My Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip

This week, ShopRite shoppers are getting in some Extreme Couponing for sure.  I am loving these Dollar Day Deals.  I did this in 2 transactions today because I wanted to get the Free Milk Catalinas and use them and the overage for my next trip.  However, they would not let me use more then one at a time.  So, I’ll just have to go back.  Which is fine by me because they were out of the Glad Wrap.

Here is what I did.

Transaction #1:

4 Cheerios
4 Total
4 Golden Grahams
4 Progresso Soups
3 Dole Fruit Jars
3 Dole Fruit Cups

-(2)$1/2 Cheerios
-(4)$0.75/1 Golden Grahams (some doubled and some didn’t)
-(4)$0.50/1 Total
-$0.75/1 Total Cellfire
-(1)$1/4 Progresso
-$0.50 Progresso Cellfire
-$0.40 Cellfire from the Happy Hour
-(3)$0.75/1 Dole Fruit Jars
-(3)$0.50/1 Dole Fruit Bowls
-$8 in previous catalinas
Paid: $17.45
2 sets of $12 catalinas
4 Free Milk Catalinas

Transaction #2:

4 Kashi Cereal $2.79
1 Kashi Cookies
4 Dove Deodorant
3 Ragu Pasta Sauce
2 Splenda w/ Fiber $4 each
1 Splenda 50 ct $2.99
4 Ronzoni Garden Delight
2 Oikos Yogurt
4 Mt. Olive Relish
4 Santa Cruz Strawberry Lemonade
1 Dial Lotion
1 ShopRite Fat Free Milk $2.49
4 Red Pack Tomatoes
2 Hunts Tomotoes

-$5/$50 from the Entertainment Book
-(4)$2/1 Kashi
-(1)$1/1 Kashi Cookies & Crackers
-(2)$2/1 Dove
-(1)$1/3 Ragu
-(2)$2/1 Splenda
-(1)$1/1 Spenda
-(4)$1/1 Ronzoni (full amount deducted)
-(1)$2/2 Oikos
-(4)$0.75/1 Mt Olive
(4)$0.75/1 Santa Cruz
-(1)$2/1 Dial
-$3.75 FREE Milk Catalina
-(2)$0.75/2 Red Pack
-(2)$0.75/1 Hunts
Paid: $11.13

3 sets of $12 catalinas

$169.77 worth of Groceries
Paid: $28.58
Have left: $60 in catalinas & 3 Free Milk Catalinas ($11.25 value)

Woot!! 🙂

My Pathmark catalinas were going to expire, so I made sure I headed there to do the P&G catalina.  I really didn’t need anything, however I wanted to roll my existing catalina.  And this deal worked just fine.

4 Crest ProHealth
4 Gillette Deodorant
1 Mr. Clean

-(4)$0.75/1 Crest
-(2)BOGO Gillette
-(1)$0.75/1 Mr. Clean
-$12 in existing catalinas
Paid: $2.29
Received a $10 Catalina

Note a bad day in coupon world today!  How did you guys do?

Make sure you check out all the Pathmark Deals and the ShopRite Deals. Be sure to scroll down to see them all.

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  • Maddy

    Nice.. I wish we have those supermarket here. ..

  • Melissa B.

    Paid $85 got $48 in Catalina’s whooh000.

    • Melissa B.

      BTW… My Cashier almost had a heart attack lol! When the Catalina’s kept printing and printing she thought it was a mistake and the machine was malfunctioning. It was so funny!

  • tracey

    wow very impressed, I’m new to this and I’ve got to get my oop lower I’m still spending more then I should.
    I found this pdf of the items that will be in the sale next week.

    • Cindy

      It takes time in the beginning. In about 3 months, you’ll see a big drop in your out of pocket.

      • tracey

        thanks cindy, I hope so everything is getting so expensive, love your site!

        • Jil

          I’m new too. About a month into couponing and I am now starting to be able to roll over some of the catalinas and WOW what a big difference! If you have a Shoprite nearby, their Dollar Days catalinas are a good place to start. I also started scoring the catalinas and rewards in the pharmacies and that is turning out to be a great thing and fast too. Good Luck!

