Reader Shopping Trip: ShopRite

ShopRite never fails us for great deals each week.  And, reader Heather took advantage of them.

Trip to Shoprite on Sunday the 30th to use the coupons I had and pick up a few things that my family needed. I impressed the young male cashier with my total and he was super supportive. Thank you to your blog I have gotten back on track to saving my family money and enjoying it.

(2) Feline Pine Litter – 1.99 each
(3) Hormel Chili Magic – 1.00 each
(2) Carnation Evap Milk – .79 Each
(4) PD Egg Noodles – .99 Each
(4) Frenchs Spicy Brown Mustard – 1.49 each
(4)Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce – 1.49 each
(4) Bottles of Coke Product – 1.00 each
(1) Sunbeam Bead – 1.69
(1) Wise Cheese Doodles – 1.49 (Not in Picture)
(1) Hard Rolls – 1.69 (Needed for Dinner)
(2) Butterball Ground Turkey – 1.79 each
(2) Johnsonville Bratwurst – 3.50 each
(2) Johnsonville Smoked Turkey Links – 2.99 each
(1) Shoprite Grape Tomatoes – 1.67
(2) Heluva Good Sour Cream Dip – 1.29 each
(3) Pillsbury Grand Biscuts – .99 each
(4) Chiobani Yogurt – 1.00 each

Subtotal Before PP and Coupons – $119.76

Shoprite Super Coupons Used:
(1) .98/1Whole Grape Tomatoes
(1) 1.10/1 Sunbeam Bread
(1) 2.38/1 Whole Chicken Legs
(1) .80/1 Heluva Good Dip

Manufactures Coupon Used:
(4) .75/1 Franks Wing Sauce
(4) .75/1 Frenchs Brown Mustard
(4) .30/1 Chiobani Yogurt
(2) .55/1 Johnsonville Smoked Links
(2).55/1 Johnsonville Brats
(1) .50/2 Carnation Milk
(2) .75/1 Butterball Ground Turkey
(2) 1.50/1 Feline Pine Litter
(3) .75/1 Hormel Chili Magic
(4) .55/1 Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Noodles
(1) .30/1 Pillsbury Grands Cell Fire Coupon
(1) .40/3 Pillabury Grands

Deducted Price Plus $43.01
Deducted using Double Coupons $37.99

Total Paid $22.68 with Tax

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  • mary

    Hi Heather Great trip!

    Where did you find the feline pine coupons? I have never seen any.

  • Paige

    Glad that you were able to get the Feline Pine. Our store was sold out, and when I asked for a rain check from customer service she called over the manager to see if it was in the back of the store, and I ended up having words with the manager. He started lectuing me about how much money his store will lose if everyone wants rainchecks for sale items. He actually yelled at me! Don’t worry…I won’t be back to his store.

  • Melissa

    The manager on duty at my Shop Rite refused to take my PD noodle coupons, insisting they were photocopied. Of course they weren’t! Has anyone else had this problem??

    • Lis

      My Shop Rite claimed they were copied as well since all the barcode numbers were the same. I spoke to the manager and he honored them after I said I would put everything back and go to another store.

  • Sabina

    Is this store available in Erie?
    I’m new. How do i find it?

  • John

    I went to 2 different Shoprites to get the Feline Pine with the coupons I had. First one was out and the second one was also empty on the shelf but had a few bags up top not yet put out. From what I was told at both stores, they are apparently not going to carry it anymore which is why they were selling it at 1/2 price – before coupons of course. Glad I was able to get some.