Reader Questions: How Do You Hand Over Coupons to Cashiers

Reader Sarah has a question that I thought I would pose to all of you.


I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for how to hand over the coupons to the cashier. I find that often times coupons are missed (especially the small ones or the multiples printed off the internet). I tried folding down the corners of the coupons and that seems to help a little bit, but just yesterday one of my Dove coupons was missed. When I hand over a stack of over 20 coupons while I’m trying to bag the groceries it is hard for me to keep an eye on everything (we don’t have self check out). Do you have any tips or do your readers have any tips for how to present the coupons to the cashier in a way that helps to avoid missing some of the coupons?

So, let’s see if you guys have any great tips for Sarah.  Do you have a system for presenting coupons to cashiers?  Or maybe a way to track to be sure that each coupon was deducted?

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  • Lisa

    Such a good question, and something I’ve struggled with. I’ve tried handing them over one by one, but the cashiers seem to get upset by this and ask for them in 1 stack. So, the best thing I can do is put the small ones in the front. But always check your receipts after, and bring them to courtesy if they were not deducted.

  • Dollie

    I use the self check out that way I know the coupons are scanned. It also gives me time to make sure e-coupons come up as expected and make adjustments if I decide not to purchase something.

  • Krista

    I keep all of my coupons that I am using in the front pocket of the coupon organizer and once I have put all of the groceries up on the check out counter I just hand the cashier the whole stack that I am using. That way I can make sure that all coupons are being used while the bagger is bagging our groceries. But, I like the post above about double checking your receipt to make sure all coupons have been used.

  • mandi

    If I have a lot of printables I usually make my coupon pile alternating printable then insert q this way they don’t stick together so much. Another tip….I bring my husband food shopping so while he is bagging groceries I can keep an eye on the coupons.

    • Ashley

      yes i try doing that with my husband. thats what they are good for (if they cannot do the deals for you) lol

  • Gina

    I think the best way is to hand them over one or two at a time but let the cashier know why you are doing that. Or tell the cashier “I have twenty-two coupons. Could you count them as you scan?” My last suggestion is to jot down your coupons and values before you go shopping, then check your receipt before you leave the store. If it is incorrect go to customer service immediately and let them know. If they can’t give you the cash back, they will at least give your coupon back to you.

    • Pat

      Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing;)

  • Ueen

    I use paper clips. I clip like q. This usually forces the cashier to check how many coupons are in each paper clip. I usually calculate how much i expect to pay and if my calculation is way off from what the register is showing i usually ask how many q were scanned.

  • JJ

    I hand over my coupons and wait for my receipt before I start bagging. (That way, if something didn’t add up right, I don’t have to search through bags when I go to CS.)

  • Carson

    I just hand em over before they start scanning the groceries so they know what to expect.

    When I started couponing, I would always just ask the cashier if they could wait for me before scanning the coupons and none of them seemed to mind…especially if I helped out with bagging. Now they’re familiar with me, so they just know to hang loose until after I’m done bagging. The only people that seem to mind are the people in line behind me, but I think they’re just jealous that I’m saving money and they aren’t 🙂

  • chrissybozz

    i do a total of my coupon deductions before i check0ut; especially if i have a wad of coupons on that trip! then, i check the balance at the the end to see if it meshes with my number-target is notorious for not taking off coupons or taking off a smaller number than the coupon is valid for-and i no longer feel bad about taking my time in the checkout line! i often politely tell people that checkout behind me that i have a lot of coupons, so they might want to find another line if they mind waiting!

  • Christina M

    I have a different method depending on the store. Like Krista, I keep all the coupons I am using in the front pocket of my coupon organizer as I shop at Shoprite and like Mandi I alternate the Insert coupons and IP coupons so the IPs don’t stick. My Shoprite asks that you hand over all coupons at the start of the order, sometimes the cashier looks through them right away. I always bag my own stuff so I try to keep an eye on them scanning the coupons but I don’t do it perfectly. I never keep track of exactly how many coupons I am using but when I leave I try to look over my receipt for any $1+ coupons I used.

    At CVS and Rite Aid I hand over my coupons once everything is rung up. At CVS I hand over coupons and ECBs at once (since lately I haven’t really been going there so I am only grabbing 1 -2 items). At Rite Aid I hand over any coupons first (RA or Manufacturer – any $x/xx first of course!) and after they scan my coupons I hand over my up rewards (sometimes all but one of them to make sure I don’t give too much) and I very carefully watch them scan the up rewards. The up rewards come off very slowly and I have had one not be applied (it happened this morning) and I had to have the cashier go back and figure out which one didn’t come off. I would feel really rude handing over one at a time but some cashiers make me want to do that when they are “sure” that all my ups I gave came off but I know they didn’t.