  • Aileen

    For the splenda w/ fiber – did you use the coupon from splenda’s website? It said granulated, but I was wondering if it would work on the packets.

    • Cindy

      Yes I did. It worked fine

      • Aileen

        Awesome- thanks! 🙂

  • Aimee

    I paid $83 and got over $70 in Catalinas woo hoo….I love Shoprite!

  • Laurie M.

    I paid $71.74 and got $41.75 in cats and a free milk. Not too shabby considering I had some lunchmeat, cheese and apples in there that I had NO coupons for. Should have gotten $12 more in cats and am trying to figure out what I didn’t get and why… 🙁

    • Cindy

      Ah yes, I have to go to the Farmers Market tomorrow. That will be around $25 or so depending who comes with me. If my son comes, it could be $30. What do you think you didn’t get the cats for?

      • Laurie M.

        I can’t figure it out..
        Were the Green Giant boxed veggies included? I got 3 Total, 3 GG boxed veggies, 3 Yoplait Splitz and 6 BC Fruit Snacks.
        Although I did not see a sign for Pompeiian in my store. I got 4 Red Wine Vinegars and 4 cooking wines. Wonder if that was it?
        Got 5 boxes of Kashi crackers – that should’ve worked.
        Got 2 Dole Fruit Crisps and 4 Dole Fruit bowl 4-packs – ditto.
        Got 6 jars Motts ($1.50 kind – cinnamon) and 2 of the cup packs that were $2.oo…

        • Cindy

          So what did you get catalinas for an what didn’t you? Check the products in question against this list to see if they were included.

          • Laurie M.

            So, it turns out that ONE of the boxes of Green Giant veggies I purchased (the baby sweet peas & Butter Sauce) was not included. UGH!! Is there any way to take my receipt back and just exchange the one box of veggies and have it print out? I’m so upset one box of veggies kept me from getting the $12, especially since it was right with the other 2 boxes that did work and was the same exact price/looks the same. Grrr.. Any advice?

            • Cindy

              I would definitely try. They could either issue you a gift card or re ring it (just off the receipt). It depends how nice they are. Bring the product list too in case they don’t have it. which you would think they would but….

              • Jodi

                My Shop Rite says that if you didn’t get a catalina that you should have come up to customer service and they will print it out for you. You have to show them the receipt. If you have just that one wrong product if you get a nice person at customer service they would probably exchange it and do it. I would call ahead and ask. If they say no return all of the items and have them rering with the correct veggie – a little bit of a pain, but if you were going to go back anyway, worth the $12.

              • Laurie M.

                Good news. I brought my receipt and the one incorrect box of veggies and they let me switch it out and rang it up correctly so that I got the $12 in cats! YAY!! 🙂

                • Cindy


  • cheryl manna

    1 word, WOW!

  • michelle

    I paid $96.00 got 72 cats/1 free milk & .75 cents cat for the dole and 4.99 rebate for the snapple. Not bad, considering i got 4 oj, 1 organic valley eggs, 2 cases of poland spring, 1 snapple -free after rebate and organic bananas. So basically, i paid a total of $18.26. Love it!!!
    Also, I had to go to the customer service for my other cats – $24 dollars of my catalina did not print, i don’t know what happened.

    PS: Cindy, did you get the beer rebate i sent you? hope you got them , the rebate must be submitted by Monday, February 21.

    • Cindy

      I didn’t go to my PO Box. I’ll be sure to go in the morning so I can get it out. Thanks so much!!

  • michelle m

    Where are these stores located ? Are they in the new england area at all? thoses shopping trips are AWESOME!!

  • Kristy

    I used to love shopping at shoprite with all those cats but now my shoprite limit to 1 cat for each trans. It so ridicous. Its like they don’t want any couponers business. I was so made last time I went there I was only allowed to buy four cans of formula per transaction. That is crazy am I suppose to go there every 2-3 for formula. I’m warming you guys do not go to the shoprite in south Philly. It’s just way to much trouble with their own new policy every week

  • Jil

    I did the small version. I spent $54 OOP, saved $71 and got $13 in catalinas ($12 for Dollar Days and $1 for Fancy Feast catfood) plus a free milk catalina. I was very pleased! My cupboards are bursting at the seams and I’m not done for the week yet.

