New $1/1 Chex Cereal Printable Coupon = Great For Pathmark Catalina

There is a new $1/1 Chex Cereal Printable Coupon. This would be an awesome coupon for those of you that shop at Pathmark and are doing the General Mills Catalina.

I know some of you have stores that only allow 2 like coupons to double.  Also please make sure to check the shelf prices.  I used the $2.49 price that was listed in the circular because I was concerned that they may have made the price a “knock down” price  however, as Kevin pointed it out, the actual shelf price may be higher.  In fact it may be around $3.97.  If that is the case, you may only need to buy 8 boxes of cereal which would be a much better deal.  So, be sure to double check the shelf price before you purchase.

If your shelf price is around $3.97 then this could be your deal:

Buy 4 Chex Cereal ($3.97) $1.50
Buy 4 Golden Grahams ($3.97) $1.50

-(4)$0.75/1 Chex
-(4)$0.75/1 Golden Grahams
-$1/2 Zavers eCoupon
Pay: $0 (be sure to have $1 in your cart)
get an $8 catalina

or if your store only allows 2 like coupons to double, then you can try this:

Buy 6 Chex Cereal ($3.97) $1.50
Buy 2 Golden Graham ($3.97) $1.50

-(2)$0.75/1 Chex
-(4)$1/1 Chex
-(2)$0.75/1 Golden Grahams
-$1/2 Zavers eCoupon
Pay: $1
Get an $8 catalina

I can’t get to Pathmark until later so if you try this deal, please let us know how it turned out.

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  • Alicia L.

    I can’t this to print on either of my computers. It tells me that I have already reached my limit.

    • Louis

      I’m having the same problem

  • Anna

    I don’t see coupons for golden grahams

  • Rebecca

    I found the Golden Grahams on coupon network. Also it let me print another 2 of the .75/1 chex!

  • Anna

    it says additional quanities 2.49 so how is this right that you can buy 8 and they are still 1.50

    • Cindy

      You need to buy in quantities of 4. If you buy 3 you will be charged $2.49 each. If you buy 6 you will be charge $1.50 for the first 4 and $2.49 for the extra 2. If you buy 8, it’s 2 sets of 4 so all will be $1.50 each. The circular has no set limit, you just need to buy in quantities of 4

      • vilma

        hi Cindy,

        i’m sorry but I still not quite understand this. Is the qty of 4 must be for each variety like I should buy 4 cocoa puffs, 4 corn chex etc to get the sale price of $1.50 each? but I see a lot of deals posted here where people bought 2 of each variety (2 chex, 2 cocoa puff etc) and got Catalina too? I bought a total of 8 gm cereal that is on the ad but the price for each ended up $2.49 each and no cat evenly total was $30+. Pls help

  • Anna

    Thanks I am new to this stuff makes sense now

  • Rebecca

    Just got back from Pathmark and my deal worked! Here is what I bought:
    2 Golden Grahams
    1 Cocoa Puffs
    5 Chex
    I used:
    .75/1 Cocoa puffs
    2- .75/1 Golden Grahams
    3- .75/1 Chex
    2- $1/1 Chex
    $1/2 Zaver

    Total OOP- $3.41
    Received $8 cat
    So it ended up being a $4.59 mm
    Woo Hoo!

    • Cindy

      Woohoo is right. Awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  • mike

    works in port chester ny pathmark. got 4 boxes of chex, 4 boxes of golden grahams (shelf price $4.19 each) and $8 cat printer after checkout. now it’s time to see if we can roll

  • Sherry

    What site is the $1/1 chex? I have ad blocker on my pc and can’t get to the $1/1 chex coupon

  • Christine

    The coupon policy for Pathmark states only 2 printed coupons for the same product accepted…do they not enforce that? I have a BUNCH of coupons for the cereals and would LOVE to stock up!

  • lori b

    success @ brookhaven PA SCO

    4 soups $ 1.25 ( less $1 coupon)
    8 chex cereal $16 (less 2 $1 coupons and 2 75 cents doubled to $1)
    2 cake mixes

    spent $8, got $8
    so fun!

  • Molly

    I am not seeing a zaver for the chex cereal on the site. Where should I look for this?

    • same here.. I don’t see the zavers coupon for the chex..

  • Julie

    Does anyone know if the Cheerios Cinnaburst are included in the sale?

    • Lisa C

      I did not see that this was included, the ones that were seemed to have a tag underneath them and this one didnt have them

    • Julie – the Pathmark circular does not list Cinnaburst Cheerios as working (only plain Cheerios).

  • andy

    Is this working at A&P too?

  • Robin

    The one pathmark I go to also told me last time I was using coupons that they only accept two of a like kind internet coupon, so be aware that some pathmarks may have a problem.

  • Lisa C

    I used the self checkout to avoid the same coupon issue, I didnt use more than 4 of the same kind though.

