Giveaway Winners: Truvia Natural Sweetener

::The winners of the Truvia Giveaway are:

  • Comment: Diane says I sweeten my tea with equal but I am looking for something better and wanted to try truvia.
  • Comment: JJ says I do, and I love Truvia! 
  • Comment: Aileen says I sweeten my coffee with two sugars. Nothing in my tea. (this is a different Aileen!! LOL!) 
  • Comment: Francesca says Right now I am using Suncrystals which I do not like at all! Tastes too much like Splenda. I would love to try another alternative! 
  • Comment: Amy says I’ve never tried this brand,it would be nice to get a nice sized sample!! Thank you for the giveaway!! 
  • Comment: Darcie says i cant use sugar sine having gastic bypass in ja 2010 i would love to try this
  • Comment: Amy F. says I love to sweeten my coffee with low calorie sweetener. I would love to try Truvia. I have seen it advertised often, but have never tried it.
  • Comment: Lorri says I prefer my tea and coffee unsweetened, but I use Truvia in my oatmeal, pancakes and homemade deserts. Truvia is the only sweetener that I use now….so much healthier than sugar and chemicals! 
  • Comment: Becky V. says I am diabetic so it’s important that I use sugar-free products.
  • Comment: Deborah R. says I use Truvia in my tea every morning, but it also makes the best lemonade ever! Easy recipe: Use the juice from 7 lemons (or Minute Maid frozen real lemon juice = approx. 7.5 – 8 oz.), add 4 cups of cold water and 16-18 packets of Truvia sweetener, to taste. The faint touch of flavoring (vanilla) in the Truvia adds an interesting new twist to old fashioned lemonade! Yum!

All of the winners have been contacted via email.

Thanks to everyone for entering.

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  • Aileen

    Oh man, I thought I won for a minute! I might need to start using my last initial too!