Neutrogena – Got Coupons?

So many of you have asked for a list of companies so that you can request coupons.  So, starting today I will be posting up contact information for different companies.  The goal is to write to them in the hopes of scoring some coupons.  Possibly even for free products.

Here are a few suggestions when contacting the companies:

  • Try to stay positive.  Complementing them on a new product or how much you or your family enjoy it.  If you have a complaint, try to say what you have to say in a positive way.
  • You can offer suggestions on how they might improve their products.  Maybe offer flavor suggestions, etc.
  • And be sure to include your contact info when you write to them including your address.

I’ll be posting  different companies a few times each week and keeping a running list so you can access the information at any time.  Today’s contact is:

You can contact Neutrogena here.

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  • Jim

    Companies I have had success with:

    Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce – Free bottle & $1/1 coupons
    Tornados – Free Tornados & lots of el Monterey coupons
    Heinz Ketchup – (4) $.55/1 ketchup any size coupons
    Seventh Generation – Sent Free samples and coupons
    St Ives – (4) $1/1 coupons
    Pepsi – (3) $.50/1 any pepsi product coupons

  • I contacted pepsi as well and today received (4) $0.50 off (with a 5) on any pepsi product 🙂

    I will be doing St. Ives now 🙂

  • Carson

    I’ve had success with:

    Dr. Bronner’s – They sent free samples and coupons
    Tree Ripe OJ – Then sent a handful of coupons for FREE 52 oz bottles, insane!
    Zatarain’s (rice and other products) – Sent some $.50/1 box of rice
    Near East (rice and other products) – Sent $.50/1 box of rice
    Bolthouse Juice – Sent a ton of $1/1 off any size Bolthouse drink that expire sometime next year.

  • Kristy

    So what does everyone say exactly? Especially Carson and the awesome OJ coupons!

    • Carson

      Usually something simple like, “let me know your address and I’ll mail some as soon as possible.” It’s a frictionless process, and the customer service reps are usually very friendly.

      Also, the coupons always seem to show up in the mail within 2-3 days after they’ve gotten around to replying to your email. So if you want, in some cases of swift customer service, you can email them at the start of the week and get a coupon or two just in time for your next shopping trip.

      • Kristy

        What I meant to say was, what exactly do you say in the email to the company?

        • Tiffany

          I start with a comment such as, “My family really enjoys your soups, and I was wondering if you had any available coupons’.

  • Emily

    I have been contacting companies for over a year and here are some of the awesome ones!
    The company that makes both la yogurt and Ssips drinks (sorry, can’t think off the top of my head, google it) Sent me over 10 free q’s which vary for a ton of their products!
    Amo – Company that makes amo complete, sent me a free q, helped make it an mm @ cvs.
    Earthwise – sent me 3 free q’s, they sell these at shoprite!!

  • Patti M

    I’ve had good experiences with Colgate, Mann’s, Chobani and the company that makes Brillo…can’t think of their name right now. (cent’s off Qs and Qs for free product). I know there are more but can’t think of them right now either. Currently waiting to hear back from a few…if I get a good result I’ll post it.

  • Gina

    So….are you guys calling, emailing, or snailmail? Do you get a better response if you call and speak with a rep or have you seen a better outcome by sending a personal letter in the mail outlining what it is you are looking to purchase and ask for a sample or coupon. I was just woundering what request produces a higher yield of coupons and samples.

    • Carson

      I’ve never tried calling although I had a complaint once that I emailed a company and they emailed me back asking me to call in with the provided reference number. Even the complaint yielded $35 worth of generic free coupons for anything that brand makes.

      But generally speaking, all my contacts with the companies have been with their customer service department through emails only. I’m almost certain a phone call or even a hand written letter would suffice for many of these companies, they seem to love hearing from the consumers whether it’s good or bad and always seem willing to do a little something to keep you interested in their brand. But I personally prefer email because its just more convenient for me. And in most cases, the rep requested my home address because that seems to be the best way that they’re willing to send out their coupons.

  • Tracy

    I contacted Neutrogena, asked about coupons and samples. Their response: “Unfortunately at this time Travel/Trial Size Versions/Samples of our products are not available on our site, however we are constantly looking to expand the products available on our website and plan to offer Travel/Trial Sizes in the near future. ”

    Nothing whatsoever about coupons. I think I will reply to this and ask about coupons.

  • Kristy

    Turkey Hill is another company to try. I contacted them yesterday and complimented them on their delicious ice cream. They replied right away and said to be on the lookout for free product Q’s and a calendar!

    • Larrina

      Looks like I must contact Turkey Hill… My husband LOVES their ice cream!

    • Jenny

      I have had huge success with Turkey Hill. I asked about a flavor of ice cream that they didnt have anymore and they sent me a ton of coupons, plus their calendar every year.

  • Michele F

    I called Johnsonville last year with a concern that turned out to be nothing but they sent me coupons for $$ off anyhow. Yesterday I called Pepsi because one can in a 12pack i bought was leaking. They appologized and said they’d send me coupons to make up for the one i lost and any others that may be defected. Also a few months ago I emailed Kozy Shack because of a product I thought was bad (ended up that i bought it past it’s buy date and it was the stores fault and not Kozy shack) but they sent me a letter in the mail with a free coupon.

  • Larrina

    This is an awesome way to score some free coupons and even some samples. I am really happy you are starting this up. I believe Saving Addiction or Passion for Saving used to do this every monday and I was contacting most of the companies they were posting and WOW… my mailbox was flooding with coupons. I only emailed companies I had a compliment for and they were all pretty generous. I never mentioned anything about asking for coupons or samples and received a lot in return just for kind words. Great idea! Thanks for doing the leg work for us 🙂

  • Nicole

    I contacted Eucerin a while back, because I wanted to try it out to see if it would work for my daughter’s skin before I bought it. They sent me a TON of samples, and a few q’s.

  • Tiffany

    I do alot of calling as well. Here are the companies I’ve either called or emailed that have sent me coupons just to name a few:
    Lays SisterShuberts Kimberly Clark Domino
    Del Monte Welchs International Delight Tylenol
    Hunts McCormick Reckitt/Benckiser Johnson & Johnson’s
    Con Agra Colgate Mylicon
    Hostess Beech Nut Purina
    Neosporin Chiquita Meow Mix

  • Liz

    Jim / Loretta – I contacted Pepsi, and was just told to join Pepsi Extra I think that was it — to get told about deals/etc. No coupons! 8-(

    • Anonymous

      You have to really like lure them into giving *offering them to you*. 🙂 be honest, but what i usually do , to make it worth it is ask if they can send a few coupons your way because you use their products and that you dont see it in the paper that often (i read that somewhere around here, that someone said that). just be honest. 🙂