Entertainment Books Only $11.55 Each Shipped

I have been waiting for another great deal for the Entertainment Book.  And, here it is.

They are currently $14 with Free Shipping.  But, what makes it even better, is that Shop at Home has a Valentine’s Special where they have increased the cash back to 45%.

So, here is your deal.

  • Head over Shop at Home and sign in/register
  • Click on the “Valentine’s Day Coupons” tab on the upper right. Then click on “Valentine’s Day Coupons Extra Cash Back Event” and scroll down till you see Entertainment Book.  Click there.
  • Find your local area book and place in your cart.  Price will be $21.
  • Pay: $21.00
  • Get 45% cash back in your Shop at Home Account.
  • $11.55 per book after cash back
  • Also if you are new to Shop at Home, you will also get $5 back making it only $6.55.

FYI: Note: For those that are interested in the ShopRite coupons, they do have the ShopRite coupons in the North Jersey/Essex, Morris County and South Jersey additions.  There are 3 – $5 off $50 coupons that are still available to use.

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  • marisa

    The shoprite coupons aren’t listed at all in the morris book under store listing a-z??

    • Cindy

      They are not listed online but they are in there.

      • marisa


    • Jessica G

      i looked at one in store (south jersey) specifically for the shoprite – not listed but they were right in the beginning in full page spread.

  • Jessica G

    Cindy -do the other 3 Qs expire each month? I know the first one went till 1/29. Im trying to figure out if I buy 2 books will I be able to use 2 a month before they expire. THANKS.. i missed the great black friday deals and Im gonna get em now!

    • Each coupon is good for 3 months.

      • Jessica G

        thanks.. I go 4 times a month (or more) so I can def get 3 books and use them up!! AWESOME!

  • The Philadelphia North book also has the ShopRite coupons in it. 🙂

    • Claire

      How many of the Shoprite coupons are still not expired as of Aug 1st? Are they all 5 off 50?

  • Jeremy

    Where does it list the extra $6.55 cash back if you are new to shopathome? i do not see it? Thanks

    • Cindy

      it’s 45% cash back. So, you pay $21 ($35 – $14 sale price). Then you get 45% cash back on the $21 which is $9.45 making it $11.55. Then if you are new to shop at home, you also get $5 cash back making the final price $6.55 after the cash back. the cash back gets put into your Shop at Home account.

      • stacey

        We were confused because it says we get back $6.55. But that’s the final cost if we are new. Thanks!

        • Cindy

          Oops, yes you are right. I missed a whole little section there.

  • Anonymous

    The Shoprite coupons ARE in the Central NJ version too. They don’t show up online, but they are in the book.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I don’t get this. They say that the books are $14 through Valentines Day, but they go in the cart for $21. What am I missing? Thanks

    • Cindy

      It’s $14 off. The original price is $35 so then it’s $21. Then you get 45% cash back which is $9.45, so after the cash back, it’s only $11.55.

  • Rachel

    just a reminder that Shopathome requires a $20 balance to redeem your check… sometimes that can be annoying

  • Jeremy

    Thank you Cindy. One more question too. How new does your account have to be? I just signed up a couple days ago.

  • Jodi

    How long does it take for the cash back to show up in your account? I ordered the book through the Shop at Home link and it is not showing up in the account.

    • Lynn

      Jodi, I ordered the Entertainment book two days ago, but my account balance hasn’t changed yet either. I’m new to Shop at Home, so like you, I don’t know how long it takes for the money to show up in my account. Fingers crossed! If anyone can comment on how long the process takes, I would really appreciate it! Also, does anyone know how many ShopRite coupons are in each book?

      • Jodi


        Thanks for replying. I am new to Shop at Home too. I keep checking the account and it is not showing up.

        • Cindy

          They are not as quick as Ebates. It may take up to a week for your credit to appear.

  • Jodi

    Thanks Cindy!