    Other stores I am usually not using many coupons so I hand them over first.

    • Ashley

      Ughh, i experienced the Up situation today. -_-. had everything perferfectly planned everything was comming off untill she said “two dollars”. i gave her an extra Up and then counted after she did applied everything. Read my receipt counted everyone off VS how many i had total (before and after). and went back inside. I appologised and asked to go thru them. offered to buy something (that offered Ups in return) 🙂 moral of the story*** if you know you counted correctly before, it must be correct after. LOL

  • Giovanna

    Usually I organize the items on the counter before checkout, if I am buying a couple of the same items I put them together so that way when the cashier is checking the coupons they can see that I did purchase all the items. This also helps me to quickly bag so when they start with the coupon process I can stand there and watch. I also count the amount of coupons I have before checking out, that way I can scan the receipt at the end and make sure all were scanned. I also organize the coupons before I hand them over, example if I have a store & manu, I put them together, if I have coupons that say “Free” item, I give them to the cashier first so that they can check the price and note it on the coupon. Hope this helps!

  • Erin

    Most stores here want them at the end and in a stack. I don’t have to bag my groceries-they have people to do that. What irks me is the cashiers that print out your recipt and mark off every item you have purchased. It is really time daunting when you have over 50 coupons and e coupons. That has only happened to me once, but I hope it doesn’t ever happen again. She argued with me over a lot of my coupons also. I cashier profile, and then just have my coupons stacked at the end.

  • any BOGO or Free coupons, i put right on top. i put those items on either the very end (if non food) or beginning (food) and tell the cashier which items are BOFO or Free. this makes it easier for them as they wont have to search the entire receipt for what price to adjust. makes it easier on them and you dont look like a rookie haha.

  • judy

    I count the number of coupons I have and I pretty much know what I bought that I had coupons for. When the order is complete I count my receipt for the number of coupons and if there is a problem, The cashier usually sends me to the coutesy counter. But they have always checked and gave me my missing coupons.

  • andy

    I hand them one group of identical ones at a time and watch the screen. This is simple and best as I can catch any errors immediately.
    Also, I alternate between denominations , for example 4 * 0.75 , then 2 * 0.50, then 3 * 0.75 (of something else) – that way it’s clearer on the screen (better than 7 0.75/1 in a row)

  • Emily

    BEFORE I go shopping, i calculate the prices of everything I’m going to buy, and then the price after coupons. When I check out, and they tell me to pay, if the price is more than that (Calculate tax as well!) I know something went wrong, and that either a coupon didn’t scan, or something rang up higher than normal.

    I have pretty much NEVER had a problem from a coupon not scanning. 🙂

  • Bree

    I’m sure I’m not adding anything new but here goes: 🙂

    I try and use self-checkout whenever possible, this way I know all of my coupons will go through and of course, I won’t hit the dreaded DND!

    I also organize like coupons together this way it’s easier to keep track of whether or not they came off. For example, [4] $2 off Dove coupons together, [4] $1 off Wack Mac coupons together, etc.

    Because I do like to keep “like coupons” together, be very careful when it comes to printables because like others have mentioned, they do stick. Sometimes I will fold a few or bend the corners to make sure the cashier gets them all.

    I always hand my coupons over in the order I’d like them to be scanned. If I’m at RA and have a 10% off coupon, I hand that coupon, and only that coupon first. I then give the cashier the rest. I do the same thing when using Baby Bucks at SR.

    I usually don’t bag until AFTER the transaction is complete. I usually have my two girls with me so my 8-year-old will start bagging and do as much as she can, but my attention stays on the register to make sure everything goes through OK.

    Most importantly, I profile my cashiers lol. Even the most diligent cashiers make mistakes and miss a coupon, hey we’re all human right?! But there are certain cashiers that I will go to at my SR, no matter how long the line. I know that they are super careful to make sure all of them scan and they will not hassle me about and analyze every single one. I’ve been through their line enough that they know my coupons are legit.

