Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

David and his family rocked it at the ShopRite Dollar Day sales this week.  Here’s what he had to say…

None of this would be possible without the great work of Cindy and all the others here on this site. It took three of us to do all of this, had my son pack and keep track of the canvas bags used, my wife putting the offers and transactions on the belt in order and I kept an eye on the orders as they rang up and made sure I used the right coupons. All this with three other boys on three separate carts. Even though I forgot to tell the cashier about a $10 Baby bucks, we didn’t do too bad: nearly $200 worth of groceries for only $40.

For some reason I received more $3 Catalina’s than what I expected. I should have received 48 for 12 offers, but got 53 of them. I’m looking forward to next week’s dollar sale. The hardest part of all this was laying out all the shopping out on the kitchen table and then having to rebag it to bring it downstairs to the pantry. After looking at all the stuff on the table, my wife was finally amazed at how much we got for only $40. She immediately began to email the picture to her family. The second picture is of the pantry downstairs after we packed everything away. Prior to mid-January when I first came across this site the counter was empty and only used for laundry. The lower and upper cabinets and some space above was used to store most of the groceries. Currently the entire counter is full, the space above the upper cabinets are packed and there is spillage on the floor: (5) large milk crates and (12) shopping bags full of groceries and other products. Mostly all purchased within the last four weeks some free and close to free. Also the refrigerator freezer is packed to the max, even have boxes inside the ice maker. We are now looking into purchasing a freezer for downstairs next to the pantry.

Again thank you for helping us in this difficult financial times with four boys and only one income due to the economic recession. I believe in this month we spent the same amount of money as before but have gotten more than nearly double the amount of food. I’m speculating that next month the groceries budget may be half due to the huge stockpile we have so far and not having to make so many trips to Shoprite. This would be a great blessing and allow us to pay off some debt in larger amounts and sooner.


(1)Dove deodorant  2.50
(3)Ragu Sauce, 1.33ea  4.00
(2)Wishbone Salad Dr., $2ea  4.00
(1)Lipton Tea Bags  3.00

Coupons Used:
(1)$2 Dove deo. -2.00
(1)$1/2 Wish-bone -1.00
(1)$1/2 Ragu -1.00

(4)Dole Fruit Bowls 4pk, 2.50ea  10.00
(2)Dole Fruit Jar, 2.50a   5.00

Coupons Used:
(4).50/1 Dole Fruit Bowls -4.00
(2).75/1 Dole Fruit Jar -2.00

(2)Clorox Liq. Bl.,1.50ea  3.00
(4)Glad Cling Wrap, 1.50ea  6.00
(1)Glad PressNSeal Wrap  2.00

Coupons Used:
(1)$1 Clorox -1.00

(2)Splenda No Cal. Sw, 4.00ea  8.00
(1)Splenda Br. Sugar  4.00

Coupons Used:
(3)$1 Splenda -3.00

Total for transaction 1: $ 51.50
(1)$10 BabyBucks reward -10.00
Coupons -14.00

TOTAL 27.50 -48cat= 20.50MM


(4)Pom. Red Wine Vin, 1.25ea  5.00
(4)Pom. Cooking Wine, 1.25ea  5.00

Coupons Used:
(4).50/1 Pomeian -4.00

(5)Kashi Cook./Cracker, 2.50ea  12.50

Coupons Used:
(4)$2/1 Kashi -8.00

(8) Mott’s Applesauce, 1.50ea  12.00

Total for transaction 2: 34.50
Coupons -12.00

TOTAL 22.50-36cat= 13.50MM


#8 GM: BUY 15 GET $12CAT
(8)Tostino’s Pizza, 1.50ea 12.00
(2)Chex Mix, 1.50ea 3.00
(1)GM Total cereal 2.50
(4)Gr.Giant Steamers, 2.29ea 9.15

Coupons Used:
(4).75/2 Tostino’s Pizza -4.00
(1).50/2 Chex Mix -1.00
(1).50/2 Chex Mix Cellfire -.50
(1).75 Total cereal -1.00
(1).75 Total cereal Cellfire -.75
(2).50/2 Gr.Giant Steamers -2.00
(1).50 Gr.Giant Steamers Cell. -.50

