its a shame that some of these stores stay open. The amount of Meat, juice, milk and other foods that get trashed is horrific

  • Diane

    I’m also bummed about Pathmark in Gillette and you’re right about the A&P in New Providence. Although Pathmark is not my favorite store, which is the ever awesome ShopRite in Flemington, Pathmark has some items that are hard to find. (Some HABA, no salt, and natural food items) Since finding LRWC, I started going there again for the match ups and found that they weren’t so bad.
    I feel badly for all of the employees in that are effected by these closings.

  • Jose

    There should be a customer referendum on the stores slated for closing. The Pathmark in Gillette has awesome folks working there, so helpful and courteous. I used to shop at the Dewey Meadows A&P but stopped once A&P acquired PM due to the price differentials primarily. The pricing and friendly atmosphere made for a premium draw. A significant consumer advantage at Pathmark! Yet, the A&P will remain open. Obviously consumers are not on the radar for the company…er, were they ever?…anyhow shame on A&P corporate for their mismanagement. Consumers will find alternatives; the workers may not have any!

  • Tabitha

    I’m happy that they’re not closing the Pathmark by me (East Brunswick). It’s pretty clean and I like the fact that I can move around in there, unlike the Spotswood Shoprite that’s got a crappy parking lot and is super crowded all the time! I keep my fingers crossed that they never close my Pathmark.

  • Karen

    The Pathmark in Gillette wasn’t that great. The Wegmans going in will be a nice change.

  • Anonymous

    Pathmark was a good place until a&p bought them and jacked the prices up never shop there again