  • chris

    I plan my purchases weekly. I use old envelopes that I get bills in etc. to put coupons for each store into and label it with the store name. I roughly know what I will pay. On my grocery list I have the number and value of each coupon listed beside the item being purchased. I hand each coupons over separately. This irritated some cashiers esp. at SR. A few have asked for the coupons all at once. I refused and they don’t bother asking anymore. There’s a bench by the exit door and I usually sit down and go over the bill and if there are any discrepancies I go directly to CS.

  • Victoria

    I try to be as helpful as possible in bagging and such. I try to always have my coupons etremely organized. When they ask if I have any I say yes, and then continue helping with the bagging. Then I hand them over 4 at a time (like coupons) or however many I have of that “like” coupon, 2 or 3. I alway tell them I need to go through them because they didn’t have some items I wanted and those coupons are in with the pile. I never hand the stack because they always miss at least one or two. I have founf that being helpful with bagging lessens any tension,lol!!

  • kc

    – I usually like to hand the IP’s to the cashier as he/she is scanning coupons because of the sticking. As long as you have a nice cashier, I have found they don’t mind being handed one coupon at a time – I also like to tell them that I have to go through my coupons because I have coupons for items I didn’t purchase (SR seems to always want the coupons when you hand them your price plus card in the beginning of your transaction)

  • Patti M

    This is a great questions and the answers are great too…always something to learn and new things to try.

    For me, THE most important part of handing over the coupons is checking the receipt before I leave the store. Not only for Qs used but also for correct prices. I’ve often found incorrect prices and go right to customer service…when this happens at SR they give you the item for free so it’s totally worth the two minutes it takes to double check everything, IMO.

    My other tip…After I’m finished shopping and before I head to checkout, I stand over on the side (like a geek!) somewhere and take out my Q envelope and double check that I have all the Qs I’d planned on using pulled out. In the past I have forgotten to take out a coupon for an item or two, especially if it’s an item that is not on my list but more of an impromptu purchase after seeing the item and the price. Of course, after I realized this I wanted to KICK myself when I get home so this is now my method to preventing that!

    • Patti M

      …since other have mentioned it…yes, I always bag my own. Also, I try to be super nice to the cashier. Many of them know me and expect the coupons at this point. Also, (I’m on a roll now) if I have a Q or a deal that I have any question about, I always ask at cust service first…trying to circumvent an uh-oh moment at checkout.

      • Benee

        I stand to the side like a “geek” also and count my coupons. LOL

        • Patti M

          LOL Benee…I’m glad it’s not just me!!

    • Shira

      haha! I hide on a random quiet isle to figure out and count coupons, put them in order with doubler last.

      Biggest thing I do: LITTLE SHOPS! I only use 4 coupons that I can double, a doubler and any non-double coupons. Anything without coupons can be bought in any transaction ( I try get that stuff on with the coupons that require a $10 minimum). That way I can read my receipt and track what coupon is for what when reading it. Sometimes I walk in and out of the store 4-5 times just to get everything I want with doubles. Or I go 2 times 2 days in a row.

  • cheryl manna

    I have noticed that the cashiers seperate the internet coupons from the newspaper clipped ones. So I now hand them to the cashier already segregated. In addition, I list the coupon and its value next to the item on my shopping list so I can keep track of my reimbursements due, plus ensure that I don’t make an error by buying the wrong quantity or product size as stipulated on the coupon. If I have any problem with coupons not being applied, customer service has always been very cooperative with refunding me the money owed. I have to mention one disturbing occurence though. Recently hubby ran to the store for me (flu). He had 2 coupons, one for the free excedrin, and another for a free advil (this was spit out of the ShopRite register on a previous trip). The cashier POCKETED the free advil q and never applied it to the order. HMMMMM, nice way to make side money. Luckily he caught this on the receipt before he left the store and went right to customer service. They refunded him the value of the product without question. He also swears that there were coupons printed out of the register that the cashier put to the side instead of handing to him, he questioned this but was told that there wasn’t anyhting to be given to him. Curious, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, giving the benefit of the doubt, it could have been the store’s copy of the credit card receipt. Just food for thought for everybody to have something else now to keep a lookout for.

    • Karen

      Obviously the pocketing is really bad, but as for the putting coupons aside, i think this may be innocent. This happened to me once, and the cashier said that because most people don’t want the coupons that print out at checkout (go figure!?!) that she collected them to trash. She handed them to me when I said I wanted them all!!

