Buy With Me: Free $10 Credit = $30 Free Tea from California Tea House

You can get a free $10 credit at Buy With Me (a Daily Deal Site).   This offer is through Discover so you must use this link to get the $10 credit.

Then, you can use your credit to purchase a $30 California Tea House certificate which is on sale today for $10 (found at Philadelphia).  Shipping is free.

This will most likely go quickly.  I just did this myself so as of my posting, this was available.

This post was a Hot Deal that was sent out via Text Message Alert. If you missed this deal, be sure to sign up for Text Message Alerts. You can find out more info here.

(Thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • Bree

    Woohoo – just put my order in … hope it goes through OK!

    BTW the text message alert it awesome; I was just about to go back to bed! I’ll always skip sleep for a good deal ;oD

  • Yolli

    I got it! Thanks for the text msg alert.

  • Julie

    Awesome… thank you! I just got it.

  • Julie

    For those of you that did this, did you get a confirmation email? I did not, nor do I see it in my account on the buy with me site, but my $10 credit is gone from my account!

    • Julie

      Never mind! Just showed up in my account. I guess patience is not my best virtue….

  • Purvi

    Cindy, I signed up. How do I find the deal you mentioned above?

    • Cindy

      Choose Philadelphia, then more deals

  • karen

    I did it and didn’t get an email yet.

    Can I refer friends with my personal link and have them do the same thing…get the free $10 credit and the GC for tea?

    • Cindy

      I believe this credit is just being offered by using the link I provided. It seems to be sponsored by Discover.

      • karen

        ok thank you!

  • Melinda

    Was this just for yesterday?

    • Cindy

      I just posted it this morning.

      • Melinda

        Oh sorry…I thought it was a post from late last night. Cindy, I signed up for your text alerts and it worked fine the 1st day or two, but the last one I got was the Valentine’s Day card one. Maybe mine are just delayed? Was this the only one you’ve sent since the Vday card deal?

        • Cindy

          No there were 2 more yesterday. Downy & the Glade Candle.

    • Melinda

      Nevermind…I just got it!

  • Stephanie M

    I got it and it worked but so far no email. Is that the norm ? Any of you got an email confirmation ?
    Thanks Cindy. Awesome deal 🙂

  • sarah

    I just got it too 🙂 Thanks so much for everything you do!

  • Michele

    Just got it, too — thanks!

  • stacey

    I bought the deal but how do i get the tea? Help 🙂

    • Cindy

      Go to Philadelphia. Click on more deals.

    • Julie

      go right to to buy the teas

  • Lori

    Does anyone have any favorites they order from this company? Thanks

  • sharlene

    I wanted to see the kinds of tea they have, and I can’t get on to Is anyone else having this problem.

    • Julie

      Yes, probably everyone that got the deal is checking it out!

  • justyna

    Did any one received a confirmation email?

  • jennifer

    @sharlene I got to their home page once, but it looks like they’ve taken it down now. Probably got slammed!

  • Anya

    Says sold out 🙁 Darn!

  • Rachel

    it does say sold out, but on mine it also said the credit would not be applied until a few days AFTER your first purchase… not sure if that is a change or not…

  • dawn

    I jusr received an email my order was cancelled, they oversold and did not lnow until later, not happy with this company, they should honor what they sold.

    • stacey

      Same with me! How disappointing! credit still hasn’t showed up.

  • Kate

    Got the credit and placed the order with California Tea but just got this email from them:
    “We are deeply sorry to have to cancel your order at this time. We have been informed by BuyWithMe that many codes that they sent us were what they are calling ‘invalid’ and they will not honor the vouchers, therefore we have no choice but to cancel these orders.”

    Not cool!

  • karen

    Is anyone else having an issue finding teas that they want in stock? I have picked out about 6 different teas and they all say sold out. I have tried 2 times and I keep getting the same message.