Free Coupon Books from P&G Everyday Solutions at 12pm EST ($110 value)

UPDATE:  Try this direct link for the P&G Coupon Book.  It worked perfectly for me.

Head over  to the P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook Page.  They are giving away a limited number of P&G Coupon Books with a value of $110.  Starts at 12 pm EST

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  • Patti M

    I sure hope this isn’t the same Q book they just made me buy $50 worth of products to get. :/

    • Larrina

      It will probably be the same or pretty similar

      • Patti M

        Well that just sux that the world can get it for not buying anything now. I feel an e mail coming on….

        • Jody

          From the picture, it looks exactly like the coupon book that we got after spending $50 on their products.

          • Patti M

            I just e mailed corporate about this.

  • Carson

    Got in just in time, and after reloading the page(s) about a billion and half time, I finally got one. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Kath

    UGH! So frustrating. Can’t get through. “Service not available”

  • Em

    Yeah, that was twenty minutes of my life I will never get back. I appreciate the giveaway but it was poorly organized.

  • Jody

    I’m not sure if I got one. I got to the sign in page-I logged in with my P&G login-then it took me to the page to confirm my address. After confirming the info, I got a service unavailable message. When I attempted to try again, it told me my info was already entered, so hopefully I will get one. I love P&G products and saving money on them!

  • Rachel

    this would be awesome! I hope it goes through… its being REALLY slow

  • Liz
  • Larrina

    WOOHOOO! Just got mine…. I still have mine from “purchasing” $50 worth of P&G products but they are almost gone so I am excited to get a new one! Thanks for the info on this giveaway Cindy!!

  • Cheryl

    Thanks Cindy. My book is on its way!

  • Jay

    When I did it, it said “This email is already signed up for our offers.”

    Yay, that was worth their hype and connection problems :/

    • Aileen

      That probably just means you have to log in – your email address is already registered with them.

      • Jay

        No, that was the result of logging in… Oh well. Guess that means they’re already sending me the book? (I did fill out that form with $50 worth of purchases to get a book that hasn’t arrived yet.. Sounds like it’s the same book, except for people who click a facebook link. Might not be getting them a lot of goodwill from those who made purchases for this!)

  • Kath

    Thanks for the direct link, Cindy!

    I was in CVS this morning, and the cashier as well as a few other customers were astonished with my deals. I wrote down the LRWC website address for five different people!

  • Debbie

    Thank you, I got one!

  • Michele F

    I too was a little miffed that they did this after so many of us saved receipts and sent them in to get the coupon booklet. I got mine though. I might write the company also.

  • Yolli

    Got mine! Thanks

  • Marnie

    Awesome. They never sent me my book, so hopefully I get this one.

  • Anonymous

    I know some people might be alittle frustrated about spending $50 to get the same exact coupon book but if you look at it from a business perspective it kinda makes sense. All of us who follow Cindy’s amazing blog use their monthly coupons along with store rewards programs to get their products for little of nothing and we do the rebates. I am sure this is their way of trying to branch off and get others to try their products. They are limiting the amount that they are giving away so it’s not like every person is going to get one. I didn’t spend a penny to get my first one and am very happy to be receiving a new one. P&G have some of the best deals and it seems like they want more people to take advantage of them. Yay for free coupons! (And of course Cindy to tell us where to use them 🙂 )

    • Liz

      I agree 100%. 🙂

      • Patti M

        In my view, then everyone should get it for free. I would never have spent $50 to get the coupon book if I knew 3 weeks later I could get it for only clicking a link.

  • wayne

    I wonder if it was because it was so messed up earlier i tried it 5 minutes ago and it said my book was going to be sent. Hopefully it really is. I also hope it is better than the last thing I got from P&G it was supposed to have great samples and coupons it had three samples and only 1 coupon for $1.00 off a laundry detergent.

  • Shannon

    I just entered my information (FB is blocked at work) and it says it’s on the way….so apparently it’s still available!…

  • Jenny

    I bet they had these left over from the promotion, so instead of throwing them away they gave them away. I didn’t even have to work to spend the 50.00 for the original book anyway. They might as well pass it on to others.

    • evonne

      yup got mine in the mail today, its the same one