  • JulieR

    I usually only shop at ShopRite (Morris Plains). My Mom and I have a system worked out and it has been working great for years. Every coupon we clip gets a small mark on it (in case there’s a question of a coupon not scanning). We create the list online at and print it. We note which items we have coupons for and write the amounts on the list. I use an old checkbook register to hold the coupons I plan to use. Before I get to the cashier I count the number of coupons I’m using and write the number on top of the list. I give the cashier my PricePlus card and then my stack of coupons. I usually put the free and BOGO coupons on top. When I get my receipt I count the number of coupons. If it doesn’t match I tell the cashier to pull my coupon based on the mark on it and then I go to customer service. I think it helps a lot to “profile” your cashier. (I like that term! LOL) I always try to go to the same one no matter how long her line is. She knows me, I know her. She trusts that I purchased the correct item and I trust that she scanned my coupons correctly. The only coupons she doesn’t double are those starting with 9. Sometimes she even gives me tips on peelies or marked down items. When she was out sick a few weeks ago the cashier shorted me almost $7 in coupons. I went to customer service and got my money. The cashier was reprimanded.

  • Leanna

    I fan my coupons out and hand them to the cashier that way, instead of in a pile.

    I mostly do small orders, so I generally don’t have more than 10 coupons per transaction. This probably wouldn’t work as well if you have a ton of coupons.

    Also, like some other people, I tend to have already calculated exactly how much my total will be. So, if it’s off, I will usually know.

  • Trish

    I count my coupons before I check out and then I count the deductions on the receipt to make sure they all came off. I alternate the coupons by size 4 large/4 small/ 4 large/4 small so it is easier to separate and not lose the small ones–if there are particularly “sticky” coupons in a group of four I fan them out. I always try to thank the cashier and they are really good about not missing any!!!

  • Gina

    I try to alternate between printed and clipped, this seems to cut down on skipped coupons b/c there are never 2 like ones back-to-back and different ones are less likely to stick together. It also makes for a messier pile, which makes the cashier pay more attention to handling the pile.

  • Jennifer W

    I had a coupon missed once and said never again! From that point on, I always tell the cashier that I have coupons and when it is time to give them the coupons I let them know that “I am going to give you a few at a time because I like to make sure that everything goes through okay.” I then give like coupons and state how many of them there are…then I watch and listen for the correct number of beeps. But also letting them know how many you just handed them also helps them to make sure they scan the correct number. For example, if I purchased 4 oatmeal and have 4 oatmeal coupons, I will hand only those 4 at a time and state “There are 4 of these for the oatmeal.” Then if I purchased 8 cereal, I’ll hand them the 8 coupons and once again state, “There are 8 of these for the cereal.” I continue to do this until all coupons have been used. I’ve never had a problem since with coupons being missed, nor have I had a problem with a cashier being rude about it. But, the first thing I ALWAYS do with the cashier is strike up friendly conversation with them as they are scanning my groceries and I ALWAYS have a HUGE smile on my face. I think it tends to help them have a positive attitude towards me and they are more willing to work with me! Hope this helps…just remember the friendlier you are with someone, the friendlier they are with you! Don’t feel embarrased about handing over a couple at a time….as a customer, essentially you are the boss. Just always try to be a nice and friendly boss and as long as you explain why you want to do the coupons this way, then 99% of the time, they’ll be understanding!!

    • Rachel

      I second the smiling and being cheerful going a long way. They appreciate it so much and it really does catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 🙂

  • Cindy

    I have the best SR around. Most of the cashier’s are wonderful. Most understand that taking coupons is part of their job so they do it. The managers walk around the store helping the customers and the customer service desk is also very nice and helpful as well. There are a few (very few) cashier’s that I will never check out with because they are just down right mean, so I just don’t get in their line. Ok, now that I said that here’s what I do… (1) I look for a cashier that likes me and doesn’t mind that I have coupons. (2) I make friendly conversation with them and remember their name. I say hello even when I’m not in their line. (3) I try to bag as offen as I can to help. (4) My store has a limit of 4 coupons per item so I keep to the rules. This really helps because if I have 4 each of 10 different items for a total of 40 items I will have the same in coupons. I tell the cashier I have 40 coupons and 40 items. I watch when it rings up and I look at my receipt when finished.

    • Patti M

      Yes, yes and YES, Cindy!!

  • Jennifer K.

    At Shoprite, I always hand over my whole stack and just say something like, “I have a lot of coupons. Be careful – some of them are sticky!” And then I just trust in the abilities of the cashier to do their job and on The Lord to supply all my needs!

    At Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreen’s – I always hand them over one at a time. Especially with UP rewards. Only because I don’t want to hand over too many and I also want to control the order that I use them – the highest value ones first.

