Rite Aid Match Ups 2/27 – 3/5

Make sure to sign up for your Rite Aid Wellness+ card for even more savings.
You can take a look at the following:

Also, print a copy of the Rite Aid Coupon Policy to have with you at the store.

NOTE: Don’t forget that there is a LONG ad and SHORT ad for Rite Aid – be sure to check your ad first. You may not have all the deals listed.

Click the link below to see the entire Rite Aid Match Ups for this week and to create your own shopping list.

If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click onto the site be able to print your list.


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  • Jules

    HI! what zip is the folgers coupon under….my coupon says .25 🙁 …..i tried entering a different zip and it went to .50 lol….but i would love the 1.50 off!

    • Nicole

      I found the $1.50 under zip 43001. But that was a few days ago…

    • Jenny

      I am getting the same .25 coupon as you.

      • Silvia

        I got a $2.50/2 under 90210

    • Nancy

      I found a 2.50/2 folgers at 90210.

      • Jules

        thank you very much! i was able to get the 2.50/2 YAAAAAAAY!

  • Christina M

    There is a $2 Video Value Coupon for the Libman Mop – It is a February Coupon though so hurry and watch it tonight!

  • Ashley

    There is a Video value for halls for .50

    stack it with MFR coupon and they are free!

  • Bree

    OK this info is quite vague I know – but check the dental aisle as there are quite a few items on clearance and not all of them will be labeled so ask to have the price checked. Next time I will def take pics with my cell phone as I’m making this list from memory lol. Hope this info is at least somewhat helpful.

    Arm & Hammer Spin Brushes 75% off (I believe it was a double-pack priced originally at around $12)
    Gum toothbrushes 75% off
    Orab-B Spinbrush Dual Care 75% off (making it around $2-$3)
    Sensodyne Kids Toothpaste 75% off (making it about 0.95 cents)
    Act Mouthwash (cinnamon/vanilla flavor) 75% off
    Crest Sensitive Toothpaste (4 oz package) 75% off (making it about $1.89)

  • Bree

    I can also confirm the Bodiheat, Combos, and Lays Stax are all producing the $1 UPR!

    • Christina M

      I can confirm that too!! Along with the TGIF Snacks!

  • Mary

    One of my stores has a sign up only 2 per customer for Up reward items…bummer. But I guess it’s only fair since some probably go in and clear the shelves.

    • Laurie M.

      I went to two Rite Aids this morning and they were both very well stocked. They were definitely prepared for this sale and there was no limit.

  • PK

    Do you know if the Aveena Shampoo and Conditioner is included in the buy one get one 50%. The ad says “bath” not hair.

  • Jim

    My riteaid ad shows pepsi 3/$12 and then a $3 UP which makes it 3/$9. Is there an error above or am I missing something?

  • Victoria

    something is not producing +ups, but i can’t figure it out yet. It is between the folgers or one of the snacks (BK, TGIF, LAYS or combos). I bought a bunch and can’t figure out which ones didn’t produce? Also, i found .50/1 peelies on the bodiheat, and those didn’t produce an +up , but when i just bought one, no coupon it did??? I would appreciate any insight!!! Thanks!

    • Lisa C

      I am pretty sure that the BK snacks are NOT a part of the monthly promotion. I bought the Lays, TGIF snacks, Combos, and Bodi Heat (no coupons) today and all produced the UP.

      Hope this helps.

    • Laurie M.

      I did not get an UP for the Folgers coffee. The Lays, TGIF Snacks and Combos all did produce UPS for me, though.

  • Mary

    Snacks all worked for me. Finesse not on sale in South Jersey.

  • Eli

    I tried doing the Clean and Clear purchase to earn the $10 UPR…i used the $2 online printed coupons and the store manager said that they don’t accept that. I asked since when, since i’ve been to that location in the Bronx several times and they’ve always accepted my coupons. I emailed customer service and hopefully i’ll get a reply I can print and take to the store tomorrow…how disappointing!

  • Christine

    I was able to use my $2.00 Clean & Clear coupons at RiteAid in Newton, NJ today! We have two stores and both were stocked very well! No limit on UP’s here yet, but I only bought 2 of each kind of snack.

  • Jen

    Was trying to think if the coupon for free Aveeno lotion (up tp $10.99 value) would be able to be used with the J&J promo. Are there limits on specific sizes, or since it is buy one get one 50% is this NOT a good time to use the coupon. Anyone think of any scenarios with this coupon? Any thoughts?

    • Christina M

      I don’t have that coupon so I don’t have any specific scenarios but I think the Aveeno lotion is one of the more expensive items? You could be sure to just get one of the Aveeno lotions and get any other products that are cheaper than the lotion so you have the best use of the coupon. If you only have one lotion they can’t argue with you!

  • rachael sharp

    Cindy you said the lays stax should produce +ups until 3/1 — does anyone know if that means through tuesday, or it’s over monday?

    • Jules

      hmm i dont know, i think i will get a rain check just in case, thanks for the reminder!

  • karen

    I don’t see the Reach dental floss on sale @ Bay Shore, NY:(

  • Anonymous

    Did the BK snacks produce ups?

  • Mary

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I was just at RA and there’s a sign that the BK get a $1.00 UP.

  • Gina

    Just went to RA & got a deal on some OLAY products (they are buy 1, get 1 50% off this week:
    I bought: 2 OLAY face cleansers & 2 OLAY body soap (ribbons)
    Used: Buy buy 1 face cleanser, get 1 bar soap, in shower moisturizer or body soap free coupon from this week’s P&G insert
    Total for all 4 is approx $7.
    Sorry I can’t be more specific with final price, this was part of a larger trip that I actually only paid $1.72 for! Thanks Cindy!

    • Gina

      P.S. I used 2 of those BOGO coupons.

  • Bree

    Woohoo! I was able to find 0.50 cent off peelies on the Bodiheat. I bought 4, paid $2, and got $4 in UPR. Not bad 🙂

  • karen

    anyone getting up’s for the lays, combo, tgif on 3/1?

    • Loola

      They just printed for me on the snacks and Folgers.

      • karen

        great, i’ll be going tonite for snacks:)

  • Kim

    Possible Deal on Ensure?
    Correct me if I am wrong here … Ensure 4 packs are on sale for $6.99. There is a printable coupon on their website for $3.00 plus I have one from the 2/27 SS. PLUS I have a buy 2-4 packs get 1 free coupon from the 2/27 SS.
    There is a $2.50 SCR in the March rebate book (limit four) plus $1.00 +UP printing.
    So does this mean after the SCR, Q’s and +UPs the first two (four packs) become 49 cents each. Then the free one (a $6.99 value) will probably also print out a $1.00 +UP and be eligible for SCR since the limit is 4. Looks like a good deal since all three will end up being about a $2.50 MM from what I can tell!
    Any ideas as to whether I totally messed this up???


  • BP

    Rite-Aid Dryer Sheets (80 Ct) – they are scanning at $.99 (shelf price $1.99) and also producing $1.00 +up reward. So, it would FREE.

  • Candice

    is the nivea $2/2 coupon gone??