  • olya

    thank you so much for this great deal!!!!!!!!
    does anybody know if this deal would last for the whole week?
    are we able to buy several times if we use pathmark advantage card or they can block something?
    I bought 4 chex cereal (3.99 shelf price)
    4 golden grahams
    +get some other stuff
    got 8 $ catalina
    used 8/0.75 coupons
    used self checkout , coupons were doubled.
    thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • is fiber 1 paert of deal

  • Anna

    The cereal deal didn’t go well for me. I went to Shop Rite in Hackensack, NJ. I bought 4 cocoa puffs, 4 cinnamon grahams and 8 chex. I had coupons for each cereal but they didn’t accept all chex coupons since I had 8 of them. Chex’s shelf price was $4.79, cocoa puff’s $3.69 and golden graham’s $5.69. I also bough 2 packs of American Choice eggs ($0.99 each minus $0.55 coupon), 2 polly mozzarella’s ($1.89 each minus $2 in coupons), philly cooking cream cheese ($2.29 minus $1.50 in coupon) plus I got free sausage roll. My bill came to $26.81 with tax. How is that possible if cereal was 4 for $6?. I though I would get 2 $8 catalina’s but I got only one. After I paid for everything I went to customer service to return all chex cereals since I didn’t get the second catalina. It all became a mess, cashier had to bring all coupons, she gave them back to me and gave me back $7 and change for all chex. Was she correct? After I left the store I was exausted and with headache from all of this. Can someone figure out why I paid so much???

    • Cindy

      Anna, what does your receipt say? You have to look at how much each item rang up. Did they ring up for the proper amount? Were any of your coupons deducted?

    • Giovanna

      Hi Anna, just a couple of things…Offer on the Cereal (General Mills) was 1 $8 catalina per shopping family, so trying to double the deal probably may not work….The Polly was on sale yesterday during 8 hour sale, the rest of the week it is 3.99, not sure if you purchased yesterday or today…I know how exhausting it is yesterday for some reason the Viva paper towels were ringing up 9.99 instead of the 3.99 (8 hour sale, when you spend $10), cashier had to scan some type of card in order to adjust down, I wonder how many people didn’t catch that.

    • Anonymous

      The deal is for Pathmark, not shoprite….

    • Anna

      I meant to say that I went shopping to Pathmark, not Shop Rite.

  • Kevin

    Realized that even using only $1/2 coupons this still works out to be FREE.
    My head is spinning.
    Buy 8 for $12
    Use 4 $1/2.
    Pay $8 get $8 OYNO.
    I think i’ll pair up 2 cocoa puffs, 2 golden grahams sets of IP with 2 $1/2 Chex cereal insert q’s.
    Still a money maker. I can’t resist FREE cereal!

  • love couponing

    Went to pathmark today. Here was my deal……….
    2 golden graham (4.39
    2 cheerios (3.49)
    2 rice chex (4.39)
    2 hny nut chex (4.39)
    4 caress body wash (4.99)
    2 $1.00/1 cheerios
    2 $1.00/1 hny nut chex
    2 $.75/1 rice chex (did not double)
    2 $ .75/1 golden graham (did not double)
    4 $ .75/1 caress body wash (all 4 coupons doubled)
    total oop $7.70
    got back
    $8.00 cat
    my store was completely out of suave deodorant and i got the last 4 caress body wash, hope they restock quick.

  • Cat

    great day at Pathmark!

    Transaction 1

    4 suave deodorant (1.59) .99
    2 caress body wash (5.49) 2.49
    8 Betty crocker frosting (2.09) 1.66
    8 Betty crocker cake mix (2.19) 1.00
    4 tuttoroso blue can tomatoes (2.39) 1.00

    Coupons used
    4 suave deodorant .75 doubled
    2 caress body wash .75 doubled
    8 Betty crocker cake mix and frosting .75 doubled

    Total 15.82
    Got 8 dollar cat and 4 dollar cat

    Transaction 2

    2 tostitos salsa (2.99) 2.00
    2 tostitos chips (3.99) 2.00
    1 doritos chips (3.99) 2.00
    1 Americas choice chopped spinach (2.19) 1.00
    2 Americas choice eggs(2.29) .99
    6 cinnamon chex (3.99) 1.50
    2 golden Grahame (3.99) 1.50
    2 cut rite wax paper (1.66) 1.00
    2 avacado 3.33

    Coupons used
    6 chex cereal .75 doubled
    2 golden graham .75 doubled
    2 1.00 off produce when you buy tostitos chips and salsa
    A 2.00 off coupon when you buy 5th cereals came out of the cat and
    The cashier scanned it
    8.00 cat from trans 1
    4.00 cat from trans 1

    Total $2.66 and I got another 8.00 cat

    8 Betty crocker cake mix (2.19) 1.00

    • Cat

      That last 8 Betty crocker cake mix shouldn’t be there!