  • Cindy

    Most SR stores that I know of have a limit of 4 coupons per item so I keep to the rules. This really helps because if I have 4 each of 10 different items for a total of 40 items I will have the same in coupons. I tell the cashier I have 40 coupons and 40 items. I watch when it rings up to make sure they double and I look at my receipt when finished. This works well for me.

  • Rachel

    Wow, everyone has such great tips! I really appreciate this posting.

  • Donna

    When I shop at Stop & Shop, I always use the self check-out. That way I do them myself and nothing is missed. My favorite check-out method, but ShopRite’s sales are much better.
    At ShopRite, you cannot scan your own coupons in the self check-out, but have to give them to the cashier at the end of the order. At the regular check-outs there, they want the coupons before they start scanning. I put the larger (usually internet) coupons on the bottom of the pile and the smaller ones on top. I give all my coupons a “crumple”. LOL This way they don’t stick together. I don’t bag and I stand there and make sure every coupon is scanned and registers the correct amount. I am a stickler and I most definitely profile the cashiers! 😉

  • Jem

    I usually put the coupons on top of each corresponding product on the belt. But if I have one of those $5/$30, then I just hand them all at once with the $/$ on top.

  • With IPs, what helps is if you take each coupon, cut it out, and then crumple it between your hands. When they’re slightly crushed and then flattened, they don’t stick together.

    If I can use a self-checkout and scan them myself, I do. Otherwise, I just keep track of how many coupons I’m using and how much should come off, and watch the register as the coupons are scanned, to make sure that all of them come off properly. If I can’t see the screen, I count the beeps as the cashier scans.

    With Ups and Extra Bucks, I lay them out in a column on the counter while the cashier is scanning the manufacturer coupons, so that each barcode is clearly visible and they can be scanned with the hand scanner or picked up and scanned individually. I always apologize to new cashiers for being so obsessive about the way they’re laid out, but most of them have said they actually like it, since it makes the coupons much easier to scan. 🙂

    • Pat

      I have read all the ways frugal shoppers hand over their coupons. I think your idea of laying them out is best! It’s just like handing them one @ a time!
      Thanks for posting;)

  • Ann

    I have the insert coupons separate from the internet coupons. For the inserts I put smaller ones in front and larger in back. For the internet coupons I alternate vertical/horizontal alignment (like you do for a stack of various paperwork).

  • Tracy W

    I always shop on Sunday morning…and I go to the same one or two cashiers who I am friendly with and they take their time and flip them over one at a time then scan them .I have never had a problem that way .BUT if they are not there it never goes smoothly !!!!

  • Michele

    I organize my list before I go so I know what OOP to expect. I make adjust to my list while at the store if something is added or at a different price. I usually sop and organize in a corner (out of the way of other shoppers) and organize what I am using. When we get in line DH bags while I hand over the coupons. I count each coupon that is scanned. I like to put known beepers like bogos/free or mystery beeps on top and let them know in advance. I crinkle the IP’s so they don’t stick together. Ones that might produce overage or dnd5’s go last.

  • PK

    Self Checkout, Self Checkout, Self Checkout. I’m a bit of a control freak. My husband scans the products and I watch to make sure all the sale prices are correct, then I hand him the coupons one-by-one to make sure they all scan.

  • I count the number of coupons I’m going to use and add up the dollar amount before I go to a cash register. When I hand over my coupons, I tell the cashier how many coupons I have and what I expect the final bill to be. It seems to work because one day at Target, the cashier said, “I must have missed one because I only counted 11”. Since I told her there were 12, she was keeping track. It works for me. So far, that is.

  • Jen From Philly

    i didn’t read all of the comments so i don’t know if these were said before..

    I always crinkle printables like i would a new dollar bill, so they don’t stick. But the best thing i’ve found is to make sure i know exactly how many coupons i’ve handed her. If i’m still bagging, i try to listen and count the beep of each coupon.

    Usually i know within a dollar or so if my total is right, but if it’s off i am able to easily check the receipt to make sure all my coupons were scanned.

  • Veronica

    I always hand them one coupon at a time. I haven’t had any cashiers that seemed upset yet or even asked why. It is so much easier then realizing a coupon was missed and then have to go to customer service and then they have to go to the register and search through the cashier’s coupons anyway.

  • Isa Aviad

    At my Walgreen’s I have great relationships with the gals at Cosmetics and always ring up there. I have a system and lay everything out on the glass fragrance case. We joke that it is my “office”.

