Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid

Who can resist all the great deals at Rite Aid this week.  Sarah made a few trips to Rite Aid herself.

I just wanted to tell you about (and thank you for) my awesome shopping trip at Riteaid yesterday! I got a ton of stuff and walked away with more money than I started with! Since my husband got a 20% pay cut a couple of weeks ago, we really need all the help we can get. Your website has helped so much! Thank you!

Also, I am excited that, after 2 months of couponing, I finally have my stockpile big enough that I have extra to donate!  On that note, I am curious if you know whether or not animal shelters take donations. I can not have a dog because of my landlord, but was wondering if I could get the free treats and stuff to give to a shelter.

Here are my 4 different Trans. I actually went to 3 different RiteAid: a) so I didn’t feel as bad about buying multiples, and b) because I am a sissy and cannot stand to have cashiers and other customers give me bad looks for taking up their time

Transaction #1 Bought:
(2) Halls Cough drops 2/$3
(3) Lays Stax $3
(2) Chex mix 2/$3
(2) Edys Ice Cream $5.98
(2) Dixie Plates (bogo) $3.99
(2) Stayfree (bogo) $3.99

Total: $22.96

Coupons Used:
$4/$20 Video Values
$3/2 Dixie Plats VV
(2) $1 off Halls (I don’t remember when or where I printed these, but they beeped. They said “any Halls” so the Cashier pushed them through)
$50 off Halls VV
(2) $50 off Chex VV (Jan. & Feb.)
$1 off Chex (Safeway Joys of Football book)
$1 off Dixie (Safeway Joys of Football book)
Bogo Stayfree
6 +Ups
Paid: $0.71
Received: $15 +Ups (Lays, Chex, Edys, 5/15 food)

Transaction #2 Bought:
(2) Colgate Total $5.98
(4) Afrin $23.96

Total: $29.94

Coupons Used:

(4) $3 off Afrin
(2) $1 off Colgate
16 +Ups (15 from Trans. 1 and 1 from last week)
Paid: $0.02
Received: 20 +Ups

Transaction #3 Bought:
(2) Chex Mix 2/$3
Smuckers Jam $1.99
(2) Jiffy $3.98
Angel Soft 4 pk $.97
(5) Colgate $14.95

Total: $24.98

Coupons Used:
$.50/2 Chex
(5) $1 Colgate
$1/2 Jiff
18 +Ups (from last trans)
Paid: $1.35
Received: 25 +Ups (Colgate, Smuckers, Jiffy, Chex, and $10 healthy heart)

Transaction #4 Bought:
(5) Lays Stax

Coupons Used:
5 +Ups
Paid: $0
Received: 5 +Ups

Started with 7 +Ups. Paid $2.08 OOP.  Ended with $25 + Ups and $82 worth of products! Plus I now have $57 towards my $100 winter rewards!

Great job Sarah.  And yes, animal shelters do take donations.  And don’t worry about those bad looks from others.  Stand proud and know that you are saving so much for your family!  I mean, honestly, how can you pay full price.  It’s crazy!

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  • liz

    nice job. most animal shelters take donations of any food/treats/etc. even if expired. mine also are very thankful for cleaning products, paper towels, etc.

  • Devon

    Local animal shelters love donations… When my oldest daughter was in the 2nd grade we raised money to buy supplies and took over $280 in items to them… yes they need dog/cat food but also can use paper towels clorox etc… My local animal shelter was able to provide me with a wish list…

  • Rebecca

    WOW! Awesome job! I am just starting out and still trying to figure out the multiple transaction thing.

  • Kelli

    Great job! I made a few trips to Rite Aid too this week, with the hubby (who has his own Wellness card). We scored great deals!!!!

    Love Rite Aid!

  • sheena

    I’m new to this and I was wondering what Ups are?

  • Flo

    Wow.. what a great deal! I havent had the chance to go yet!

    I cant seem to find my dixie coupon 🙁

  • Jay

    For next time.. you could also have used a $1/1 printable StayFree coupon on that first transaction 😉

  • Bree

    Great job Sarah!

