Free 50 Recyclebank Points for New Members

Well, the Recyclebank just got even better.  Now, if you are new to Recyclebank, you can earn a Free 50 Recyclebank Points.  Make sure you click on the “Saw us on TV” link on the right.

Plus, as I posted earlier, there are some great coupons at reduced points.

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  • Jennifer K.

    I’m not new, but I still got the 50 points for signing in through the TV link.

  • Aileen C

    I’m not that new

    • Aileen C

      oops… was trying to say – I’m not that new to Recycle Bank (signed up a couple months ago) and was able to get the 50 points.

  • Laurie M.

    Ditto – you don’t have to be new. Found this through the offers tab and got the 50 points.

  • Fury

    recyclebank website is working at a crawling speed tonight , anyone else notice an issue?

    • CJ

      It was way slow yesterday around 6pm when I tried. It kept dropping the connection and I didnt think I got the coupon but it was in my email this morning. I wish though that the site had said the Kashi is a printable coupon before I ordered it. Some of my stores wont take a printable for over half of the item’s price.

  • Lily

    Kashi coupon was gone!

    • Lori

      It’s listed under HOT deals

  • Emmy

    I signed up and they told me I had to wait for my confirmation email. It never came, it’s been like 12 hours. Told me to check my junk mail account. I have NO CLUE where my junk mail account is (seriously). Anyone know how I can contact them other than calling New York? I just feel silly bothering them about this by phone…lol. Thanks for any help~

    • Jean

      Emmy, your junk mail folder is normally called “SPAM” look for a folder named that

  • Stefani

    the coupon is back. Go print!

  • Angela E

    I tried to print and was told I can only make one order per week!! (I ordered them LAST week when they were 50 points). Oh well, I’m not getting any more Kashi products this week. Tried for a 2nd dollar days deal but my store limits one deal per customer. I was able to get all 8 offers this week. Just can’t double up, unless I get another card…hmmmm

    Does anyone know how often these “hot deals” come around?

  • An

    here is my referal link if anyone wants. thanks (I used someone else’s on this site to sign up)

  • julie

    What is up with ReCycleBank web site?
    I can’t sign in and I am a member!
    Anyone else having this problem?
    I am recycling and I want to access my points.
    This is a new PROBLEM.
    Someone please respond.