New $1/2 Quaker Breakfast Products Coupon = Money Maker at ShopRite

Seriously, I just get way too excited when I see great coupons.  I did a few woohoos when I saw this coupon.

It’s a $1/2 Quaker Breakfast Products Printable coupon. And, guess what?  We can use this on the Quaker Grits that are $0.99 each this week at ShopRite.  And, don’t forget about the Buy 5 Get $5 catalina.  These were free after catalina before the coupon.  And now, a money maker.  Here is your deal:

Buy 6 Quaker Quick Grits or Hominy Grits $0.99 each (4 per variety)
-(3)$1/2 Quaker Breakfast Products Printable Coupon
Pay: $3
Get a $5 Catalina
Free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & catalina

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  • Bernell


  • Kristy

    Me too! I was getting my order together and was hoping for another quaker coupon cause I need syrup! Thanks so much!

    • Cindy

      Ah, now that is a true couponer! “was hoping for another quaker coupon cause I need syrup!” 🙂

      Most people would be like, what? You want a quaker coupon cause you need syrup?!? But, we couponers know how that works. Rolling deals to get the products that you really need or want! Love it!!

  • ANNA

    Does the quaker deal end on Saturday?

  • Laurie H

    Cindy- are there any oatmeals on sale for 99cents? Im not a fan of grits but <3 oatmeal! Thanks! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      No oatmeal – just the grits.

  • Nichole H.

    Now if you do the Grits deal, you can buy:
    4 – Quaker oatmeal – 2.99 each
    4 – Propel Water 6 pack – 4 for $9.99

    1 – $5 off Quaker catalina
    4 – $1 off Quaker coupon from All You
    2 – $2.50 off 2 Propel Waters peelies

    Final Cost
    $3 for oatmeal
    $5 for watter
    Total OOP $8.00
    get a $10 catalina
    $2 money maker
    I think I got this right

    • Barbara A

      I have looked and looked and can’t find that peelie , 4 different ShopRites.

    • Ueen

      I think u got it right but u missed to include adding that u will also receive 1 $2 cat for the quaker oatmeal in addition to the 1 $10 cat.

  • kevin

    Why not just buy 5 and use 2 coupons?
    Buy 5 Quaker Quick Grits or Hominy Grits $0.99 each (4 per variety)
    Use 2 $1/2 q’s
    Pay $3
    Get $5 OYNO

    This way you can do deal once per available computer to print from.(2 prints per computer.)

    • Cindy

      That would work as well. Good thinking 🙂

  • jade

    which zip i can find it thank you

    • Cindy

      no zip

  • Evelyn

    Can you use this on the Quaker granola bars or just the oatmeal-like stuff?

    • Cindy

      It’s breakfast products so I’m not really sure. I guess you could certainly argue that point. I mean I’ve eaten granola bars for breakfast.

  • Jean

    FYI. I was at shoprite today and my cashier actually suggested that I pay for my oatmeal first so that I could used the $5 cat (and $3 cat that she didn’t know about) towards the rest of today’s order…..I was skeptical because the $5 cat said it was only good on Quaker products and I didn’t have any other quaker products in the rest of my order. I gave it a shot and it worked! So woohoo for being able to spend the $5 on anything!

  • Tina

    Hi everyone, I just came back from Shoprite for Quaker deal. But to my surprise, I was told that I cannot use $5 from previous Quaker deal for new one. I called for manager which told me that I cannot use it that the flier says 1 per customer. I’m confused. Please help. Thanks

  • ueen

    As an added bonus to this quaker deal, your family points accumulates. Check the bottom of your receipt.

    Did anyone try buying 10 quaker products and have gotten 2 $5 CAT?

  • Roseann

    Okay I’m totally confused. Cindy has the catalina listed differently on this site. I thought it was b3G$1, b4G$2, b5G$3. You are all saying it’s a $5 catalina. Am I missing something here?

    • Cindy

      Roseann, there are 2 catalinas. There is a Quaker Catalina for Buy 5 Get $5. There is also a Quaker Oatmeal Catalina that is b3G$1, b4G$2, b5G$3. Right now it’s a double dip if you buy all Quaker Instant Oatmeal you will get both catalinas. The deal I have on this post is just for the Grits. The Grits are only $0.99. If you buy 5, you get a $5 catalina. They are not producing the b3G$1, b4G$2, b5G$3 because that is only for the Instant Oatmeal.

      • Ueen

        I tried buying ten quaker products. 5 of them were the quakes. I got 2 $5 cat and 1 $2 cat off 5 quakes.

        • Danielle

          Ooh! That is great to know! I might try that today. The cheddar quakes are awesome! (kind of like a cheese curl, but way less guilty! LOL!!)

          • Ueen

            Yeah. I made sure I didnt clean the shelf and left some for u Danielle. lol

            • Danielle

              Thank you so much for posting this, Ueen! I was able to buy (a lot…. 😉 of bags of the Quakes for almost nothing!! I found peelies on a couple bags ($1/3) and I had Cat coupons for Quakes from a couple weeks ago…what a fantastic deal!!! (luckily my store had TONS in stock, so I could share, too! LOL!!!)