    The Lays are $1 and producing a $1 UPR … am I understanding that correctly? If so, what’s the limit?

    I did the deal earlier in the week with the ice cream, plates, and Lays – didn’t try to do the Lays seperately.

    • Bree

      Got the answer to my question :o)

  • Anna

    Just out of curiosity. Did you do all transaction in one day?

    • Sarah T

      I did them all in the same day, but at different stores. I am lucky to have multiple riteaids close to my home.

  • Maggie

    I am very wimpy about doing multiple transactions at the same store also. I always feel rushed and tend to forget coupons so I just to go different stores.

  • Kathy

    Great job Sarah!!
    I am a Rite Aid employee. Don’t even think about the cashier or other people giving you any looks….they are just jealous they are not such a smart shopper…..and the cashier, they get paid to do their job!!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Paige

    I have a question that I was hoping someone could help me with. So my Rite Aid’s are all out of the Lays ( I went to 3 diff ones, made sure to get a rain check). But we need chips for a birthday party on Saturday. So I got 7 of the pringles 2/3 (regular price 2.29) and I used 3 $1/2 coupons. But there was a sign that said get $5 up reward when you buy $15. 7 x 2.29= 16.03. Does this work on the shelf price or the sale price? I was going to call the 1800 riteaid number but wanted to be sure before I spoke with them. Thanks in advance.

    • erika

      Up offers like “Buy $15 get a $5 up reward” are based on sale price, so 7x $1.50= $10.50. You would have had to buy 3 more at $1.50 to hit $15.

    • Lisa C

      You can get a raincheck at Rite Aid? I never thought of that….I’ve been to my Rite Aid 2 times already….no luck in the Lays, they told me their next shipment is tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

      • Angela

        Lisa, I don’t think rainchecks apply to UP rewards. In other words, you get a raincheck for the Lays at the current cost of $1.00. You come back next week (different sale is going on at this point) and find new stock of Lays, and while they will honor the raincheck of $1.00 of each canister of Lays, the UPs will not come out of the register because it was not purchased during the week of the sale. That’s my understanding.

        • Anonymous

          Lays stax are listed as a rite aid monthly reward. (Michelle on Jan 30 posted the list of food items that are included) My question is do you think if you got a raincheck for the sale price it would still produce the 1 up since it is on the list as a reward that runs for the month of February, or is my understanding of the monthly reward off-it only runs when rite aid promotes it example this week is the lays next week it will be something else off the list? Hope this makes sense

      • Sarah T

        Angela is right that most of the time +Ups do not work for rainchecks, but in this case, the +Up and the weekly sale are not connected. The 1 +Up is a monthly deal so as long as you use your raincheck before the deal runs out, it should work.

        • Lisa C

          I was able to score some Lays yesterday mainly because they were stocking the shelves from the truck that just came in, I am going to go back today and get a raincheck, because I am sure they will be out!

  • Lori

    If transaction #2 had another toothpaste in it (making the total over $30), would it have qualified for the Healthy Heart $10 reward? Thanks for everything you do.

    • Sarah T

      Hi Lori, I know you directed your question at Cindy, but I think I can answer it for you. The answer is yes, if I had bought one more toothpaste is would have gotten my reward that time. However, since the Healthy Heart reward does not have to be bought all in one transaction, I decided to wait so that I did not have to pay more money out of pocket, and I could use +Ups for it. If you look at trans. #3 you will see that I did finally get my Healthy Heart +Up.

      • Lori

        Thanks so much for the answer back. It’s so nice that everyone helps out here. The funny thing is, that I didn’t know if the Healthy Heart had to be purchased in 1 transaction, so I called Rite Aid. They told me it did. I was so confused, thanks for clearing it up! 🙂

  • Anna

    Last week I bought 15 Lays Stax. After coupons I paid $13. I though that I received 15 $1.00 up rewards but just now I noticed that there is also 1 $5 up reward. Super…