Giveaway Offer P&G Everyday Solutions on 2/7

Tomorrow, 2/7, P&G will be having some sort of giveaway on the P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook Page.  There is no indication as to what the giveaway is or what time.  All that is posted is the following:

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  • mandee

    Ok this is off topic but I just got a new imac and wanna print out some coupons i down loaded the coupon printed from and now for red plum it states I need to enable cookies hmmmm thats they problem I don’t know how to do that on a mac, please help!!! ty

  • CJ

    Hi Mandee,
    In your web browser, I’m using Safari. Go under the Safari pull down menu to Preferences and change your preferences to “Accept cookies”. Hope this helps!

  • Dawn

    Wishing they would have give a time frame on this… waiting now and could be waiting all day!!!! GEEZE!