Reader Shopping Trip: Dollar General

Beth headed to Dollar General to for a Couponing for a Cause donation shopping trip.  And, she did not spend a single penny!  This is what she wrote in her email….

Just got back from my first shopping trip to Dollar General. I went there to get stuff to donate. It was a success! I got 17 items for $0.00 OOP.

Before the cashier rang anything up I asked if the store had a coupon policy that limited the number of coupons I could use. She told me there was no limit. It turns out that the cash register machine disagreed with the cashier. She ended up having to ring up each Kotex coupon as a separate transaction. It was a few extra steps, but the cashier did it happily.

10 Kotex panty liners ($1.00 each – regular price)
7 Quaker Quick Oats ($1.00 each – regular price)

Coupons Used:
5 – $2 off 2 Kotex
7 – $1 off Quaker Oats

Total OOP = $0.00


And I do too!!  🙂

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  • Bree

    Nice job Beth!

    Question though, for Beth or anyone else that shops DG – I can only use 1 coupon per transaction (w/o beeping)? Might make a trip there and want to be prepared. :o)

    • Beth

      It was weird. All 7 Quaker coupons scanned fine in one transaction, but it would only allow 1 Kotex coupon per transaction (maybe because it was a high value coupon??). The cashier and manager couldn’t push them through so they just split it for me.

  • Bree

    BTW DG has various kinds of Gain softener for $3 or under so get ready for those Sunday $3 off coupons!

  • CJ

    Where did you get the $2/2 Kotex coupons?

    • Beth

      In the 1/16 SS.

      • CJ

        That coupon is for pads, not pantyliners. The few times I’ve tried to use pad coupons on pantyliners they’ve gotten rejected.

        • Beth

          I have also used this coupon at Walmart for the exact same item as I bought at Dollar General. They took it at both places. – I’m sorry that you have had trouble with that coupon.

  • Marnie

    That is one awesome deal. I agree, I love coupons too.

  • Danielle

    Shop Rite also has a whole bunch of Quaker stuff like those oatmeal packs for $1, if anyone doesn’t have a Dollar General and wants to try something like this. 🙂 Great idea for donations!

  • T

    where are you getting the $1 Quaker coupons?

    • Beth

      I think I got it from the 1/2 RP.