        • Victoria

          Did you use any coupons for the quakes Ueen?? Thanks!

          • Ueen

            Yes. I used 1 $2 off 5 quakes that I got from a previous purchase of 5 quakes.

        • Jennifer

          I just went to Lawrenceville SR and purchased 5 quakes. I use the self checkout (love it!) and as I scanned my quakes, I received a $1/3 quakes coupons and the $5 cat but I did not receive the extra $2 cat off 5 quakes. Where is that one referenced? When I asked CS she had no clue.

          • Ueen

            It is not referenced anywhere. I was just surprised when catalina machine generated the same.

            • Jennifer

              Thanks, Ueen. I am happy as my deal was still a good one. Just sorry to learn it could have been a bit better … maybe next time 😉

              • Ueen

                That’s the spirit. I am jealous by the way that you have a SR with self check out. 🙂

          • Ueen


            MilburnLaura’s comment (see below) under Donna’s Quaker Mania topic also mentioned about her getting $2 off 5 quakes as well. I guess, I would consider ourselves lucky. 🙂

            MillburnLaura February 8, 2011 at 7:15 pm
            I just got back from a different Quaker deal. Bought 5 bags of the Quaker Rice cakes at 1.50 each. Got a $5 catalina AND a coupon for $2 off 5 bags of Quaker Rice cakes. So I turned around and bought another 5 bags! And got the same catalina and coupon again.

  • Tina

    Hi Cindy, I really need help on this pleeeease. I just came back from Shoprite for Quaker deal. But to my surprise, I was told that I cannot use $5 from previous Quaker deal for new one. I called for manager which told me that I cannot use it that the flier says 1 per customer. I’m confused. Please help. Thanks

    • Danielle

      I have no idea why they would say that. I rolled 3 of these on Friday without any issue (despite my cashier, who scrutinized EVERY word on EVERY coupon…) So you might try a different cashier? I am not sure what the circular said exactly, but you might want to call Wakefern to confirm. Sorry that happened! It’s such a bummer when that happens.

    • Jen

      Hi Tina,

      I also just got back from 2 different ShopRites with 4 transactions and I didn’t have a problem with my catalinas rolling. I hate to say it, but find a friendlier, YOUNGER cashier and it should work. I am actually going back today to stock up on rice cakes for my kids. Good luck:)

      • Victoria

        I second the “younger” cashier” idea. It’s funny, but as you get to be a more ‘seasoned” couponer, you can almost sniff out who is going to give you a hard time and who won’t,lol !

        • Jen

          I third that lol i cashier profile too!

    • Cindy

      Hmm, not sure why they told you that. The coupon is for Quaker products so you are buying Quaker products. If it’s 1 per customer, then another one wouldn’t print (which it will). They can not stop you from buying more as that is exactly what the coupon is for….more Quaker products. Ask them what is it that they would like you to buy with the coupon and why they would print a coupon that says to be used for Quaker products if you can not buy more Quaker products with it.

    • Stacey

      Next time try self checkout.

  • Ayesha

    Love the Quaker deal! Owww! 🙂

  • Christine S.

    I agree, I profile my cashiers. Just part of the strategic shopping.

    I’m going to roll my cat today for more instant, then I’ll use the new $5 for rice cakes.

    Thanks for the tip on the rice cakes, we love them!

  • Victoria

    Anyone else having a hard time getting the webpage to come up???

  • Lynn

    Is anyone having trouble with the link to the new Quaker coupon on AllYou? Each time I click on it, I get an error message and it never shows me the coupon page. Maybe the website is having difficulties today? I tried 2 different browsers and 2 different computers. Same thing 🙁

    • Patricia

      Same problem here….My computer connects, the website says it is loading my coupons and then just keeps running and running….I’m sure it has to be the website. Will try later? Perhaps more luck!

      • Danielle

        I was able to get it printed when it first came out (from my one computer) now I can’t get it to load on the other one… 🙁

  • Hi everyone, just got back from ShopRite, I usually only shop 1 day (saturday’s) but I actually need oatmeal so I need to go out for it tomorrow, I bought the 5 grits, 4 quick and 1 regular homminney got $0.99 each, and used 2 of my Q’s from All You printables, The grits are pretty useless here but we’re going to donate them DH has a friend at work who collects stuff for his church all the time, we give him everything but this will be the first time for food items. We are a bunch of Heathens and only go to church for the big stuff, weddings, christenings, and the like, just like the rest of the bad catholics. Oh any who to my question, The $3 catalina is suppose to print tommorrow with the $10 catalina when we buy all the oatmeal? Thanks for reading through my madness and answering 🙂

    • Oh yea, i got so off track, my $5 Catalina didn’t print, the lady went up to the office and brought me one for $5 off my next order from I think Poland spring (one of the water ones) She’s really nice, I love the new shoprite I go to. The other one the lady was just plain Rude, and instead of having to fight everytime I go I just go to the other one, and that Lady is Awesome, actually so far (2 times only) I’ve had excellent cashiers they don’t scrutinize my coupons but if there not sure they scanned something they just ask me to show it, today the orange juice coupon beeped and we tried all 4 of them. (I only bought 1)