Rite Aid Preview Week of 2/27

Here is a preview of some of the free items you will be able to score at Rite Aid starting on Sunday, 2/27.  Make sure to check back on Saturday for the entire coupon match ups.


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  • Laurie M.

    More FREE snacks!!! I still have one thing of Lays Stax left over from last time.

  • Kim

    New at this. What is a UPR?

    • Jil

      UP Rewards. That’s Rite Aids name for the coupons that print after you purchase certain items. The coupons are for $ off your next order. They are my favorite!

  • Megan

    Nivea lip coupon may be out of prints. It said that I had already printed and I haven’t that I remember.

    • Jean

      I just printed mine no problem

      • Megan

        I went back later and it worked for me fine, so I don’t know what was happening earlier.

        • mandee

          I think they reset it because I did it a few days ago and it just let me print 2 more!!

  • Michelle

    Where in the world is the Afrin coupon… I know on riteaid site, but cant find it under VV ? help please

    • Kim M


      • Beth

        It looks like they took it off – it was under the Great Offers section.

  • brandi

    I have seen this question a million times, but I can’t remember the answer….can you only get one monthly UPR?

    • Laurie M.

      UP Rewards print right at the bottom of your receipt for whatever participating product you buy. Most deals do not have a limit, but be sure to check. The Right Guard deal this week was limit 2.
      If you are talking about the Single Check Rebates, you can only request that refund check once a month.
      Hope that helps.

    • Cindy

      It depends on the product. Some have a limit and some don’t. Sometimes we don’t find out the limit until Sunday or Monday.

      • olya

        is there any up rewards limit for Lays Stax ?
        thank you.

        • mandee

          it does not state that there is a limit but if it does still give the up it will only be for a fews days

          • Lori S.

            I bought 10 of the Lay’s Stax and it printed UPRs for all 10, so I know at least that many will work!

            • Jil

              Lori, did you buy them all at the same time? One transaction?

              • JJ

                I don’t know if she did, but she could have.
                I bought 5 the last time and all 5 +Ups printed on the receipt.

  • brandi The UPR will state a limit on the ad if there is one. So unless it states there is a limit you can use as many as you would like =-)

    Time to stack up on more combo’s and stax. The stax come in real handy during beach season. I like that it keeps the chip from breaking. YAY

  • renee a

    the tgif friday snacks should be included too and also the nivea facebook page has 2.00 off /2 coupons and you can print 2

  • Mel

    Does anyone have thoughts on what TGIF snacks or Lay’s snacks actually taste good? I will eat anything but… not a fan SO far.

    • Jim

      i think lays stax taste just like pringles

    • Kathryn

      The cheese Stax were ok.

    • Lori

      Buy the plain, the others aren’t that great.

    • Mary

      I love the Potato skins from TGIF:)

  • Mel

    Hmmm… maybe I should get plain, not cheddar. Because I am ready to give those away!

    • Laurie M.

      I don’t like the cheddar. The plain Lays Stax and Sour Cream and Onion taste just like Pringles.

  • Jil

    In reference to the “monthly UPR” on the Stax, how is that different from a regular UPR that prints with each sale? For example, if I go to Rite Aid and buy 5 Stax will I leave with $5 in UPR’s (assuming there is no limit)?

    • JJ

      I believe the “monthly” refers to the fact that these particular food UPRs are only printing for the month of February. So, come March 1st, you’ll no longer get the UPR when you buy them.

      • Jil

        Thanks JJ!

        • Julie

          I notice also that the monthly UPs don’t expire as soon as the weekly ones do!!

  • Mark

    Is the Halls Drop printable still available? I can’t find it. Thanks