  • Suki

    I went to Pathmark YESTERDAY evening and I can not believe m eyes when the only CEREAL they had left was Cheerios. I was like wth happened… Where are the others… I mean like its only day 2 of the sale…

    So I went to the CS and asked about the cereal she SAID quote “I have been writing rain checks all day for this sale” I was like wow.. Crazy but true… and this is the only Pathmark that doubles theres is 1 more that doubles but thats in another town…. o.O

    Hope to go back tomorrow… <3

  • Went to Pathmark yesterday and here was my deal:
    -2 golden grahams
    -2 wheat chex
    -2 honey nut chex
    -1 corn chex
    -1 rice chex

    2 – $.75/1 golden grahams
    6 – $.75/1 chex (from 2 different sources)

    $8 Catalina =)

    Immediately went back through and used the $8 Catalina on:
    3 – $.99 cartons of large dozen eggs (great price!)
    1 – package of flour
    1 – package of sugar
    Paid for with my $8 Catalina – hooray for 3 bags full of free groceries!!!!

    FYI Yesterday, I printed $.75/1 Golden Grahams and $.75/1 Chex coupons from,, and 2 per computer is a total of 6 coupons – have two computers, that 12 free boxes of cereal (not including Catalinas). AWESOME!!

  • Anna

    Why can’t I get the free cereal I always have to pay when my .75 coupon scans it doubles like .75 and .25, not .75 and .75 am I doing something wrong is my store different? Still a great deal but wondering why everyone else can get it free and I and paying .50 a box.

    • Laurie M.

      Mine only doubles like that as well (up to $1.00). It’s still a $4.00 money maker!

  • Jill

    Coupons valued up to and including 99cents are doubled. This is the language you should be looking for if you want to know if coupons are doubled. All my stores do it that way. I never heard of doubling a coupon to equal a dollar, that’s not doubling, that is just increasing any coupon over 50 cents, to a dollar and doubling all coupons under 50 cents. That would have to be clearly written out for people to understand. You should check with your store.
    Today I did the Cereal deal at two different Pathmarks: at the first store, I got 12 boxes of cereal completely free, in fact they gave me 90 cents change (not sure if they were supposed to do that) and I received $8 rain check valid for 90 days, because the catalina machine was jammed and didn’t print my cat. At the second store, I didn’t have as much coupons left, so I bought 8 boxes, for free, and received an $8 Catalina and a cat for $1.50 off 3 boxes of General Mills cereal. I guess I was supposed to get that at the first store too, but didn’t realize. I noticed the expiration on the $8 cat is soon, so I guess I’m lucky that I got a rain check catalina that’s good for 90 days!!
    So I spent nothing, and made $16.90 and 20 boxes of cereal, and a $1.50 coupon.

  • Denielle

    I was able to print 2 more Golden Grahams & Chex coupons from!

  • Rachel

    I went to a Pathmark in Newark, DE hoping to score some of the cereal and get paid for it! They were out of just about everything so we’ll try a different store tomorrow. HOWEVER. Thank you so much for pointing out that the Catalina was printing with the SHELF price not the sale price- that convinced me to try it with the buy 15$, get 4$ back with the suave/caress/degree sale. I bought 2 Caress (reg 4.99 ea) on sale for 2.49 ea, and had (2) .75 cent coupons for them, bought 2 suave deodorants (reg. 1.59 ea) for .99 ea, had (2) .75 cent coupons for those, and lastly added a degree deodorant (can’t remember reg. price) for 2.49, also had a .75 coupon for it. The store doubled the coupons. It rang up to 2.97 after coupons and printed a $4 catalina! YAY! We made 1.03 to buy 3 deodorants and 2 body washes- w0w, totally worth standing there scribbling the math on a tablet for. Our eyes were glued to the catalina machine when we paid, and when it printed I squealed a little loud, the old lady behind us gave us a sweet smile but probably thought we were crazy.

    • Cindy

      Ah the famous Coupon Squeal! I know it well. It’s a wonderful sound 🙂

  • olya

    I did the cereal deal today at pathmark-
    4 cocoa puffs coupons used: 4/0.55
    2 cinnamon chex 2/0.75
    2 rice chex 2/0.75
    I was almost done (at checkout) then the lady who was watching checkout stopped me and told me she wouldn’t take as many coupons (8 coupons)
    she called store manager who told me that there store policy is 4 coupons per day per transaction. more than that they refused doubling coupons. I didn’t want to argue with them as I didn’t have any printed pathmark coupon policy or any prove that they were not right. As someone told if they don’t want to give you discount they will not)
    btw I did this deal at the same store 2 times before and everything was great!!(8coupons per 8 boxes)
    today I ended with 9.38 for 8 boxes of cereal got 8$ catalina
    which means 1.38$ for 8 boxes of cereal-still great deal!!!!
    does anybody know where can I take pathmark coupon policy papers as 4 coupons per day is not funny at all)))