RecycleBank: 60 Free Points

There are 2 new games worth 60 points at RecycleBank.  Both of these are new, so if you did them before, you can do them again.

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  • Thanks for posting these Cindy… I am new to recyclebank so I’m not always sure about how to earn points. Thanks!

  • Thanks…
    I haven’t been to Recyclebank for awhile. I’m up to 84 points now!

  • Cindy V

    Awesome ! Thank you so much Cindy!!! (Great name by the way…) 😉

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much! I might have never gotten into using recycle bank out of my fear of unfamiliar sites, but I trusted this one since you mentioned it. My husband wants me to buy the Kashi things at the dollar days tomorrow, and we could score them for almost free… he came home last night and I showed him that I was able to get the 2$ coupon which will make them completely free. Even better. Thank you so much! I was a couponer for the last year or so, but this site has really helped me do a much better job AND saves me time too.