New $0.85/1 Chex Printable Coupon

Wow, here is a nice coupon for all of you in “Fully Double Coupon” Land.  It’s an $0.85/1 Chex Printable Coupon. It does say Do Not Double but it is a DND 5 which means that it will double unless your store does not allow it.  Too bad we didn’t have this coupon with the big Pathmark GM Catalina Deal.  That would have been sweet!

Now, for those of you that don’t live in “Fully Double Coupon” Land or live in the land of the “Hit the Do Not Double Button”, there is a $1/1 Chex Printable Coupon that you can use.

So, which land do you live in? 🙂

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  • Stephanie

    I printed a cinnamon cheerios coupon off that same website so when I go to it it says “you have already printed a coupon” and won’t allow me to get to the chex coupon.

    • Christine


      Keep trying the website. I actually just went in and was able to print out the .85 cent ones. Maybe you can’t print from the website more then 1x per 24 hours????

  • christine

    When I try to print out the chex coupon for .85 cents it tells me I’ve already printed a coupon. I’ve printed from this webiste 1x and it was for frozen veggies. Does it only allow you one type of coupon per week or something?

  • Christine Costable

    That happen to me too but I printed frozen veggies!

  • John

    Got the Bricks coupon to print twice. Guess I will try the ‘self checkout’ method to see if I get the double on it. Since I’m not a ‘self’ checker – it should be interesting.

  • Irene S.

    well I thought I was in the land of it doubles anyway….until I went to Weis yesterday with (2) .55 coupons for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, expecting them to double. The cashier input them in manually. When I asked why, she said that they had to do it that way when the coupon says that! I guess I’ll have to reserve those coupons for self check and see what happens!

  • Benee

    I live in the land of do not fully double, but I vacation in the land of fully double when I shop at Acme and Genuardi’s

  • Benee

    I was also able to print this Q twice.
    Thanks Cindy!