    • Jil

      Oh yeah! And the catalina for a free reusable bag. I can always use more of those!

  • Denise Ewan

    i did awesome at Shop-Rite today also.. i spent OOP $95.44… got $72 in catalinas for future trips, 6 reusable bags catalinas.. $3.50 off next shopping trip and catalina for free gallon milk !!! My cashier was shocked also… said she never seen that many catalinas print out!! Lovin it !!

  • jes

    Hi… I have a question did anyone else rec a “your bucks” email talking about 12.00 back when purchasing products for dollar days? Is this in ADDITION to the current offers or was it just another way to let you know about dollar days? Anyone know??

  • Fury

    what is the .75 hunts coupon u have listed, i did not see that anywhere

  • Kristina

    I really think you should do a “win a shopping trip with the Coupon Queen” contest. You are my hero!

  • Carolyn

    You are a Rockstar! That

    Can’t thank you enough for breaking it down step by step and making this so much fun! Cant wait to go to Shoprite this week now that I am more confident with all the catalinas. It was great to go last week and clear the pasta sale for my donating causes. It was even better to have a neighbor behind me in line and she was amazed at the final oop!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Rania

    Hi, I’m new here.. I have a question.
    How were you able to do so many deals when its one deal per transaction per card. Yesterday I did the Kashi deal and got my catalinas, but if I go again today and do the GM deals, will I get a catalina?
    Sorry Im just so confused..

  • Cassie

    I spent $39.26, got $36.75 in cats (the extra 0.75 for Dole) & saved $58- not bad for also buying produce & organic milk (which retails for $5/gallon around here)! Plus, I got another 30 family points. What a great store. ShopRite is my favorite.

  • Mark

    My deals at Shoprite. I provided a break down of savings from my receipt. I broke up the transactions, so I could hit $10.00 minimum, before coupons, in order to use the Dial lotion coupons. 12 bottles of lotion for free.

    Transaction 1

    8 Clorox
    4 Dial lotion

    -(4)$1.00/1 Clorox
    -(4)$2/1 Dial lotion

    Paid $9.73
    1 $12 Catalina

    Total on sale Savings $12.56
    PPC & MFR CPNS $12.00
    PPC & STR CPNS $8.92
    Total Savings $33.48

    Transaction 2

    6 Ragu
    2 Wishbone
    4 Dial lotion
    2 2 lb Carolina Brown Rice

    -(2)$1.00/2 Ragu
    -(1)$1.00/2 Wishbone
    -(4)$2/1 Dial lotion
    -(2)$.50/1 Carolina Brown Rice

    Paid $11.67
    1 $12 Catalina

    Total on sale Savings $18.88
    PPC & MFR CPNS $14.00
    Multipled CPNS $1.00
    PPC & STR CPNS $9.00
    Total Savings $42.88

    Transaction 3

    2 Hershey Syrup
    2 Marcal Napkins
    4 Dial lotion
    2 Arm and Hammer Detergent

    -(1)$1.00/2 Arm and Hammer
    -(4)$2/1 Dial lotion

    Paid 11.47

    Total on sale Savings $21.34
    PPC & MFR CPNS $9.00
    PPC & STRr CPNS $7.00
    Total Savings $37.34

  • Stefani


    Did you find the Dial lotion coupon from the 2.20.2011 Star Ledger’s Redplum? I can’t find it in there. I thought we would get it since Shoprite is advertising the coupon.


    • Cindy

      It was actually not in the RedPlum but just mixed in with the inserts. I received it in my Thursday delivered Star Ledger

      • Mark

        I got mine from a free local newspaper in Brooklyn last Thursday. The newspaper is called the Bay News. Machines are stacked with free newspapers on Thursdays. They actually have a special banner on the front cover stating coupons inside. I grabbed 12. It was inside the redplum package.

  • Aileen

    Cindy-How did you get 4 free milk catalina’s? One for each set of 3 cereals you purchased? I thought you would only get one per transaction…