A&P and Superfresh Match Ups 2/4 – 2/10

Here are some highlights at A&P and Superfresh this week.  The match ups are actually done off of the A&P circular for North Jersey but most sale items are the same for Superfresh.  However, just be sure to check your circular to check your own prices.  Coupons are shown doubled up to $.99.

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:
  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.

Click the link below to see the entire A&P/Superfresh Match Ups for this week and to create your own shopping list.

If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click onto the site be able to print your list.


Most Catalinas are based on the shelf price of the item when calculating the price. Please be sure to check your shelf prices as they may vary from the ones listed here. The deals shown are only suggestions to get you started. These deals have not been confirmed so you may want to check back in the comments to see if anyone has been successful doing them.

Unilever: Buy $15 Get $4 Catalina


NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email ncsc@catalinamarketing.com.

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  • Jenni

    I’m confused. In the Suave Catalina deal you have listed, the pre-coupon, non-sale price total is only $12.94 and you need $15 to get the catalina. You’d need to buy a couple more deodorants or another body wash to hit $15.

    • Cindy

      Hmm I thought I corrected that last night. Let me correct it again.

  • andy

    Is Pathmark GM catalina Buy $30 Get $8 going on at A&P?

  • andy

    How much is Perdue skinless breast on bogo?

  • Deanna

    Caress printable no longer available : (

  • Beth G.

    Does anyone know if the Caress Tahitian Renewal or Cashmere Luxury included in the sale? I only have one insert from that week and I am trying to put together the best deal. If they are included that would give me 2 $.75 off Q’s.

    • Lori

      My store didn’t even carry the Tahitian or Cashmere ones (in CT), but I’ve found them at other stores before.

  • Susan

    Hi, I just wanted to add that if you load the A&P coupons off their website onto your card, there is a coupon for Tide 36 oz Stain Release. Then there is also a $3 coupon in the latest P&G insert. It sells for $5.99 in my store. I tried it yesterday, worked like a charm – free Tide!

  • Alaina

    Hi there I am new at this and want to make sure I understand this right, to get a catalina deal do you have to spend $15 pre sale price or sale price?

    • Cindy

      Pre sale price. Make sure to check the tags in your store as prices may be different from store to store.