    I lay out each transaction and face the bar codes towards the scanner. I also lay out the coupons for them to scan (they do all this with the hand held wand) or I even hold them one by one for them to scan. This way I have already calculated my coupon to # of items ration to avoid unnecessary beeps, and I immediately bag everything from that transaction. I may have 5 or 6 different transactions laid out this way and only tell them I am “ready” when I truly am. That way they go about their tagging, etc., until it is time. It saves me the stress of feeling pressured, it allows me to run for extra fillers I may discover that I need, it gives easy pauses to ring up other customers between my transactions, and it allows me to stay super organized. It is impossible for a coupon to be missed this way.

    When I am finished, I always calculate my OOP from the receipts and add up my RR earned to share with the gals. They get a kick out of it and I usually rib them about having charged me so much money!! ha ha ha

  • Katy

    I crinkle each coupon a little bit ahead of time so that they won’t stick together, like 20s from the ATM. Then I just hand over the stack whenever they ask for it.

  • Rebecca

    I separate my store /newspaper/imternet. Store on top then newspaper by size and then internet. I had a cashier thank me for doing it that way the other week. I also kind of crumple my internet q’s on one side so that they don’t stick. I too am a geek lol. i stop and go through them all before I get into line and I also profile the cashiers lol. One more thing I like to do is tell them I have alot of q’s and thank them in advance for being patient with them. Always be nice to your cashier!!! The nicer you are the nicer they will be with your q’s!

  • Nichole

    First I get all my groceries on the belt.
    Then I present my store discount card.
    I wait to hand over my stack until they are done scanning.
    I stack my coupons, first the ones that need the values to be filled by cashier (I remember how much they are), then any store coupons (spend 50 save X), then over a dollar coupons, then last coupons that should double (that has been the thing I question most lately because they don’t always double what they should and now they calculate the doubled portion so it’s just free and not giving any overage.

  • Cathie

    Wow. I’m glad I’m not a cashier. I usually just check my receipt at home after my trip. I double-check the envelope that I brought my coupons in, to make sure I didn’t inadvertently forget to hand it over, and if I didn’t forget, but didn’t get credited, I just take my receipt back to S/R. I’ve never had a problem with them believing me. This actually just recently happened, and I went back about 4 days later, and pointed out to the CS attendant that I had a coupon for everything on my receipt, but one wasn’t credited. (It was a $3 q. at that!) She gave me a store credit, and remarked how she needed to start using coupons, because she sees so many people saving so much $$!
    I am very careful when using my +UP’s though, because 2x now I’ve had them scan my last +UP (rendering it “used”) and then it beeped because the final amount was less than $1 + tax. Luckily, they’ve pushed them through on the next sale, but still.

  • Sarah

    This is Sarah – the original post….Thank you all for your responses – I hope it has helped others as well. We don’t have self checkout 🙁 and my SR asks for coupons at the beginning of the order. I also shop at night while my husband stays with our children. The problem seems to be that there is a revolving door of high schoolers that work nights and no baggers 🙁 Thank you for the tips – I think I just have to be more proactive with counting the number of coupons I plan to use and checking the receipt for this number before I leave the store. Customer service knows me all too well as I am known for my rain check requests! I like the idea of marking the coupons as well in case customer service questions my complaint about them not being taken off. I’ll also have to profile more as I’ve encountered some newly trained staff that are fans of the dreaded DND button!!! Thank you for your tips and Cindy thank you for posting – happy couponing everyone!

  • I alternate the coupons, so the turned ones don’t get lost. I also only go to young teenage boys/men cashiers, they seem to be nicer and won’t challenge a woman. My pet peeve lately is: cashiers that text or check their cell phones will doing your order and cashiers that almost “expect” you to bag while they are ringing up the items. I work hard all day, walk around the store for an hour, pushing a full wagon and the last thing I want to do is pack. Their poor hands can’t be that tired pushing groceries across the scanner. I have now learned to let them do it. I don’t get paid for packing, for goodness sake, I have to load it into my car, carry it into the house and put it away.

  • Margaret R.

    When we went this week I had a cashier who checked everything! I actually found that to be better for me because I knew every coupon was being checked and processed. At first I was annoyed and then thought about it and realized it was a good thing! I like going to the teenage boys lines if I’m in a hurry, though! LOL!

    • Ethel

      I like the teenage boys too! Lol. They don’t give you attitude. They don’t even look at your coupons…they just Scan them.