Kraft Foods & Mambo Sprouts Coupon Books

I had posted in the Reader Tips & Deals about some of the coupon books that are available at ShopRite.  I was able to find 2 of them and I wanted you to see what you are looking for.  The Kraft Book is not limited to just ShopRite so you might want to check your own stores to see if you can find it there as well.

The Kraft Book Includes the following coupons:

$0.55/1 Koolaid
$0.55 kraft may/miracle whip
$0.55 oscar meyer dogs/cold cuts
$0.55 oscar meyer bacon
$0.75 any nabisco cookie/ cracker
$0.55 kraft singles
$0.55 philly cream cheese
$1.00 maxwell house coffee
$0.55/2 kraft mac and cheese
$0.55 bullseye bbq or kraft bbq sauce

And the Mambo Sprout book contains a $0.75/1 Santa Cruz coupon.  These are still $1.50 at ShopRite so more Free Santa Cruz

(Thanks again to Kevin for the heads up on these books!)

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  • Glen

    Are these usually located at the customer service area?

    • Cindy

      Each store is different. I did find mine at the customer service area. Some stores have them in displays around the store.

  • liz

    i looked at 2 stores this weekend and can’t find the mambo sprouts.

    i did hit the jackpot with the kraft booklets and picked up 4. i went back the next day and they were all gone. each register had a stack of them at the end.

  • mandee

    I found them at the reg, when I was bagging my items. The service desk had no clue what I was talking about when I asked them.

  • Melissa

    I asked customer service at my shoprite if they had any of the kraft books and they said they had handed them out to all their customers at the checkout lane when they got them in… bummer! I apparently shopped on the wrong day! 🙁

  • Benee

    Has anybody found these in a SJ store?

  • Benee

    Sorry Im looking for the Kraft books, found plenty of the mambo sprouts books in the Marlton and Medford stores.

  • Lisa

    I saw a SR worker holding a Mambo Sprouts booklet a few days ago, but I was so focused on checking out my groceries that I completely forgot to ask about it afterwards. A few days later, I looked around the store (Princeton/Lawrenceville), but didn’t find anything with coupons in it. I don’t think the Kraft Food booklet was ever available (?). In fact, as much as I love that store, they never seem to have any coupon booklets available. As for the Mambo Sprouts, I will check with my local health food store today because there is where I usually pick up a couple every month. I was under the impression, though, that they were planning to stop issuing them in the print version and only keep them online, so I guess I haven’t looked for them lately.

  • Lisa C

    I found plenty of Mambo Sprouts, no luck in finding the Kraft books 🙁

  • mandee

    I just found the craft book in stop & shop, BUT 🙁 not as good coupons 🙁 like $1 off 2 kraft cream cheese not that good oh well guess i will have to go to another town to check there shop rite’s.

  • DRay

    Kroger in Dallas,TX had the coupon books, but they where all gone.
    People please just take one coupon book and don’t be so greedy.

    Mambo Sprouts coupon books are at natural food stores like,Whole Foods,Sprouts,Sun Flowers etc.