Johnson & Johnson Coupons Have Reset – More Free at Rite Aid

Oh yay!  All of the Johnson & Johnson Coupons have reset today.  So, make sure you head over and print more coupons.

Don’t forget the Rite Aid deal this week where you can get Free Johnson & Johnson Products:

Desitin , Johnson Baby Care or Cotton Swabs – $2.99
Get a $2 UP wyb 1
use coupons from above
as low as free after coupon & UP

(Thanks bucktownbargains!)

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  • Jean

    Awesome! This must have been in the past couple of hours because I tried it this morning and it was a no go!

  • brittany

    if i went and bought one bottle with the manufacturer coupon and my video values coupons would it give me the $2 UP so i could go back and do it again and agian? Ive never tried coupons at rite aid before

    • erika

      Yes it would brittany. Using a coupon on a item doesnt effect the Ups that are suppose to print. And so far theres no limit you can purchase more than 1 J&J item at a time and still receive all the ups. Just make sure your purchase the items that are on sale. (The detangling spray isnt on sale even though its 15 oz) I been purchase from different rite aids in my area 4 bottles at a time, so i dont clear any one store out. And each time i get my $8 in ups back. And i use the ups from the previous transaction to pay for the next transaction so all i pay is about $.97 in tax each time

  • kristin

    so happy these reset. these are great for baby gift baskets. i tried printing this morning and was really upset to see there were none left! heading to rite aid tonight to stock up!

  • Mary

    Sooooo happy about this too. I had to go to 2 store tonight to find anything left but I was fortunate enough to get 12 items (left some behind). It will be a gift to a friend and a donation to the Baby Bundles program.

    • olya

      which coupon should I use for cotton swabs?

      • Sandy


        I was looking at the Q-tips as well but none of these coupons are designed for them. I bought 4 of them on Sunday and paid the .99 after $2 UPR. Still a good deal.

        • Mary

          There’s a .40/1? coupon in the 2/6 insert I believe. I know for sure I have one, but the exact date I don’t recall. If I have time, I will look it up.

          • Mary

            Nevermind, they were Qtips..sorry..

  • Renee

    I used all my coupons except for the Desitin and Bed Time Bath/Lotion because my Rite Aid was out of those items. The manager gave me a rain check so that I would be able to get the items for 99 cents and be able to use my coupons to get them for free the next time their shipment comes in. They gave me enough rain checks to cover all my coupons. Great Shopping day!

    • Rachel

      Thanks for that… do you think most managers would do something like that? Many times in the past (pre-blog reading days!) I would let items go just because they were out of stock. May be next time if something is out, I will try asking the manager to do the same for me 🙂

  • olya

    I got it!!! thank you, Sandy!!

  • Alaina

    I bought 9 shampoos and got 9 $2UP I want to go back today and buy the huggies diapers that are on sale and use my up rewards, what is the best way to do it? Can I use more then one UP at a time and should I do separate transactions?

  • can I say I love you! Especially now. My 2 coworkers just gave birth today and my neighbor is pregnant and due in July. I’m making 2 baskets to bring to my coworkers and will be saving some bottles for my neighbor. THANK YOU!

    • Cindy

      You can say it 🙂 🙂