Meal for 9 Including Dessert: $5.00 – Using Coupons: Priceless!

I received this email from reader Laura and LOVED it.  She had family over for dinner tonight and cooked up a great and inexpensive meal.  It’s so fun to break it down and figure out exactly how much you spent on the meal.

This is something that we do in our house almost every night at dinner.  I figure it out and make everyone guess.  Now they just start with $1.00 because they figure it’s got to be low.

What was so great about Laura’s meal was that she feed 9 people and even included desert.  Here is what she said:

My extended family unexpectedly came for dinner tonight…9 of us for dinner. Final cost–about $5.

2 boxes of Ronzoni pasta .40(2)$0.80
2 jars Classico sauce .80(2)$1.60
2 lbs ground turkey for meatballs $0.58
green beans from costco–maybe $2.00

add in some parmesian cheese, garlic, onions and olive oil…a box of brownies for dessert $0.20

(I’m not counting the cost of the wine!)

This is the reason I’m shopping with coupons!

How awesome is that!!   That comes to $0.55 per person.

Do you calculate the cost of your meals each night?  What’s the lowest you’ve spent on a meal (including meat)?

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  • Allie

    Thanks for the post! We’re expecing 13 people this weekend and instead of making a more costly meatlof, I think I’ll do spaghetti and meatballs (thanks to the $0.27 boxes of pasta and cheap ground turkey on sale this week!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Rachel

    well, this is definitely not the lowest, but it made me happy, so I’ll share 🙂

    a few nights ago I was making pasta for dinner and added in some pureed broccoli and asparagus. (I add in pureed veggies to make the sauce healthier and you can barely notice) anyway, I wasting thinking and dumped the whole thing in (about a pound!) and didnt like the flavor. So I started adding more things… diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, jarred pasta sauce, chicken stock… I ended up making a TON of sauce and thought to myself… well, there went the cheap dinner. So, I stopped and added up all I spent for everything I added in and including the whole grain pasta and ground beef I used it was still under $3 for everything!! Made me not feel so bad about have enough sauce for the neighborhood! (and neither my husband or my 2 yr old noticed the large amounts of veggies in the sauce) score for healthy cheap meals!

  • Patti M

    Love this!!