(5)Kashi Cook./Cracker, 2.50ea 12.50

Coupons Used:
(2)$2/1 Kashi -4.00

Total for transaction 3 39.15
Coupons -13.75

TOTAL 22.25-24Cat= 1.75MM


#10 GM: BUY 15 GET $12CAT
(3)GM Total cereal, 2.50ea 7.50
(4)Gr.Giant Steamers, 2.29ea 9.15
(6)Tostino’s Pizza, 1.50ea 9.00
(2)Yoplat’s Spltz 4pk, 2.79ea 5.58

Coupons Used:
(3).75 Total cereal -3.00
(2).50/2 Gr.Giant Steamers -2.00
(2)$1/3 Tostino’s Pizza -2.00
(2).50/1 Yop. Splitz -1.00
(1).75/2 Yop. Splitz Cellfire -.75

#11 MOTT’S:  BUY 8 GET $12CAT
(8)Mott’s Applesauce, 1.50ea  12.00
(2)Vlasic, $2ea  4.00

Coupons Used:
(2).55/1 Vlasic -2.00

Total for transaction 3 47.23
Coupons -10.75

TOTAL 36.50-24Cat= -12.50MM


#12 DOLE: BUY 6 GET $12CAT
(4)Dole Fruit Bowls 4pk, 2.50ea   10.00
(2)Dole Fruit Jar, 2.50a  5.00
Boneless Beef London Broil 4.51
Whole Boneless Pork Loin 15.26
Boneless Chicken Breast 6.15
Carolina Honey Turkey Breast 4.03
Florida Grapefruit (5lb bag) 3.50
(9) Oikos Greek Yogurt 9.00
(10) Breyer’s Yogurt 10/$3 3.00
(4) Vlasic, $2ea 8.00
(2) Carolina Rice, $4ea 8.00
Broccoli 2.42
Bananas 1.44

Coupons Used:
2)$1/2 Any Dole Fruit -2.00
(2).75/1 Dole Fruit Jar -2.00
(1)$1.69 lb coupon Boneless Chicken Breast -0.93
(1)$2.99 lb coupon -1.00 Carolina Honey Turkey Breast
(1) Florida Grapefruit $2.49 coupon -1.00
(1)$1/1 Oikos -1.00
(4)$1/2 Oikos -4.00
(4) Vlasic .55/1 c -4.00

Total for transaction 5 71.00
Coupons -15.00

TOTAL 56.00-12Cat= -44.00MM

OOP TOTAL 199.75

(53)$3 CATALINA -159.00

(1).75 CATALINA -0.75





Wow, I’m impressed.  Awesome Team Work!  That is a family that coupons together.  Love it!

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  • Melinda

    Great job David!! I’ve been meaning to ask someone this… I’ve done the GM deal this week once and got my $12 in Cats and a free milk Cat. Can I buy 3 GM cereals and get another free milk Cat? Does this work when you’re just buying cereal or does it have to be part of the Dollar Days deal?

    • Jason

      It works on the regular sale.

      @David: Very nice job, haha. 😀

    • Lisa

      Melinda-I just got back from Shoprite and purchased 3 GM cereals and got the free milk coupon.

    • Ashley

      Regular Sale. I bought 3 and got free milk, then bought another 3 in a separate transaction and got another free milk! 6 boxes of cereal + 2 free milks! YAY!

  • Jodi

    I thought you can only do one deal per card. Did you have to use multiple cards?

    • David

      Some have posted that they were only able to do one offer per card. At Shoprite of Millville I only used my card for all 12 offers at the same register. I believe it’s based on the policies of each store.

  • Amy

    Awesome work David & Co.! Can you explain why you had to do so many separate transactions? Since they are all different manufacturers, I can’t do a deal from each on the same transaction? Thanks !

    • David

      The reason trans. 1 & 2 are seperated was b/c I wanted to use a $10 Baby Bucks when I hit the $50 min. spending limit in trans.1. However in the mass confusion I forgot to mention it to the cashier and never used it & forgot to delete that detail above. So trans. 1&2 could’ve have been combined since no offers were duplicated.

      However in trans 3,4 & 5 there are repeated offers so I seperated them so I would receive all the cats. At the time I didn’t know other shoppers were having problems using PPC with multiple same offers. It wasn’t until Sunday evening that I started reading the limitation certain shoprite’s had on the PPC’s. I guess I lucked out b/c that would have been a headache having to return all those products if I didn’t get the cats.

      • JJ

        The wording in my SR’s paper says “Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer.”
        Maybe starting a new transaction makes you a new customer? Has anyone done two of the same deals in one transaction?

