Recipe Nut: Organize Your Recipes, Get Coupons & More

Here is another recipe site for those that are interested.  This one is put out by Hormel called Recipe Nut.  I was clicking around and the site looks like it’s pretty easy to use.  You can save your recipes from this site and other sites as well which is a plus.  And my favorite part are the Easy Meals and Budget Recipes sections.  Oh and my other favorite part…it’s free and there are links to coupons on the site as well.

Anyone have any secret tips to keeping your recipes organized?  Please do share!

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  • krupa

    i use it sounds like it is the same kind of concept but what i like about tastebook is that you can order your own recipe book. last time i checked it was 19.95 plus shipping for a 100 recipes but you don’t have to get all 100 recipes at the same time. you can order them as you put more in. if that make sense.