Reader Shopping Trips: Rite Aid, Dollar General and Kroger

Chia headed to Rite Aid to use up some expiring UP Rewards and Rain Checks.  She also couldn’t resist the Free Gain at Dollar General.  Here is what she picked up:

Rite Aid:

2-24pk Poland spring 2/$7 (one is not in the picture)
6- rite aid tissues @ $1.99
3- Gain softener @ $2.99 (paid $2.69 w 10% off)
1 dozen eggs $1.59

Coupons used:
$3 off $15 (check your email)
3 $3 gain coupons
$4 up rewards
Rain check for free tissues from a month ago
Paid .$90 (.24 was tax) received $1 up for water

Dollar General:

4-60 ct. Gain dryer sheets @ $2.75
1 plastic forks $1 (to catch the overage)

Coupons Used:
4 $3 gain coupons
Paid $.84 that’s tax

This is a store I’ve never shopped at but you posted the Gain deal this week and I had to stop by.

I really didn’t pay for anything today. That is really awesome!!! I did go to Big Lots to get 2 new coupon holders for $2. My old ones are falling apart. I started couponing heavily when I had my baby and the formulas were so expensive and I was working only 2-3 days. I would buy tho bogo catalina coupons off eBay and used them at Pathmark when they were accepting competitors coupons. And, I would use the formula checks that were sent from the manufacturer on top of it. I saved so much and I said to myself “if I am not making the money, might as well save the money.” I love your blog because you do the Shoprite match ups even though my store only doubles to $1.

Reader Maureen made a stop at Kroger’s.  She’s a couponing newbie and did an awesome job.

I went to Kroger on Monday to take advantage of their Daytona 500 deal. Below is a list of everything I got and the coupons I used. I am new to couponing and have only been doing it for about a month, but I can’t believe how much I am saving already. I was so excited by my savings that I forgot my PIN number for my debit card at the register and had to let me husband complete the transaction.


13 Cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Spaghetti and Meatball- $0.99 each*
2 Cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup- $1.59 each*
1 Pack of Pilsbury Ready to Bake Cookies- on sale for $2.49*
1 Betty Crocker Dessert Bar- $1.99*
1 Country Crock Butter- $2.49*
1 Kraft Barbeque Sauce- $0.99*
1 General Mills Cheerios- $2.49*
1 General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch- $2.49*
15 Totino’s Frozen Pizza $1*
4 Totino’s Pizza Rolls*
2lbs Tomatoes on the vine- $1.49/lb
2 Blue Bell Ice Cream- $3.33
1 Gillette body wash- on closeout for $2.50
1 Mahatma rice (2lb)- $1.99
1 Colgate toothpaste- $0.98

*- items were part of the buy 10 save $3 instantly and get $3 coupon promotion

Coupons Used:
Country Crock butter was free from playing the online instant win game from Kroger
1 $0.55 on Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Kroger coupon)
1 $0.40 on pizza rolls (Kroger coupon)
1 $2 on Gillette body wash (Kroger coupon)
1 $0.50 on 2 cans of Campbell’s Chunky soup (doubled)
1 $0.50 on Colgate (doubled)
1 $1 on Pillsbury ready to bake cookies
2 $0.40 on pizza rolls (doubled)
1 $1.25 on 4 Totino’s pizzas
1 $1 on 5 Totino’s pizzas
2 $0.50 on 3 Totino’s pizzas (doubled)
1 $1 on Betty Crocker Dessert Bars
1 $1 on 2 General Mills cereals
1 $2 on Gillette body wash
2 $1 on Blue Bell ice cream

4 $3 off your next Kroger purchase coupons (my husband went back the next day and used these to buy 5 packages of the Hillshire Farms smoked sausage that was on sale for $1.99 each during the 4 day sale)

Total: $35.56

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  • Christina Mathers

    I too have 5 week old on formula and it is expensive. Chia, I was wondering what you were referring to regarding the BOGO catalina coupons on ebay? Just looking to save money on formula because my little girl goes thru a lot!

  • chia

    I don’t know if any of your store in your area accepting competitor’s coupon. Pathmarks took them back then when my baby was on formulas. She used Enfamil or Good start. You can search for formulas coupons on eBay. They are the catalinas from stores where people received them but don’t need them. They have the store logos on them. You can try if Wal-Mart would accept them. I heard some of them do.