New Printable Coupons on Target Site

There are a few new coupons on the Target Website. All of these coupons are manufacturer coupons and they do not have a Target Logo so they can be used anywhere.  They are all General Mills coupons and they do not say “Do Not Double” on them.

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  • Larrina

    Cindy… I would like to use some of these cereal coupons but I have been having a hard time with Target coupons, even when there are no T logos. I tried using some at Shoprite a few weeks ago and Cashiers were giving me a hard time. I had no way to show them that these coupons are not copied. Is there something I am missing as far as an offer or pin number like on other coupons?


    • Cindy

      These are coupons that are put out by Catalina Marketing. The same company that puts out the catalina coupons from the machine. There is a pin number that runs across the coupon right under where it says manufacturer’s coupon and the expiration date.

      • Larrina

        Thank you…. that must be the one place I didn’t look at 🙂

  • you can get them at they have all the same coupons as the target and more