Kraft First Taste: Possible Free Philadelphia Cooking Creme

Woohoo!  You might want to check your Kraft First Taste accounts.  I had an offer in mine for a FREE package of the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

Now, if you didn’t get the freebie in your account, don’t forget that there is still a $1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme Printable available.  I know it’s not the same as free but you can score a pretty good deal with that high value coupon.

(thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • Laurie M.

    I can’t print bricks coupons at work. I have something, but not sure if it’s free or just a coupon. Will have to wait until I get home!

    • Laurie M.

      Well, looks like after checking out the picture you posted, that I just have a discount as mine did not say FREE 🙁
      I haven’t gotten anything from Kraft First Taste for a while….

  • Sharon Ivanauskas

    Got mine, thanks so much for the heads up!

  • Patty

    I ‘only’ got the$1.50 coupon, not the free one. Maybe it was influenced by my answers to the survey questions? (I was allready registered with Kraft but had to do a separate survey thing to join Kraft First Taste.)

  • Emmy

    Thank you so much got a Free one!! 🙂

  • Melissa B.

    I have no idea what it is influenced by. I have never received a free product (been a member for almost a year.) I have been trying to figure it out, but it may just be random. I do however get good coupon offers.

  • meredith

    didn’t get free, but got $1.50 off. but that’s okay harris teeter has super doubles starting to day so i will get it for free at the store! been wanting to try it, but it’s been $3.19 at ht.

  • Julie

    I got the free one… woohoo! Now I just have to figure out what this stuff really is…!

  • JulieR

    Thanks Cindy! I just signed up and it said they’d be sending me a coupon for a free package. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Meg

    Thanks for the heads up! Got a free one too! 🙂

  • Mal

    I love this stuff. I put it on pizza instead of red sauce. Or put it on pasta. Very good.

  • Beth

    I can’t get the site to load up. I keep getting an error. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      me too!!!!

    • Beth

      The site finally loaded for me. And I got the free coupon! Yay!!!

  • Patty

    I think it may have been my answers to the survey questions. Most of mine were ‘somewhat agree’ . I guess that sounds wishy washy to a product marketer. They probably don’t want to waste their free coupons on someone who they don’t consider a ‘strong influencer’…..or maybe it IS all random but I doubt it;-)

  • Joanie S

    Thanks! Got my freebee!

  • Jennifer K.

    I have always had trouble with the kraft website. I try to log in using the information I registered with and it says that it’s not correct. I click on “forgot username/password” and it says it emailed me and I never get the emails. I try signing up again using a different email address and it takes me around in circles. *sigh*

  • cheryl manna

    Woo Hoo!!! More free food,,, thanks.

  • Leslie

    I got the free one (first time of getting anything free from Kraft) so Thank you. I already had coupons and my Meijer had them marked down so I thought I would give them a try instead of waiting. It was delicious!!! My family cleaned their plates! Enjoy everyone!!!

  • Marnie

    I am so exciting. Been wanting to try this!!! I barely can wait 5-8 weeks, but for free, anyone can wait.