  • Chris

    Anyone wonder why David was lucky enough to be able to do more than one of the same deal? I believe he mentioned it was on the same PPC in a previous comment on another SR dollar days page. I believe others have said some had luck too.

    Anyone else have luck using the same PPC and get the same deal? I am afraid to try it, but want to try it in case it does work (eventhough most have said it hasn’t worked) I have 5 SR’s close to me all independently owned and it would be great if at least one of them did it and it worked….

    thanks everyone.

  • Jodi

    Unfortunately, multiple deals did not work for me on the same PPC.

  • Chris

    BTW Great job David!

  • Patti M

    Holy moly!! This is great! Good job! I get so jealous of everyone that needs to/can buy in volume to get the cats!

  • Rachel

    Great job! 🙂

  • Shaliece

    Great job David!!

    I was able to have multiple deals work for me on the same PPC.

  • Stefani

    Test it by buying 5 of the Kashi bars. If it doesn’t work, it’s easy to return with no coupons anyway.

  • Ueen


    Cindy, it is so amazing to see how much people you’ve helped and appreciated the help.

    As a token of thanks, I wish I can give you something from my stockpile but I am sure you have them too 🙂


    • Cindy

      LOL, yeah my stockpile is pretty big. My husband was trying to find a place for all the recent cereal boxes.

      But, if someone wants to pay for my kids college tuition, I’m open for that…hehe 🙂

      Seriously, just everyone being on this site and helping each other is amazing. It brings me such joy and I feel blessed to be able to offer these deals up for everyone.

  • Diana

    I went to Shoprite today to flip my coupons and I was not able to use them until 3.27.11. Is anyone else having this experience.

    • Cindy

      Diana, which coupons are you referring to?

  • Jen

    FANTASTIC job David! I wish I was able to repeat more than one transaction but my store in Monroe, NY didn’t allow it. I’m still grateful for these great deals.

  • Diana

    I brought 8 Motts applesauce and received $12.00 catalina. The cashier informed me that I couldn’t use it until 3.27.11-4.2.11.

    • Cindy

      The dates that you can use them are right on the catalinas. Each one is for a different week.
      3/6 – 3/13
      3/13 – 3/19
      3/20 – 3/26
      3/27 – 4/2

    • Ashley

      Cindy is right! I got cats and they all have different weeks listed, the ones that Cindy listed above!

  • Chris

    I purchased 15 GM cereals and got 5 free milk coupons! Spent at total of $100.98 (but got 2 full carts….), and came away with 28 $3 catalinas!!! Whoooooo Hoooooooo!

  • Diana

    Thank you Cindy! I am new at couponing but it has been great!

  • Holly

    I had similar problems with doing multiple purchases from the same category…what’s interesting is that it would take on one thing but not on the other so I ended up with some full price items but after all was said and done, we spent around $200 and got 165 back in catalinas, 14 free bags, 6 gallons of milk and two .75 off coupons plus a few others that were product specific…had we gotten all our catalinas, it would have been free….eventually!

    • Diana

      Okay…I get it now. I was confused about the the purchases and the catalinas. You did very well!!! Thanks Holly for your help.

  • Angela E

    I’d like to try to go back for the Clorox deal…I didn’t do it before because I didn’t know what I’d do with all that plastic wrap and I only had one $1/1 Clorox coupon. Then, I did the math and realized I would make $2 after the catalinas. I’m also going to try to get the Honey Nut Chex using those GREAT $.85/1 coupons that were out last week. I have 2 of those and one $.75/1. Anyone know if these are included in the sale? I want to get the Milk of the Week (Skim) for only $2.49 so I’d really rather save the coupon for when the milk is full price BUT, someone said the full $3.75 would come off no matter what the price of the milk is. I guess this depends on the store…AND the cashier. I guess I just wanted to see if anyone else had used the milk coupon yet and if the full 3.75 came off the order.

    On another note, I received a postcard in the mail from SR today. $5 off an order of $100 or more for next week and another one for the following week…along with 2 other coupons for each week. If you’re not receiving these, check on to make sure you checked the box to receive offers in the mail. I also signed up for Shoprite family rewards today. I just thought I’d share!

  • Stephanie

    So jealous we don’t have this store where I live. I would have done really good. I do good with what we have, but we don’t have the stores like this. My main stores are Meijer and Rite Aid.

  • Susan


  • Dee S

    That is so cool! Great job! I love that the family did this together!

  • June

    It’s great. I could only do 2-3 deals. But that’s enough for the beginners like me.